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Quake Style Ending - Massao
Remake of Quake shub-niggurath`s pit in the doom engine! Check below for info! ***Info*** You know you collect all the 4 runes and then a hole opens in the start, you enter in for the final encounter! I tried to keep acc...
Foursite - Bauul
4-in-1 map concept. The Foursite military base lies abandoned. You’ve heard rumors of a secret backdoor entrance: find the entrance, explore the four quadrants of the base, reach the heart, and escape alive.
Seamless - Zalewa
Seamless is a Vanilla Ultimate Doom map taking slot of E1M1 that makes no use of "use" lines. The theme is "base" and the map takes about 15 minutes to beat. It also makes use of more Doom resources than what you'd normall...
Ave Terra - LPDem
A small level with constantly changing geometry
Simple Pistol Starter - Coldiron
This is a mod that automates the process of pistol starting in Doom and several other IWADs. It makes no other changes to gameplay in the IWADs or other mods that the included "pistol starters" are compatible with. Usa...
Corrupted By Chaos - Entryway - StormCatcher.77
The Rooms - VeeTHis
You go to a random place... and all hell breaks lose.
Warehouse of the Damned - Carlos Lastra
//***************// You have entered Deimos Base, a safe place turned into a living Hell. The complex is enormous, so you choosed the closest path - the Warehouse: a vast Containment Area composed of refineries and stora...
Innocence X2 - Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez
A 10 level mapset for DooM II. It is the sequel to Innocence X, This mapset was inspired by the atmosphere of Playstation Doom and Doom 64. It will feature the creepy ambient feel of Playstation DooM/Doom 64 but maintain t...
DMMPST: DooM MaP StaTistics - Frans P. de Vries
DMMPST is a command-line utility on Unix and Windows (source code included) to generate statistics of levels in DOOM, DOOM ][, Ultimate DOOM, Final DOOM, Heretic, Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders, Hexen, Hexen: Deathk...
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