I like this kind of wads where you can try maps from different authors with different styles, but here are only few good maps, majority of mediocre and few below avarage. So overall 2,5/5 - Damnedx
There are a few rotten apples in this brunch but when maps are good they're good.x
Getsu Fune
oh so that's where Immundum went, thanks dobu. I wasted like 4 hours playing this not impressed with most of it except that one map. would be better if the Boom set came after the other one and not before.x
Few things I don't like are the startan joke maps, the unclear AV jump you're supposed to do in obsidian's map and that long backtracking map.x
walter confalonieri
oh well, somebody uploaded the doomworld megawad thing 2014 eh? Anyway, pretty cool mapset!x
Too Hard, however Good Desing! :-)x