5 stars :)x
I thought I rated this? Easy 5/5 and one of the best wads ever made. x
Sick wad.x
I should be shot for forgetting to vote 5 stars on this sooner. Such a beautiful, fun wad; a must play!x
Slaughterwads aren't my thing. That said, this is an exception. Beautifully done and crafted. It feels like careful work has been put in just about every sector of each map. It's like the most beautiful levels of Speed of Doom got ramped up to 10, filled up the entirety of the wad, and the combat, even if it is just slaughter, given thought!x
Playing catch up to everyone else on masterpieces like this has never been so much fun. Went through on HMP moreso to enjoy the architecture and design. I found the gameplay in later levels to be a headache, too intelligently designed, but genius in parts nonetheless. Clearly a lot of work went into this. x
Beautiful and challenging map set. x
Jekyll Grim Payne
One of the few wads that made me feel like I'm playing Dark Souls in terms of difficulty. Nice!x
best of 2015x
Play on easy and enjoy the wad. Only masochists play this on UV.x
very best...excellent!!!x
Gets boring really quickly.x
Designed for Player starts...x
Long-time slaughtermap disliker and yet Sunlust on HMP is exactly what the masochist in me was looking for.x
A good deal of this reminds me of a more modern AV.wad. High quality layouts and interesting MIDIs used throughout. Dark, gritty custom textures - Some TOO dark and gritty, but there is still beautiful detail everywhere you look. I'm only giving this a 4 because this honestly isn't my taste - Give me something a little more Scythe - but the quality is undeniable. Looks great for survival too!x
Some people here have said this may be the best wad ever made, and i agree. Brutally hard on UV (especially with a certain unnameable Doom mod lol), stunningly beautiful, and for the most part really clever layouts and situations. It's really nice to see Danne break down his maps into framerate friendly chunks, for the most part, though i was unable to play maps 25, 29 and 30 because of extreme lag. Great work... Keep them coming!x
If you honestly don't like this style of aesthetic or gameplay (on any skill),then fine. But enough already with making complaints and negatives because you insist you must play this wad on UV, like it's some chore you're obligated to. As the text file says, IF YOU ARE NOT A DOOM GOD THEN DON'T PLAY THIS ON UV! But don't come on here and criticize anything before you give HMP (that is, not HNTR and not UV) your most honest shot. 5/5 material nuff said now.x
+ Great maps. Massacres. - No escape deadly traps.x
don't play it on uvx
Early on it has annoying traps, later on it's often slaughter in cramped areas where you bump into things or get stuck. It looks great but does not play well at all to my taste.x
A solid set of maps with nice textures and music that can get very hard later on. The first 20 or so levels are moderately hard, and then after that, it becomes a full-blown "Hell Revealed" type wad. So you may need to swallow your pride and do what you must to complete these later levels. The overall gameplay could be a bit better balanced and refined, and the bright colours can be a bit much sometimes. Other than that, it's a solid enough wad. 4 stars from me.x
A full megawad built with high skill-ceiling gameplay and some of the most gorgeous environments to date. It's great to see danne condense his style down to smaller monster counts, revealing some of his predilections which are usually buried under his monster macrobiology. Ribbiks continues to be an impressive innovator, which is exactly what this 20-yr-old game needs. In lusting for Sunder, the authors have surpassed it. Without peer.x
The next in line for the evolution of slaughter (while still looking good); who dares to take it further?x
Good for about the first 20 maps, but then became unbalanced. The bright colors are also very garish next to the dark textures and are distracting in a bad way. Still pretty good wad but overrated.x
Super-great megawad. Been waiting a long time for this, and this is clearly up to expectations although I'm a bit disappointed that some of the maps aren't longer or feature more interesting ending battles la Stardate 20X6 - "The Womb" being a prime example here, it ends way too soon. Map 30 is a blast. Loved the green maps too. Thanks danne & Ribbiks !x
Fokking great slaughter/hard wad! I'm amazed how the slaughter bits aren't just spamming cacodemons and revenants at you, but is actually freaking smart! The FUTUR OF SLAUGHTER WADS.x
Getsu Fune
the later maps lag the frak out of my computer, especially MAP30 which I stopped playing on. still, if you love slaughter, if you love good design, and if you love throwing your keyboard at your monitor in frustration, play this.x
Fantastic work here, though dropping down the difficulty is recommended later on. 5 stars.x
The description is wrong. It should say: Sunlust is designed primarily BY ubermensch doom-gods. 7/7x
Possibly the best megawad ever made.x
played this Wad up to Map10 until i decided to switch to Hmp, which i recommend to everyone, cause you need to be more then jus a good Doomer to beat UV where the game will do anything to destroy you, overall this Wad kicks ass, nice enviroments, good music, and smart way of placing monsters and goody's, it has his slaughter moments here and there, but not the lazy 200+ revenants spawn after picking up a key what you see in most Wads, but with a more tactical approach 5/5 -Archy-x
very goodx
Deserves the full 5 without question, on HMP this is just a regular challenging wad accessible to all and it's not one to be missed. And you take 2 stars off over a map title? YGFY!x
Spicy Spicy Stuffx
I loved but when I went to map 29 and saw the name..... YOU GO FUCK YOURSELVES 3/5 Just beacause of that not 5 starsx
Only the first few maps were playable for me and they are great - the later maps are way too hard. Fantastic visuals! Great effects!x
Amazing design and detail and good gameplay. Playing on UV isn't to bad but there are many frustrating areas. My only is problem is there should be a little more color in my opinion. It's not a masterpiece but it's pretty damn good.x
"gameplay is an unrepentant grind in HR2's worst traditions" ~ :). It's visually impressive, though.x
repetitive slaughter fans onlyx
Really nice.x
Boring after 3 map is the way I would describe memento mori nowadays.x
Gets boring after 3 maps. This is meant to be one of the best wads? 5 stars, really? Go play some memento mori or STRAIN to know what a good megawad really plays like.x
The detail in this WAD is just amazing. Just started and Ill tell you right now it gives a very good challenge, and I do like what you said about using the UV difficulty, as you really weren't kidding XD! Very goodx
Top quality material right here! - Archx
pretty good imox
To say it's a masterpiece would be an understatement.x
Truly impressive stuff. One nitpick though, the text files should have been made a bit cleaner. Otherwise, this stuff is five stars.x
This doesn't need my opinion,b/c it speaks for itself. 5/5x
BBBB = (Big, Brilliant, Beautiful and Brutal)x
phenomenal work! x
A Must-Have :) fF.x
Eris Falling
Thanks for this.x
incredible mapset. maps are not too long and not too short, aside from one or two outliers which are executed very well. combat scenarios are unique and detailing is done extremely elegantly as not to hinder gameplay. 5/5x
Amazing work. Cramped gameplay gets a bit too much attention overall, but nevertheless it's an extremely addictive mapset with great visuals and creative combat scenarios that are really tough at times, but also interesting to solve and overcome. Worth noting that most maps are pretty small, so beating them doesn't take ages, in any case. Good job and grats on release, you two!x