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Latest votes:
Hell Ground
BOOTHILL -- Complete Western Conversion for DOOM2
Sunlust  I thought I rated this? Easy 5/5 and one of the best wads ever made.
American Idol
A Hex on You
Ungrateful Dead
Temple of the Lizardmen  I go through the first level fine, but the second I pickup the doub...
Plutonia 2
Disjunction  This wad is absolutely astounding, it almost immediately became one of my favorite wads of ...

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Suitcase of Gor (Formerly D2Redux) - The Tarnsman ...
The first maps I ever made, they suck, look terrible and are cramped as shit. A reimaging/remake/restyling of DOOM II. Inspired by a ton of stuff.
Blood and Bones: A Skeleton Scorned - Jaxxoon R
You were but broken bones and brawny blood. Yet your tomb stirs, and here you stand! This was a map I created for the Vinesauce Mapping Contest a few months back. After the stream where Joel played through it people had ...
Planisphere - Perro Seco
PLOT: You're traveling home by train, but suddenly there's a crash and the train stops. You look through the window and see ugly monsters everywhere. At that moment, the head of the UAC calls you and explains to you...
Infested Water - Worm318
A short map of a refinery infested with demons. Used it to test some ideas and learn the basics of stuff like 3D Floors. I had lost interest in it and rested in my HDD until now.
The Blood Trials - youraverageamir
*GZDoom with freelook enabled heavily recommended* A short, but replayable level that lets you take three different routes to get to the end, which act as self-contained challenges.
Emergent - Benjogami
Emergent is 4 small Boom maps, designed for pistol starts. They're meant to be played without saving, on a difficulty setting that will kill you quite a few times before you get an exit. Enemies are shuffled early in the m...
Vertigone - Brett 'Mechadon' Harrell
This is my second oldest surviving map that I still have, and my very first DM map ever. However, the gameplay and layout are pretty awful, so I wouldn't really even bother playing it. I uploaded it for nostalgia reasons, ...
Underground Presence - youraverageamir
*This wad is playable with any control scheme, but it was designed for mouselook and WASD, with no jumping or crouching* There have been reports of a demonic presence deep below the earth, killing everyone in the undergr...
DOOM II: Hellscape - Chris Lutz of The Chaos Crew
A re-imagining those Doom II levels that take place in Hell (21-30). As such, these maps will probably be a lot more entertaining if you have a reasonable working knowledge of the original IWAD levels...
Disjunction - floatRand
A small mapset containing 11 thematically and visually diverse maps. Bit challenging, but hope you have fun!
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