Great gothic map. Nice atmosphere and good gameplay. Worth playing.x
A bit confusing but otherwise TOP NOTCH STUFF.x
Hands down an awesome WAD for GZDoom. All of its elements are executed perfectly. The atmosphere, the gameplay, the visuals and the layout design are top notch and together they create a great map. x
Very nice and pretty, but... - there's a bug with the elevator: when it goes down, the player just falls through its floor :( Had to use IDCLIP... - after the elevator, the game fps becomes slower and slower :( When the first archvile appears, his vilest trick was fps about 10, had to use IDDQD... What's wrong with this map, after all? Did not have such low fps even in Crysis game! Tried several latest builds of GZDoom pre-2.1, all of them have this low fps problem :(((x
Yeah that was an interesting map to play. Slow-paced and notably long, but never too sloggy and never too confusing, so the delicate balance is more or less preserved. Quite atmospheric and stylish, too, as it manages to look very nice even with these textures that are generally considered overused I presume.x
Demon of the Well
Hobo comes out with a quality map after a long silence. Intelligent layout; the many bridges and tunnels contribute to non-linearity. Perhaps a bit switch-hunty in places. Combat is mostly incidental, with few traps. Monsters are generally used well, esp. gasbags, which path through the layout to show up unexpectedly. Visually, the color scheme is too busy for my liking--brown/red/bl ue/green/etc. all jumbled together--but the structures themselves work well. Should offer something to appeal to most players.x
Awesome stuff! Good choice for the music :) fF.x
A clean brown/green castle/dungeon-like map with some gzdomm effects, can be confusing a bit, but not too much, well done 4.5/5x
This map has great music, great visuals...pretty much just great everything. The new enemy is awesome, too!x
Really good and detailed map with cool enemies!x
Likes a lot.4/5 x