An uneven WAD. The gimmick isn't really visible here; everyone chose to ignore it, and that was a good thing. Up to MAP21 the WAD is fine, levels vary in quality but not a single one is particurarly bad. Then, slaughterfest maps begin and the WAD goes down the drain. Not only there are hordes of enemies, they are also placed in spots difficult to reach. So, 2* for later maps, 4* stars for earlier ones.x
4 stars up to map16, rest is a stupid slauther joke.x
This is just a reminder of why I'm so sick of megawads that are based around a specific set of rules for the map design. They always manage to be all over the place with quality, and people already run out of ideas within the one megawad.x
Getsu Fune
it was interesting to see how this progressed from rather good maps to really hard slaughterfest-style maps, with my own MAP18 becoming the difficulty spike apparently. too bad I forgot to update it with a way out of the blood (oops). slaughter half of the MW was actually tedious and UV-max unfriendly so I hated it, especially Joseph Lord's maps were bad.x
Weak mapset with complete absence of quality control (TWO maps from people like joe-ilya already speak volumes of project's quality), lack of proper testing in anything but (G)ZDoom and wast majority of authors being novices, obviously, so many unfamiliar names.x
Nice steady climb in toughness throughout, from meandering minimaps to massive slaughter halls. Somewhat uneven aesthetic quality - but geberally good and a few gems REALLY shine.x
good fun, enjoyable as far as gimmick wads gox
great work, some really nice areas; though, I wasn't much aware about the 5-room-concept - maybe I was too busy.., I am not a fan of slaughter maps, at least they still were fun with iddqdx
I was glad to participate. This mapset holds my mordeth ever contribution to any community projects. The others' levels range from fairly enjoyable to astrological decency. I give it to a 5, and I'm excluding the evaluation of my map, because if I'd include, that would only make it a 4,5.x
I don't like the second half.x
Mixture of good, average, and bad maps. Don't understand the point behind giving the baron Wings, but whatever.x