Great level from mr romero himselfx
Pretty darn good tbh, though I prefer the atmosphere of the original. x
Good ennemy placement, traps, ect... in a mix of original E1 and modern difficulty.x
Romaro's E1M8 replacement made in spirit of his upcoming game BlackRoom. Great map, a bit harder then normal E1 Doom but is much fun.x
While I wouldn't put it in my top maps, it was a pretty fun old-school map overall. Hope John Romero makes more (and for doom 2).x
Awesome map, some things are never forgotten even after 21 years. The only thing that pissed me off were the damaging floors. Anyway, I hope Romero will make more things like this.x
a pretty cool map from Romero. lots of zombies to slay (still sticking to E1 bestiary) and quite a bit of outdoor action. also a few instances of some cherry red cracks tied to damage floors. They look pretty sweet in the final room when hooked up to their point of origin.x
A very fine level, Romero did it again! Tho my main complaint was the start was pretty rough if you do not know what to do.x
After an unnecessarily invidious start, this sprawling but surprisingly intricate map throws into perspective how insipid most third-party levels are. John Romero paints with a broad brush but with flair and imagination, reminding us that there's more to Doom than rooms and corridors. His multidimensional style is a breath of fresh air. Minuses: gameplay relies heavily on scripted teleporter ambushes, and inevitably many players will find the ending anticlimactic. Also where were the cacodemons?x
A decent and fun map with a mix of doom and doom 2 Romero traits which feels like an episode closer. I do however wish that the end of the map had a more climatic execution as opposed to the bruiser brothers plus the rather slow teleportation of enemies into that room. 4 stars overall.x
The Ultimate DooMer
It's not a bad map, there's some good points (notably the atmosphere/use of secrets) plus one or two bad points as well (notably the ending). But it's not worth the mindless gawking praise that is soo predictable on DW when a wad of this kind comes around. (and I pity the poor soul who's project will be denied a Cacoward in order to satisfy this)x
I see no reasons to NOT give this 5...I would like become Romero's bitch if I can play more of this kind of maps. 50/50 :P -playerlinx
Pretty nice WAD, but if somebody who wasn't John Romero and well known uploaded this, it would have probably gotten average reviews. Bit of a bias. But still had a lot of fun with this.x
Romero has returned, with a great "warm up".x
Don't get me wrong, that's typical average Doom map. Sure, Romero did it but map isn't unique, special, etc. I don't understand really why so much hype around... x
Is this map any good? Does it deserve a legendary status? Hmm... I think that FUCK YEAH IT IS and FUCK YEAH IT DOES! I chose to treat this is a reminder of what FPS games could be if the genre didn't degenerate into bleak and boring point and click clones of same-crap-different- butthole variety. A reminder from one of the forefathers of the genre.x
Jaxxoon R
Cool visuals with compact, interconnected level design and loads of windows? My favorite! It's also amazing to see Romero himself upload a map to the archive. (I'll never forgive you for the hellish pain cracks, though)x
A few visual mistakes, but otherwise a shotgun-prefered map, completely classic, with wicked secrets to find. I love it! Also, congrats Romero, you finally did every map for DooM - Episode 1!x
i think this deserves 6 stars, but alrightyx
Getsu Fune
obligatory 5-star ratingx
This map was awesome regardless of who it came from. I'd still rate this 5 stars if it were from someone else, though I will admit that my initial impression of the map during the tough beginning was affected by knowledge of the mapper. Great job with this, Mr. Romero! It's great to have you back mapping for Doom!x
Although it's not as great as the original in my opinion, it provides a good amount of challenge and the map in itself is well designed. Cheers, Mr. Romero!x
The demaging floors in rooms were annoying, but overall I have enjoyed it pretty much. It has nice 90s feeling and the gameplay is quite challenging. I would give it 3 or 4 starts, but since it is from legendary person, I need to give legendary rating. :) x
Romero has finally returned to make another map, and in my view it's a real gooden. Lots of secrets, action packed, and adequately detailed in a 90s way. Recommended.x
I'm going to be honest, I didn't like this map too much, it was good in every aspect, but the amounts of forced unpredictable damaging floors were too much. That being said, this is pretty good for a first 21 years. x
The original E1M8 map was great but this is awesome.x
Fun, challenging and full of secrets. Thank you, Mr. Romero! Nice birthday present. >^..^< x
It has that Romero charm!x
The legend has returned.x
Beautiful and scrappy abstract visuals, tough challenging classic gameplay. A very nice map indeed, really enjoyed this one!x
So that's the name of the map.x
holyshit romeroman himself!x
I think this mapper has potential. Gonna give it 5/5 because it's really good stuff.x