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Journey into the Bowels of Hell
Just a 3 Level replacement for Episode 2 for Ultimate Doom.. 3 action packed levels I made....Date:05/27/09
Size:94.53 KB

Break out of an underground prison and fight to the surface in this 8 level map set for Ultimate Doom...Date:11/07/17
Size:446.61 KB
Author:Em Evyrling

Kill 'Em With Kindness
In this wad, I create an intimate experience full of tiny interactions and surprises. It is a fully hand-drawn, wholesome environment in which the player waters flowers, pets their dog, and wanders around in nature. It was extremely interesting for...Date:12/20/17
Size:2.81 MB
Author:Amber Graham

Absolutely Killed
A full episode of short, concept-oriented maps for Ultimate Doom. Beware: Not your traditional Doom WAD....Date:06/30/16
Size:697.33 KB

Kill Gamarra
OK, I made this map because some guys wanted it. You are a serious and angry doomer (it's true, isn't it?) and you got to know that Gamarra is hidden in a military station. Your mission is to kill the source of the evil that inspired his story....Date:02/15/07
Size:87.37 KB
Author:Giulio Galassi

Das Labor
It is a big area with many rooms, doors and teleporters. The graphical details are very great! There are lights and connection to many rooms, so it doesn't look clumsy! The monsters and weapons are also placed in a very optimal way. This causes high ...Date:09/20/06
Size:249.96 KB
Author:Hannes Müller

tribute to heroes.wad...Date:06/21/14
Size:183.61 KB

Let Them Die 2
A Doom Episode 2 themed map (or at least that was my intent). Replaces E2M5 so it has two different exits, one leads to E2M6 the other to the secret level (E2M9). This map features a skybox, polyobjs, ACS scripting and various ZDoom special effects. ...Date:06/02/02
Size:702.59 KB

Lights out!
"Decades ago the UAC built an underground vault near the ancient, alien ruins on Phobos. It was a secret experiment in extreme colonization, an intelligent and self-sustained city that would survive even its own inhabitants. Although isolated from th...Date:07/08/16
Size:120.98 KB
Author:Carlos Lastra

Inspired by JP LeBreton's discussion with John Romero at and Blackmantis' research at, in 2017 we traveled to Y...Date:12/15/17
Size:588.88 KB
Author:Patrick LeMieux and Stephanie Boluk

Lively Unusual: A standard UD speedmapping community project
Born as a joke speed mapping session by me at 1st april, main aim of this thing is to create a level playable for zdoom compatible ports and using ultimate doom and a optional texture pack in 3 hours, with two level exceeeds the time limit. Woah....Date:04/29/18
Size:743.03 KB
Author:Walter "daimon" Confalonieri, riderr3, SuperArjunaButt

Doom: The Lost Episode
A semi-official 5th episode for The Ultimate Doom. This project's aim is to bring the official and relatively obscure console-exclusive maps together in a single playable episode. Maps consist of levels from PSXDoom, Jaguar Doom, and the Doom Alpha...Date:01/15/09
Size:2.38 MB
Author:Xaser (Project Lead, Primary Mapping) Wills (Secondary Mapping, E5M3) Skunk (Art, Intermap) Nuxius (

Lost Refinery
This is a lost toxin refinery hidden in one of the many caverns on Phobos. It is an Episode 1 style level, but noticebly unique to the other episode 1 levels....Date:10/14/00
Size:107.88 KB
Author:Hellbent (Jason Root)

Lunar Apocalypse
A space station floating around The Moon....Date:04/29/04
Size:162.29 KB

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