It's maybe not epic, but certainly very well done. My favorite part are the maps until stage 20 since you progress nicely there and difficulty seems to be made for the average Doomer. The hell levels following after that are quite hard and turn more and more into BFG-zerging from MAP25 onwards. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I kept playing because architecture is nice and it often feels a lot like the first Quake (also due to texture choices). This is Cacoward material. x
And... another excellent, well done WAD that is marred by incredibly stupid spike in difficulty on all maps since MAP25. 5* for maps =MAP25 because of fail gameplay.x
I like this very much! Thank you for this epic megawad :) 5/5x
Highly overrated.x
Good megawad with some very nice difficulty progression and visual aesthetics. Though I feel as though maps 29 and 30 aren't as epic of an ending as they could've been. Also, lots of monsters can't walk through doors in various maps. 4/5x
Consistently amusing encounters; great midi choices; eye-popping detailing; excellent difficulty level scaling.x
Gourgeous level design all the way, the only map I dislike is MAP31 because it's 2 big mazes that you revisit twice. But it's just one map which sucked. The wad overall looks like coffee break for the first 2 episodes and sunlust as E3, both are good.x
A really great set of levels that have clearly had a lot of care and attention put into them. Architecture, item and monster placement are all top notch. On UV the later levels can get pretty nuts so be ready or play on hmp first! 5 stars well deserved.x
Getsu Fune
I have to say this is amazing work. tons of fun indeed, and all maps flow very well.x
finally a good modern megawad, at least from what I played so far. good job.x
Legendary is the word. Awesome maps; absolutely beautiful detailing and tons of fun encounters. I highly recommend this wad!x
Good looking with lots of action. I haven't gotten lost much, so that's good (I'm only up to map19). You have to take your time with this one, lots of ambushes and enemies in precarious places. UV is quite challenging and thankfully he added difficulty levels. If I wasn't playing Guncaster, I'd probably start on HMP and then play again on UV. Certainly worth more than one playthrough.x
Really freakin' good! I mean, there is a lack of ammo (a.k.a I'm bad at video games), but overall it's GREAT.x