Amazing use of shit textures, good job.x
Starts out quite good, but becomes a bunch of goddamn unplayable slaughtermaps towards the end. Meh.x
A very mixed bag. The textures are obviously unpleasant, which was the point, although it doesn't stop them from bringing down the tone. Gameplay wise, the first levels get progressively better, peaking at the excellent level 10 only to go downhill after that, sometimes quite severely. You're left with an average wad that could have been saved by ending at map 10. Pity.x
There's no such thing as "too hard on UV". The only thing I don't like about this is the weird looking doors. It kept me wanting to play, so it gets a 5 from me.x
some maps are creative, and gameplay is decent, but nothing can make those textures look good. sorry.x
Game play is good. The obnoxious textures, or lack there of, are very annoying.x
Didn't like the sky under Doomguy's feet.Made me want to pee.x
An ok concept but (obviously) an assault on the eyes. The set does play well and is as fun as Graytall can get, a little bit slaughtery but not too unfair.x
I thought the concept was cute and original, and considering the textures given they are wonderful in the visual front. The gameplay was great on some, on some it was just asinine. Some of those maps names made me laugh my ass off though. This deserves a solid 3.5*x
Shitty idea with shitty execution. So tired of all these gimmick wads lately, whatever happened to making something that's good on it's own? The only redeeming factor about this turd is the title screen. -Mr Delilahx
I thought this rocks.x
I thought the same.x
I thought this sucked.x
Getsu Fune
yay another mapset that delves into super hard gameplay at a point just like everything else I've played this year. 10, 12, 14, 15, and 16 are great, everything else less so.x
Eris Falling
Too hard on UVx
Unusual mapset, only 3 wall-textures are used. The maps live from great architecture, lighting, layout and the authors creativity. The slaughter fights in later maps... ok, I wished these maps were 'normal' maps. x
fireblu seizures hurt body, dis is bad.x
These maps made me throw up out of my eyes 0/5x
Is there a different texture pack that will make this look better?Gameplay id decent, but the graphics are awful!x
Fantastic mapset. also lol at people not being able to handle a little difficulty and rating the set low because of itx
^That's entirely too broadbrushed. Non-slaughter fans will want to play the first 5-7 maps (6 and 7 definitely apply lots of pressure though). EVERYONE should play Map10, it's a masterpiece, period, regardless of having over 800 monsters. You can try lower skill if the slaughter sections seem like too much. 4* for accomplishing maps that look reasonable, Map10, and some other decent outings.x
First of all I want to say that MAP10 deserves 5*, period. It's epic and also a borderline slaughter map but it's done in a fair fashion and monsters are laid out evenly. Moreover, all maps are visually impressive. Unfortunately, this WAD has too many dooumb slaughterfest maps with completely bullshit situations. I don't find being molested by armies of monsters to be pleasurable. Everything else is great, so if the maps were toned down on monster count it would definitely be at least a 4* WAD.x