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Latest votes:
The Ultimate Torment & Torture
Phobos Mission Control  Another nice map full of action and surprises.
AI Enhancements: A Decorate Experiment
Demonic Libido  Very good map indeed with a nicely managed progression from a tech-crawl through to s...
DOOM v1.9 - Shareware
Plutonia 2
Serpent: Resurrection
Hell Ground
Job  it's only really a challenge for 100% players, where everything is connected with confusing passages and th...

Latest files: (more)
AI Enhancements: A Decorate Experiment - Chaosvolt
Alters the behavior of every monster in the game, along with various other rebalances. Rudimentary line-of-fire checks, marching fire, enemies firing in volleys, along with numerous overall difficulty-increasing tweaks. Se...
Innocence X - Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez
A 10 level mapset for DooM II. This mapset was inspired by the atmosphere of Playstation Doom and Doom 64. It will feature the creepy ambient feel of Playstation DooM/Doom 64 but maintain the core gameplay of the PC versio...
Toxic line - Vincenzo VTM
Confinement 256? - Xyzzy01
First wad I have ever made. Inspired by Congestion 1024 and 64. Made to be some sort of bridge between the two numbers. Review it however you like! Send me feedback! QUESTION: Should I continue to make a full megawad of ...
Phobos Mission Control - John Romero
Beeeeees - pancirno
Replaces every single vanillia d2 enemy with lots of bees. Includes a whole new Icon of Sin behaviour.
"Fallen HQ" & "The Terminal" - Mario Augusto Puga Va...
MAP01: "Fallen HQ". Escape tfrom your former HQ to the streets. MAP02: "The Terminal". Visit a Doom II style installation.
MildDM - Born to be Mild
A small DM map, very fast paced.
Mario Kart 64's Block Fort REMADE - TheSoldiersSh...
This is a remake of the balloon battle map from Mario Kart 64 Block Fort. A fun, short, simple and somewhat challenging map to play through. Enjoy!
Cabro's legacy - Various (List of maps at the end)
Cabro's Legacy is a compilatory megawad, created in the year 2014 as an homage to the Cabro's mapping tournaments. It contains maps from the top three winners from each year. These tournaments started in the now extinct Ca...
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