Really not my favorite concept but... why not for killing time. x
Looks terrible. Plays terrible. There's nothing 90's about this WAD. Huge, awkwardly shaped rooms and awful misaligned texture use is ugly and lazy, not "oldschool". Makes Sandy Petersen's maps look incredible in comparison. x
I think I kind of enjoyed one map here, map08. The rest are like someone took 1995 maps and melted them in a microwave, then loaded monsters and items into a shotgun then fired blindly at random rooms. I didn't like how this looked or played. Monti has made better maps than this, hell even the stuff I hated from before was better like Reticula or Favillesco.x
Nice, doom the way id did as interpreted by a calculator. Why are all the maps seas of damaging slime with 500 rad suits? Why is the combat boring as all hell with a few sudden rape traps here and there? Why are all the maps startan and more ugly than the stock maps? Clearly someone needs to go back to their calculations, this wad failed every goal it had besides making something weird (in a bad way too).x
Not of fan of Monti's levels. Way too random feeling.x
Feels like a mid 90s wad... but in a good way. Visuals are crude and unpolished, but gameplay is more that enjoyable.x
Very basic and plain design with a lot of texture misalignment, and yet I enjoyed it... Why? Probably because the design gives a strange odd vibe to the levels which is almost quirky, and then there is the silly and cheesy music on top of that. Strangely compelling, but ultimately only just above average to play. Could be considered a "guilty pleasure".x
Sometimes odd but definitely worth tryingx
Getsu Fune
another good set by monti, very old skool set that deserves a play. don't know what's up with MAP09 though.x
I enjoyed this, very old school!x
These were quite fun and refreshing to play. Very oldshool wad. I laughed hard for the music choices, though hahahax
I don't get this WAD. The design is extremely abstract and chaotic. The monster setup alternates between boring fights with easily avoidable enemies and "archviles and revenants" spawning in your face. This WAD also sports the longest elevators and drops. The cause and effect of player progression is always unclear. All eleven levels are a mentally exhausting ordeal. I don't get what was the author's vision.x
1 star because of the music.x
A most excellent wad.Thanks!x
Another quality old-school styled set from Nicolas Monti. Crazy 90's visuals that never get boring, awesomely complicated geometry, cool cryptic secrets and satisfying combat with no "unfair" fights like these cramped baron traps in Favilesco Alpha. Very nice, as usual I wanna see the songlist! :)x