A nice idea and well executed. It reminds me at times of "Swift Death" but with more breathing room. Good stuff.x
Maps range from OK to awful. Map 31 is an abomination. And hiding pain elementals behind cacodemons destroys the friendship. Phtooey. x
I was pleasantly surprised by this. I wasn't (and still ain't) a fan of the DeHacked stuff in it but it wasn't a large, distracting pain in the ass like Valiant was with its DeHacked stuff. Definitely a keeper, this megaWAD.x
Getsu Fune
liked most of it, very hard maps throughout, didn't like MAP31 at all though.x
Consistent quality maps with smooth difficulty curve. Somehow, somewhen I have played all maps between 16 and 32 before (maybe except 31). Good for an evening or two.x
Great maps with great 50 monster-limitx
Excellent, ... A whole new concept of making maps.x
Yeah it's good, ok, cool, fun, nice, etc.x
Stellar maps in here, all use the monster limit very effectively. Latter third definitely gets aggressively difficult, but overall gameplay is top-notch and well-balanced. Also cool thematic mixups like snowy cliffs and creepy voids. Check this out for sure.x