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Caleb Skin for ZDOOM and Skulltag
Doom Monster Randomizer
The Rebirth
A Furry Tale *and* A Furry Tale: Retold
Sapphire - Orbital Research
Tremor: Part I - Genesis
Cacodemon Squad: 3 Level Public Demo Update 2

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Running Late - A2Rob
Small, 5 level mini wad I've been working on since late October of last year. Levels are short and action packed. After spending most of the year on single mapping projects, I decided to try my hand at building a small,...
Snot Station - Xyzzy01
This is a map I scrapped from a 2-episode wad I'm working on for Chex Quest. It is my first attempt working with the set of features ZDoom has to offer. This level simply doesn't fit with what I'm currently doing with the ...
Withering Graves - Ryan "quakis" Rouse
Small level taking place within an old graveyard and mausoleum. Pay respects to the dead by laying them back to rest once more and tend to its grounds by clearing out all vermin making their new home here.
Tlacopan - riderr3
Supposed to be a part of community project which has been abandoned. Imagination of Plutonia MAP03 "Aztec", no copy-paste, but same shapes and techniques (MAP03 is one of my favourites). I hope there are less nasty traps a...
A Walk In Hell - Skul
Entry for the Vinesauce DOOM Mapping Contest. A short, hell-themed cave map. The DeHacked patch (HELLWALK.DEH) is required in order to complete the map. Note that the patch will not work if there are additional mods wh...
Eagle Speedmapping Session 1 - Rough Beginning - DoomLover234 ...
The first Eagle Speedmapping Session's goal was to make maps within a 2 (in practice 3) hour limit. Six maps were made, and the themes were: - Map must contain a lot of lava and a scene of an erupt volcano - Map must conta...
The Demon's Keep - Carlos Lastra
//****************// Finally, you have arrived at the Demon Lord's Keep. After a long road, you are ready to face Him and his personal Army. The Demon knows where you are, so prepare yourself to be surrounded, ambushed, ...
Doomworld Mega Project 2016 - Various
A megawad with 50 maps.
Moonblood - Deadwing
Moonblood is a megawad (32 levels) for Doom 2. The Project has started with remastering the levels from my first wad, Eclipse, but the changes became quite big and I decided to turn it into Moonblood (it was initially call...
3 Heures d'agonie 3 - 3ha3 Team
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