A thoroughly enjoyable space themed map set. Great level design, nice monster, ammo, and secret placement, and not too crazy difficulty either. It's yet another great wad from pcorf.x
This is a superb mappack, albeit too heavy on monster closets on harder difficulty levels for my liking. But when played on lower skill levels, this not only is one of the best mappacks released recently but also contains some of the best looking maps, fusing together perfectly classic gameplay, good doom architecture and zdoom features. I only wish more wads like this were made for zdoom. 4.5/5x
the guy below that anonymous below me is a piece of shit and should kill himselfx
The guy below me is full of shit.This IS one of the best. 5/5x
I completely agree with Csonicgo. This is literally one of the most unfun wads I have memory of playing. Pick up a key, flip up a switch, get an item, EVERYTHING you do literally results in trap doors opening or monsters teleporting everywhere. It gets tiring after literally 30 seconds. This is meant to be a good wad? People must mistake nice looking levels (which these are) with well-playing ones, which these are NOT, not even in the slightest. 0/5, avoid.x
This is an awesome mapset always love your works would love to see what you come up with next.x
Loved it!x
Well it's his style. And it's not that hard, really. Good mapset.x
Great idea ruined by ammo starvation, lack of health, and numerous monster closets. Stop punishing players for playing your levels by putting everything under a tripwire.x
Astonishing mapset! Wonderful detail, wonderful gameplay, great new enemies, great easter-eggs, awesome secret levels to break the monotony of gray. Everything about this mapset is beautiful! Except the "don't do drugs, kids" message...that feels corny and unnecesary and stupid. Ohwell. 100000 stars-1 star=9999 stars, well done sir!x
It's Paul Corfiatis, what did you expect? Legendary. -1 million stars for stupid Doom64 sounds, though.x
Dark forces in Doom? 5 stars. :)x
This was more than overdue! I loved Dark Forces with its gloomy setting, and Paul totally nails the atmosphere of that classic and ports it over to Doom. Maps with sometimes impressive dimensions, GZDoom colored lighting support (you really shouldn't play it any other way), an awesome Star Wars-inspired PCorf soundtrack, rewarding secrets, PSX sounds to make monsters sound creepier and lots of love for details in general turn this into one of my favorite Doom projects of 2015. Play it!x
Build time "took forever" For 21 months this wad is SUPREME!!x
Excellent maps. Pcorf put a lot a tender, love and care into making this. 5/5x