A seriously great wad with great map design, secrets, enemy variety and more. However the heavy reliance on chaingunners and archviles on some maps does kind of set it back a little. x
Sick wad.x
Not my cup of tea, it could be yours tho.x
Astounding. The level design is truly amazing everywhere you head, but what seals it is the gameplay. It manages to be tough but fair without being a slaughterwad, a very rare thing! I mean it, there's no BFG horde slaughtering. In fact, I only saw the BFG 4 times the entire game, one of which was in a secret and the other in a super secret that's in episode 5! Solid 10/10x
Amazing. I've enjoyed every single aspect of this art. The design on maps is great. Especially the last episode is outstanding. I like the new minigun, which makes bullets more useful. I like custom monsters, because you have to adjust your tactic to get them. Just perfect. 5/5 Damnedx
Not bad but i liked the vaccinated edition betterx
The GOAT megawad. Legendary map design, aesthetic and music. Great use of the occasional slaughter mechanics without the unlimited ammo BFG spam nonsense. No shitty Icon of Sin maps either. 10/5 x
Easy 5 here. Love the new monsters and the music is kick ass.x
Extremely good WAD.x
Valiant! It's something pompous and minimalistic in the same time! Lots of breath-taking, elegant and unforgettable places in each map. Genuine ideas in many aspects of design. I reckon Cacowards will be raped by this piece of art. That's for damn sure. The only thing I really can't appreciate is the sector damage on each liquid floor texture. 5/5 (enkeli33)x
good wad many funsx
Louigi Verona
The maps are absolutely gorgeous. I am yet to actually play through the later ones, but this is fantastic beyond belief!x
This is easily in my top 3 modern mapsets (along with Speed Of Doom and Going Down). Well done, dude! And I hope you will keep on mapping! Also the dehacked stuff complements the mapset REALLY well. -Firedustx
It's been a while since i've had this fun in doom. The maps are Incredible. Only thing i noticed is that some maps have portions from other wads but nothing too bad. Chapter 4 was not as good as the rest but still good enough to keep me playing. Map 28 and 31 are two maps i won't forget. Great soundtracks and maps. Hope for more wads like this one. 5/5 no doubt.x
For me this is one of the best wads for many years. All the new designs work perfectly the monsters are actually an improvement on IDs in my opinion. I could go on but I suggest you try for yourself. I did all 32 levels without saving on HMP and some of them took me days and days such is the quality. I personally got more value from this wad than I would from a $100 Xbox/PS4 title and for that I say thanks. Well done.x
After having just played Resurgence, standards were high, but this was as impressive. Just play this great wad. It's brilliant. 5 stars. -TRRobin.x
I generally like Skillsaw's stuff but this was just a giant bucket of meh for me. The shoehorned Dehacked fuckery felt unnecessary, even on ITYTD the difficulty feels unfair (I could just suck at Doom tho :v), and death exits in ANY wad bother the piss out of me. The levels are pretty tho. I'll likely only try this again if there's a patch that reverts the Dehacked stuff back to vanilla weapons and monsters.x
Absolutely amazing pacing and action. Great scenarios. Nice weapon changes. A must play.x
This is amazing, there is so much variety and quality here. This is one of those special few megawads that is sure to have something for every doomer out there. Still amazed at how doom community continues to produce releases that can beat most modern commercial games in game design department.x
Valiant is what Doom 4 should have aspired to be.x
Fantastic mapset. The combats are excellent, the new monsters and weapons make gameplay more interesting and fun, the visuals are top-notch, and the music and graphics only make things better. One of the best megawads I remember playing. x
One the BEST! Loved it!x
I can dig it.x
Certainly the best megawad of these last years. Skillsaw made a monstrous work. I'm only disappointed by the end : I expected masterful Endpic. The author doesn't have to prove anything, but one can expect surprises :) fF.x
I didn't like the length of many of the maps, they were fun untill you're lost.x
this wad is for nerdsx
me and my bro finished this one, and we agreed that this is the best doom wad yet. x
Getsu Fune
"But I do agree with Getsu Fune that it has been overhyped due to the team of superfriends" I never said a thing about that. the playtesters are all cool people (except for Tarnsman). I had a lot of trouble just playing this on ITYTD and also I cannot use any type of mod while playing this, not even sound replacements. this mapset is really freaking hard for me without cheating. best maps were 12, 17, and 28.x
Excellent work here. I particularly like that I can use Eternity to play this. x
The maps were fun, well balanced and very well designed. The new monsters add to the difficulty while managing to not feel to alienated from the core game and to balance things up, the player is given two "new" weapons (a new pistol and a new minigun). If you haven't played this already, what are you waiting for? Do it, do it now !!! Definitely a 5/5 for me. x
10/10 Its all right. -TMDx
This to me is the complete package, Skillsaw has gone beyond just making good maps but has attempted to change the dynamics of the gameplay by changing up monsters and weapons and unlike most other attempts at this, this wad succeeds very well. Overall a very fun experience and I will guarantee this will be one of the top releases of the decade, let alone the year.x
It's amazing that Skillsaw was able to make 32 maps of this quality by himself; that alone is noteworthy. And make no mistake, this mapset is awesome and I had lots of fun playing it. But I do agree with Getsu Fune that it has been overhyped due to the team of superfriends(Essel, Tarnsman, Dew, etc.) who have become the resident cheering section whenever one of their buddies releases a wad.x
One of the best wad's of all time. If you enjoy chaotic doom gameplay done at its finest, do not miss this one.x
The Ultimate DooMer
A good quality wad with some neat maps and themes, but (like all mapsets these days) it's nothing we haven't seen loads before (especially the architecture). Not to mention it would've been a hell of a lot easier to simply use decorate for the new monsters, instead of shoehorning it all into a dehacked patch (losing a bunch of monsters and scenery along the way). I wonder why he felt the need to do that...x
Everything you loved about Vanguard and Lunatic, now in a megawad. But there's more to it than that! Chaotic gameplay that makes you play fast, new monsters that change the usual power balance, impressive themes, and the great maps you'd expect from a Skillsaw wad. Yes, it's unabashedly a Skillsaw mapset, but what did you expect?x
Amazing, not a single flaw here. What ever kind of gameplay or visuals skillsaw tried to create for this megawad (and he tried a bunch, there is surprising amount of variety here), he succeed spectacularly. Megawads like this one or Hellbound never cease to amaze me, it's incredible that a single mapper can create something like this.x
Great gameplay, great levels, great monsters and great music. A project that is slowly but surely becoming a classic. I've never seen so much effort put into additional features and compatibility for multiple ports. You clicked to get here already, now do yourself a favor and play this thing right now.x
No sufficient words to describe awex
Now THIS is how a modern Doom wad should be. Everything is top notch, no complaints here. Difficulty is alright. I love the new monsters. I'm playing on UV using Eternity source port. So much fun! 5/5x
High quality work with many things I don't like (extremely repetitive visuals, most of new gameplay mechanics become "meh" after the novelty wears off, kinda lame challenges that aren't really hard and just give you an illusion of power) and a LOT of filler. The author definitely didn't have enough worthy ideas for 32 maps and he didn't exactly succeed in abandoning his overdone tropes either. But it was overall fun to get through once.x
Skillsaw, teach me to map like this so my maps are actually good.x
IDGAMES IS UP AND RUNNING AGAIN! WOOP WOOP! This is also Cacoward material here!x
A damn fine wad. Had a ball playing this in multiplayer on Zandronum and enjoyed it (thankfully without Complex DooM since the decorate/dehacked incorporated is good on its own). x