I thought maps 1-5 were pretty great, 6 was silly but still OK. Silly picture though.x
Levels 1 - 4 are great fun. They have good visuals and gameplay is challenging and fun but difficulty isn't too extreme. MAP05 and MAP06 are also great visually, but they're slaughter maps and therefore they suck balls. So, I give 4 stars for the first 4 maps (even though at least one of them is a modified version of a map fron Sunlust) and I ignore the last two.x
1/2 of a wad 4 stars, 1/2 2 stars. So 3/5x
Getsu Fune
godmoded through it. there's no fucking way I can get through most of these levels normally, even with luck on low difficulties. what.x
Looks like times are changing. There's a lot of eye-candy nowadays. But sadly also the imho awful misconception that hard gameplay = interesting gameplay. In short: UV is hard but totally predictable, so playing this adventure simply did not give fun. Also the decoration components / style gave a huge copy-and-paste from other modern wads feeling. Overall: lots of effort here, but not attractive enough for earning 3*. Sorry guys, but I consider gameplay as most important, and I arguably didn't like it.x
Good design! But I can't find the way to exit in map 01.x
Oh yeah, the summer of '69. Hendrix, Joplin, Santana, The Who, Jefferson Airplane and much more in just three days... Good times.x
i gotta say, it's a good wad. odd title thoughx
Aaah!The summer of 69.They didn't have stuff this good back then!x
Yeah, thanks.x