A "classic" 90's wad which nevertheless hasn't aged entirely well. Some graphics (such as the Holobot or the BFG replacement) are cheesy and ugly; the level design is usually not bad, but some levels (such as MAP17, MAP23, MAP25) are too difficult and unbalanced for pistol start. The ending is nothing to write home about either. Still, the megawad has quite a lot of atmosphere and some maps are really good (MAP18).x
Puzzly levels with some excellent DeHacked work from a technical point of view. New monsters and weapons are a definite mixed bag but are sensibly employed making this more than just a curiosity. The obscurity of progression may put some Doomers off but persistence should earn the player a degree of intuition for these going forward.x
Getsu Fune
STRAIN has quite a legacy, although for me it's not a good-playing megawad. the custom monsters are nice to fight, but the overall gameplay tends to get me lost. some annoying puzzles (MAP21), and really annoying gimmick moments happen in this set, which prevent it from being truly amazing.x
Landis, Klem, Keranen, Helmberger, Windsor, Herman & Nathrath all on the same team? This would get an automatic 5/5 if they had released nothing but the TXT file. Kudos to TGH for the much belated proper!x
If you want to play it with Brutal Doom or other gameplay mods that bad then be prepared to open up SLADE 3 and delete/edit the custom monsters and weapons in STRAIN. As it stands I'm glad this got repackaged for modern users as this is a legendary megaWAD that no one should miss. x
No, screw your shitty-ass Brutal Doom, play it the way it should be played. Excellent wad, by the way.x
Great Classic Megawad.....But i was hoping that one day this would be reuploaded with out the custom fast imp..... so Brutal Doom would be more friendly with it.x
holy shit a release finally 10/10x