One of the most exciting, most immersive and most realistic experiences you can try out in the ocean of wads that wont surpass this magnificent piece of technology. We can only hope this inspires future generations of people to make more coup d'états to prevent more mods like this appearing. I give this wad a solid 5 stars. -IGNorancex
Awesome. But I've found a bug: in Vanilla, every selfie decreases the maximum number of shells you can carry. (still a 5!)x
Legendary. Its my own Doom meme factory.x
This still cracks me up. InstaDoom>Instagram. Also, lol @ Jaxxx
4 stars because it's burning out after a while.x
Jaxxoon R
Wait a minute, doesn't Linguica make the Cacowards how did this become a Cacoward didn't Linguica make this hey who's that guy with a sock full of rocks is that a blackjack did Linguica make that blackjax
I just can't get enough of taking pictures of my food and making it look more magenta, InstaDoom is for me! I played Doom with any of the 40(!) official Instagram filters! Memento Mori with Mayfair! Requiem with Rise! Icarus with Inkwell! Alien Vendetta with Aden or Valencia! x
OMFG perfection.x