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DEATHMATCH, 2 to 4 players. - Easy to identify exit. Circular court yard. New type of windows, (never used before, to my knowledge!). Circular lift to obser- vation tower. Lots of teleporters. A few secret rooms, hidden pannels, and invis- ible walls...Date:03/15/96
Size:45.56 KB
Author:Daniel Huff

FRAG (01frag.wad)
Good mix of open spaces, hallways, and lifts. Fragtime.wad was used as a base, (by Jason Poll). Single-barrel shotgun close to all starting points; access to better weapons are at a higher-risk, depending on where your enemy is..... Watch your back...Date:05/19/96
Size:36.49 KB
Author:Daniel Huff

MISSOURI RAT LIGHT (01ratlte.wad)
Highly addictive Doom I or The Ultimate Doom, DeathMatch level Good mix of open spaces, hallways, teleporters and lifts. Lots of invisible walls, and traps. There are lights in the corners of the court yard, that tell you in what general part of th...Date:04/07/96
Size:74.67 KB
Author:Daniel Huff

D.G. Deathmatch #1
A good (imo) dm level for 4 players or 2 players......Date:05/02/98
Size:19.88 KB
Author:David Gevert

Jump for it
DeathMatch. You'll need to play this one to believe it. Don't pass it up, or you,ll really be missing out! - Easy to identify exit. Fast paced layout for high frag counts! All weapons above a shotgun are harder to get, with considerable risk involved...Date:02/20/96
Size:22.1 KB
Author:Daniel Huff

A thousand deaths (
Being totally fed up with existing DEATHMATCH levels, I made a level which can be played frantic or with stealth. Main feature is having to choose your heavy weapon before entering the main gaming area. You'll always have the shotgun and the chain- g...Date:09/29/94
Size:43.55 KB
Author:Peter Captijn

Phobos Anomaly Wars
DEATHMATCH, 2 to 4 players. - Easy to identify exit. Two highth levels to fight on simultaneously, (frag fest!). Loosely, based on the original Phobos Anomly; but highly improved with many extras!. Many secret rooms, teleporters, hidden pannels, drop...Date:02/20/96
Size:88.15 KB
Author:Daniel Huff

First Blood
Hi there, this is Chris speaking, well, after about 23 hours of hard work, my FIRST (yes, FIRST!) wad is completed. It was rough in the beginnings, but I got the hang of DEU and life was so much easier. Well this wad is specifically desig...Date:05/17/95
Size:39.09 KB
Author:Chris Sobotkiewicz

The precursor to 2001 A Doom Odyssey. 2001 A Deathmatch odyssey consists of 8 deathmatch levels that replace Episode 1. Music included is a random selection of songs which will be used in the full 2001 A Doom Odyssey megawad. These levels are designe...Date:05/11/01
Size:190.41 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

The Building, Paint the town red
# BUILDING.WAD: You must infiltrate and secure the building Exelent for network deathmatch. # TOWN4.WAD: Designed with 4 man deathmatch in mind. You each start inside your own buncker each with its own unique features. Learn to use them for ther own ...Date:12/02/05
Size:45.68 KB
Author:Nick Paske

Too Simple
Basically, my friends and I spend hours playing DM on MAP07 in Doom ][, so I decided I'd make a wad in the likeness of said level. Though I never really took much time analyzing the level, I took the basic shape, and worked from there. I mean this to...Date:09/06/95
Size:19.52 KB
Author:Arthur Fischer

A file made just for deathmatches. It is kinda like ledges but larger, and I like it much more....Date:04/16/96
Size:20.81 KB
Author:Robert M. Leavitt

8-Pak Death-Match Wad
8 DooM 1 (or Ultimate DooM) Death-Match levels. Converted from original DooM 2 wad (10 PAK) made by me. Perfect for a bloody marathon with alot of variety. All skill levels are included to match everyones various playing abilities. These levels are a...Date:10/15/95
Size:183.22 KB
Author:Tom Sanner (Mr.DooM)

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