Excellent MegaWad, fantastic levels, textures and music, a solid 5/5, also Aliens.x
This isn't my cup of tea, but just in terms of effort alone this deserves a 4. Clearly a labor of lovex
After A aliens, every 5 wad star wad i played loose 1 star. It's the greatest wad ever. The Gameplay is amazing; it1s very dificulty in UV and it's realy beautifull. x
Tifosi 92
One of the few wads I've played that hooked me like the original Doom; just wanted to play for a few minutes and ended up playing for two hours. Love the colors and the atmosphere; looks brand-new, but plays like an old-school shooter. Don't pass this one up.x
A pretty fun and well conceived original idea for a wad, with decent ammo and monster placement to boot. A few frustrating moments here and there but it's mostly good. The choice of colours were a bit stark and garish for my liking but that's not a slight on the gameplay which carries this wad through. Recommended.x
Other than a few missteps, the texture work, level design, music, and overall presentation value is great. The difficulty gets pretty tedious after a while, but it's worth the grind to see where this crazy, drugged-up, tongue-in-cheek trip through space goes.x
Cacoward approved. Excellent visuals, excellent gameplay. Difficult, and sometimes slaughterish, but still fair - all maps can be beaten on one life and there's little random factor involved in the action.x
Amazing and daring visuals and colors!! The whole wad has an amazing sense of progression. The end was PERFECT. I lol'd heartily and then I closed the game and said "daaaamn"x
I'm not saying it was aliens, but... ';,,;' //x
Ugly colors and boring level design.x
Somewhere in space, this may all be happening right nowx
One of 2016's finest stuff for sure. Chock-full of unique ideas and visuals, and some funny humour too. Stuart Rynn's music is excellent. There's a bit too many gimmicky maps and forced gameplay paradigms in there for my tastes though, even if these perfectly fit the "alien" theme of the wad, and that's why I enjoyed Valiant a bit more. The palette might not please everyone and E2 was a bit of an eye-strain at times, but I think it's fresh enough. Thanks a lot, skillsaw & co. !x
Getsu Fune
you have to really get used to skillsaw's design style in order to really enjoy this. it'll take awhile, but it is easier than Valiant in my opinion and worth a play and a replay.x
I played this until MAP07. And I can tell you this: i felt like an absolute idiot whenever pressing a switch would reveal an ambush. But then again, I perhaps am an idiot.x
Typical extreme modern difficulty, but I'm not sure if there is a sense in complaining about that anymore. This trend isn't going anywhere, if anything it's getting more and more popular. I guess it can be appreciated for gorgeous and creative visuals even if one doesn't enjoy the way it actually plays.x
Worse than Valiant, Vanguard or Lunatic, overall gameplay approach might seem perfected since those and there ARE interesting maps (mostly when the action stops being too sympathetic and forgiving) but most of the time it's "more of the same" without the adequate amount of fresh ideas to justify the campaign's length. Hated the majority of visuals, everything has its limits, crazy color clashes included, so the rating comes for the gameplay-related entertainment alone.x
To be honest, i couldnt get past MAP01 (lol). But the visuals are really neat! 5/5 (if i made it through MAP01), but I'll rate 4/5. Who am i to judge, right?x
It's probably the best stuff that Skillsaw and friends realized until today. If I would want to sum up the megawad : Inventive, aesthetic. fF.x
cool architecture & solid level design. tough as nails which is to be expected. solid mapset.x
Dammit - every time Skillsaw and friends make something it's freaking amazing and challenges what I think can be done in the Doom Engine. Plays well, but I love the color palette and scenery most of all. This and Valiant are the two WADs that I show people screenshots of when they go, "People still make stuff for Doom?" And this is the sort of thing that blows them away. Looking forward to the next project!x
Excellent megawad full of unique visuals and great gameplay/map design. Easy 5/5. x
Better than Valiant - Worse than Hitler.x
Eris Falling
In most cases, the weaker maps of this WAD can only be described as such not because they are bad, but the majority of this WAD is just absolutely fucking solid. Fantastic visual design, fantastic music, and fun gameplay with an equally fun story that doesn't take itself too seriously. 5/5x
Freaking great! Skillsaw and stewboy partially spilled their soul into this, the MIDIs and the maps.x