usual NEW OLD MEGAWADS a nice one. but can gets boring if you Try too hard with the Archviles or mancubus, but yea. 2/3.....x
Mostly mediocre.x
Awesome so far, just got to map18! Very nicely structured and interesting maps! Well worth the time! -Nebula Kristianx
Cool map set. Fair balance, good visuals. Most maps don't feel cramped, but some do. 2048 limit gives you some leeway, almost feels like no limit at all. The additional maps are fun too, even though it's apparent they're of (slightly) lower quality. Not a single map was a stupid and unfair slaughterfest.x
Map 01-32 4+ stars Map 33-49 -4 starsx
Getsu Fune
a very good mix with generally well-playing maps. MAP25 is a goddamn exercise in frustration though and really ruined it for me. I almost quit playing Doom at that map.x
Really fun set of levels that are both well designed and well balanced in difficulty. In fact, this is one of my favourite community projects I've played in a while. I also echo the sentiments about 2048 being a great size for doom, I could see this size being used again and hope it does. Good job guys.x
I think 2048 is the perfect size for a map. I enjoyed most of them. A couple were confusing. Map31 was very unique for sure. x
I think Dragonfly deserves it, it's a well made and wonderfully different map (obviously making it map31 was a good decision) that even reminds me a bit of a good monochrome map (even though it uses both black and white and a few areas have other textures). Most of the maps are quite solid in this wad, I'd say there's 20 very nice maps here give or take, so a deserved 4/5 and I would quite like to see more based on the 2048 restriction as it's more enjoyable IMO than 1024.x
I'm flattered someone said map31 was their favorite! To all the mappers - good effort! The project overall seems to be pretty solid and fun to play. :)x
Its hard to say which map was my favorite, I would say map31 was my favorite it was pretty unique. x
walter confalonieri
Very cool megawad!x
I think it turned out pretty well (the main 32-level episode) and it's a pretty good successor to Mayhem 2048 and the various 1024x1024 megawads just as much as it is to the first PCCP. The first several maps are kind of slow, but it picks up overall at Map05. I'll give it a 4/5, one point deducted due to the slow start and an occasional weaker map throughout the wad, but many authors did quite well IMO and I'd definitely recommend giving this wad a go.x