Salt-Man Z
Sooooo good.x
Getsu Fune
these maps are very frustrating from a speedrunner's standpoint. the layouts are intricate and great but if you're going for a quick finish it's a nightmare. I think it gets too much praise.x
A monumental achievement. A Doom 1 WAD as best as they come.x
masterful as usual.x
Everyone needs to play this. Chris you've been one of my favourite mappers for many years, and another top job here.x
Chris just doesn't disappoint, which is perhaps disappointing in itself. Could you please make a shitty map once in a while?x
Awesome work here! I hope at some point Chris can dust off his five E3/E4 2002ADO maps + High/Low 3&4 + Bloody Realms of Hell, polish them all up, and make at least one fresh level to get a combination E3/E4 style episode with similar revising to all the maps. I even wonder what the author thinks of his own CH Retro, basically E1's answer to this, but far older. I think it still holds out okay, it's not Chris' only E1 theme work either.x
Eye droppingly gorgeous set of maps which play even better. Attention to detail is as good as you'll see. For me the prefect size and complexity without driving you nuts. A benchmark for level design without a doubt. In case authors out there wonder if average joe players like me appreciate the hours that go in, we do. Many thanks 5*****x
The best.x
As perfect a reason as any to replay Chris' E2 maps, only now polished and raised to his current standard! I hadn't played Rip/Tear/Smash and High/Low 2 in a pretty long time anyways, and never did get around to The Wailing Horde, plus The Unknown Chasm is almost as good as new regardless, so 80% of this didn't feel much like a replay to me anyways. But unless you've literally JUST played all the source material and can't stand seeing the same layout again, this is a must have.x
It's nice to play these again but together this time, and with cool new parts too. Still as good as ever. 5 stars.x
Hansen made it, nuff saidx
A great E2 replacement by Chris Hansen which consists of many of his old levels compiled together and heavily revamped for maximum effect. Chris put a lot of work and time into this and meticulously adjusted each level to deliver the most fun possible. A must-play if you like Doom 1. 5/5 -Stormwalkerx
Amazing work! Oldschool maps with very solid gameplay and great pacing!x