WHY THE FUCK... Map 11 isn't an Archvile Map!?x
Actually pretty good and enjoyable. As long as you don't mind the 1024 setting then you should check these out. It's also nice to see more Plutonia styled maps.x
A lot of great ideas in many of these maps. Consistently challanging, surprising, and inventive. I was able to beat nearly all maps on UV fast from pistol start, even. So many thumbs up for that.x
Too small levels. 1 point for effort.x
A great, fun mapset with a lot of pretty and varied maps. Definitely recommended. x
pretty darn awesome mapset 55 -omegamerx
Maps are quite variable (and strangely you have to play the worst one first), but overall I quite enjoyed it. I was particularly impressed with how maps like 19 and 23 really felt like Plutonia, despite being 1024 maps. Quite a few did not escape the obvious pitfall of being way too cramped, though.x
Getsu Fune
although this is pretty biased since I was involved in this project, I found that it played a lot better than some of the ones before it. Nothing was actually really bad to play.x
A mixed bag in quality. Doesn't help that the 1024 concept is stale by this point. x
I had lots of fun playing these :)x
Excellent if you like these 1024 tight maps. Thoroughly enjoyed and recommended. Thanks for all your hard work. :)x
Ended up being a pretty mixed bag but there's enough good maps to play it at least once.x