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Doom 3: Primary Exavation Site - Fenes Octavian - ...
This is a map for Doom 2 made with the 256 color version of the new "Doom 3 for Doom 2 Textures" WAD.
Ultima Doom - Ron
This is an ultimate doom wad replacing thy flesh consumed. Featuring the pretty unique works of a life time. At this i actually came with ideas for these maps starting with inspiration from alien resurrection and final fan...
Babylon 6 - Robin Andrews
Babylon 6 is not just filled with tons of monsters. The installation itself wants to have you for breakfast. Crushing ceilings, platforms, and deceptive transporters attack you viciously, and trap you for imps to devour! T...
In the Mess of it - JoshTheNESnerd
mole doom episode 1: this is a 9 level mapset for doom 1. it replaces episode 1. there isn't really any plot aside from the standard doom plot. it's got 8 maps and one secret level. if you want a plot i'll make one up: you...
Underground Tension - sigsegv
Venture down an underground facility, engaging in perilous close encounters.
Behemoth - Scotty
A moderately large map featuring a hellish fortification with progressively more difficult fights, especially in the secret areas. This map is old now (built mostly in 2016) but i decided to put it on idgames anyway.
payday.WAD - Classicgamer6
Hell has invaded on your day off! Now you need to go to work and pick up your last paycheck. Are you going to sit back and get in the unemployment line or are you ready to man up and fight for your last paycheck?
Sosuria - Xyzzy01
Sosuria is a proud, peaceful village on the island of Khshayarsha, full of life and hospitality. That is, until one day an evil sorcerer ransacked the land with his army, taking most of the goods and resources for himself ...
Inverter Technologies - Cyborggeffien
A tech themed level made for the UDMF format.
screen night of the thunderstorm and the cent... - Zan-zan-zawa-...
Six dynamic, weirdo levels overstuffed with enemies to an unnecessary degree. A limit of 666 linedefs per map keeps detail low and invention high!
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