Very good wad. Must play.x
A masterpiece of huge, non-linear map design combined with brutal action. Tests both your navigation and combat skills. x
A challenging and fun wad, once you get into the swing of things. Up to that point it's quite frustrating, but be patient and you will be rewarded. It does have it's problems but it's mostly good throughout. 3.7 overall.x
WAD of absolute mental massacre. All 32 maps are long and tough. This WAD will take several days to beat. The difficulty is unrelenting, but fair. You must think carefully about your every step. This makes progressing through the WAD a great fun, actually, if you accept this kind of gameplay. What's not fun is the confusing behavior of switches, running around, and vital progression steps being better hidden than some secrets.x
Terrible hitscan spamfest with no health in sight, ugly layouts, this looks like a broke man's Plutonia. One of the worst megawads I've played.x
An impressive one-man megawad comprised of mostly lengthy, complex and nonlinear maps with action being a mix of Plutonia and works of authors like Use3D, exposing the player to all kinds of crossfire and sporting constant desperate search for adequate supplies to deal with heavyweights abound. The difficulty mostly stays on the same [high] level which can be an additional deterrent factor given the general direction chosen, but nevertheless Urania excels in its niche, bravo.x
Getsu Fune
I cannot for the life of me figure out what's good about this. this is the most speedrun-unfriendly megawad I have ever seen: there's lots of backtracking, switches where you don't have a clue what they do, and progression so obtuse the gameplay actually came to a halt sometimes. sorry but this isn't for me at all.x
Awesome wad, hardcore players only. Not a slaughterfest, just very brutal monster placement.x
Nothing special here. Just a fun vanilla megawad. x