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abanware.wad (abandoned warehouse)
yet another warehouse in the middle of nowhere. you and your buddies meet here for a few hours fragging to pass the time. it's a shame they always die so fast ;)...Date:09/05/94
Size:28.86 KB
Author:joost schuur

Benighted Kills
One hole episode of FAST deathmatch levels. The exit for level 9 (the hidden level) is in level 3, but it is NOT hidden, but the normal exit is hidden. This .wad has been tested with 2,3 and 4 players and no problems were found. With 4 players some o...Date:10/12/95
Size:111.93 KB
Author:Eric Sambach

Frag Zones
Size:188.14 KB
Author:Eric Sambach

Sort of a grid kind of thing with bits tacked on. Some brilliant ambush points. This level is a great skill leveller. You run around. Shoot each other. What more can I say?...Date:05/06/05
Size:19.2 KB
Author:** Storm ** aka Jeff Walsh

air walk
This wad was made for deathmatches. It does allow for single and co- operative play, but it would probably be boring. Are you good enough to do the air walk?...Date:05/01/04
Size:23.7 KB
Author:Nobutake Nakamura

Deathmatch. Would welcome any comments....Date:09/04/94
Size:26.43 KB
Author:Robin L. Holden, Jr.

My Deathmatch Wad
It's for Deathmatch....Date:08/06/94
Size:43.66 KB

Another WAD
A great level for Deathmatch games!!! Very difficult in single player games, but it can be beaten...Date:06/20/95
Size:93.05 KB
Author:Chris T. Richardson (Tabasco)

Cool deathmatch level in an arena with 2 main areas in the middle and walkways going round the outsides. Best deathmatch level ever!...Date:09/15/94
Size:26.25 KB
Author:Phillip Zadarnowski

Deathmatch Arena
A cool deathmatch level designed like a sports arena. A few monsters, no exit....Date:01/11/97
Size:7.2 KB
Author:Chris Moyer

Deathmatch heaven. Basically it's a large central arena with various sub areas scattered arround the edge for good measure. There are a few monsters in there to provide a source of ammo and to create some traps *grin*. I The level _designed_ to be pl...Date:08/10/94
Size:14.35 KB
Author:Harvey Gilpin

Somebody requested a deathmatch arena of huge proportions with a catwalk. Well this is a close as I could get. This is huge! Each player starts (deathmatch or cooperative) in a hall at each of the four corners. Every weapon is present and a...Date:05/12/94
Size:16.53 KB
Author:Tony Hayes

A large arena, with complex temple located in its centre, Surrounded by a tunnel network and grandstands. Major death on Ultra-Violence FEATURES: Specifically designed for Deathmatch but can be played in single and Co-operative modes as well. - T...Date:02/03/06
Size:84.88 KB
Author:Daniel Griffiths

Nice DEATHMATCH PWAD Small One room is full of teleporters these are ment for the funny teleporting-to-death-game! (if you don't know what this is: teleport yourself while playing DM stand still until the enemy uses the teleporter) (Try out: THO...Date:06/21/97
Size:33.65 KB

Just a Deathmatch WAD....Date:04/01/97
Size:12.5 KB
Author:Jose Luis Gallardo

Augustus Caesar 2nd
Pure deathmatch design. Well balanced placement of weapons and ammo. This level offers a real challenge to experienced deathmatch players. The more advanced weapons require some risk to obtain....Date:02/10/96
Size:8.47 KB
Author:Neil R. Bonner

The main room is filled with walls that you can't see through but can run through and shoot...Date:10/17/96
Size:12.05 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

AYRTON_2.WAD (new version - delete old ayrton)
This is a DEATHMATCH 2.0 pwad. Please play this wad with the -altdeath rules only (Doom 1.666). Old deathmatch is no fun with this pwad - you need respawning items ! Ayrton is the second part of my deathmatch 2.0 trilogy: 1. peace_20 2. ayrton_2 3....Date:08/13/94
Size:34.88 KB
Author:Wolfgang Grassl (peace.wad and peace_20.wad)

BarBell: DeathMatch Wad for Heretic
Features: Based on one of our favorite Doom II deathmatch wads. Call it a "cult" wad. A Barbell-shaped arena for jousting-type confrontations. But the real fun begins if you're knocked off into the lava pit. There are many wings of wrath down there! ...Date:08/09/95
Size:6.34 KB
Author:Jim Derrick

A Deathmatch level, but fully implemented for the weak or cooperative. It has 2 ways to exit, one of them being cooperative. The other one is blocked off during multi-player games. (Just try and get by those candles!) Good stalking and good sniper po...Date:07/22/94
Size:30.21 KB
Author:Greg Wood, aka "Woody"
This was supposed to be a small wad but somehow it got to be 180k for one level. This is a great deathmatch & multiplayer level, but it is also possible to win solo. All weapons can be found on this level + extra health etc. The Cyberdemon als...Date:07/25/94
Size:60.82 KB

BDM.WAD (aka brian's death match wad)
This is a wad designed for death match. It is a half outside, half inside level. I think it came out pretty damn good, Give it a look! All the weapons are there. In single player there are gobs of baddies. It ain't too big, but it is nice....Date:03/28/95
Size:36.85 KB
Author:Brian Martin

This wad was designed solely for DEATHMATCH. No bloodbath arenas here! If you like a wad with a lot of ambush points and stalking positions, this is the one for you (I enjoy it, anyway). I've never played this Wad in a 3 or 4 person DEATHMATCH, so if...Date:09/23/94
Size:13.84 KB
Author:Sean Monahan

Beat-It Deathmatch Level
Deathmatch designed level, w/ monsters & skill levels...Date:08/09/95
Size:30.22 KB
Author:Peter P.

This is the final corrected BETTERM4.WAD, created from scratch by Dave Fields. Both problem doors are fixed, and this wad has been tested in 2, 3, and 4 player DeathMatch -- working wonderfully....Date:07/15/95
Size:273.35 KB
Author:Dave Fields
A really kewl DM level. Small, but extremely sufficent NJOY!...Date:10/23/95
Size:7.06 KB

I am addicted to DOOM, plain and simple. But when it comes to DeathMatch, that is an even more compulsive obsession of mine. This was was my attempt to bring in the great qualities of my favorite DeathMatch level, E1M4 and combine those with the exce...Date:07/11/95
Size:25.18 KB
Author:Dave Fields

BFG Trap #1
A little of everything. Basically 2 rooms. And the trap ..go ahead, give it a try. A bonus to the first player to do it!...Date:04/02/95
Size:9.29 KB
Author:Arthur Grondine

A DEATHMATCH wad with THREE different play styles, a ranDOOMizer room, with a random (32 point) teleporter, spot sound effects, and more (I won't spoil the suprise) Story? "We don't need no steenkin story" - get out there and kill each other!...Date:10/09/94
Size:482.58 KB
Author:Bob Findlay (irc Blob)

A DEATHMATCH wad with THREE different play styles, a ranDOOMizer room, with a random (32 point) teleporter, spot sound effects, and more (I won't spoil the suprise) Story? "We don't need no steenkin story" - get out there and kill each other!...Date:10/10/94
Size:535.99 KB
Author:Bob Findlay (irc Blob)

Non linear house setting. I started out...Date:10/05/95
Size:49.65 KB
Author:Richard Lawrewnce

This is my second attempt at a Deathmatch level. I think this level is much better. This level contains all of the guns....Date:12/03/04
Size:6.3 KB

The Brain
A fun deathmatch level replacing E2M2. You are clearing up on Phobos when suddenly you are teleported into a giant squid's brain along with all your buddies. Oh well, since there's no monsters here you might as well slaughter each other. Includes v1....Date:12/03/04
Size:36.87 KB
Author:Sebastian Kirke

Focused on overcoming the non-3d aspects of the doom engine. This deathmatch arena includes multilevel crossover steping stones. All the weapons are here, but BFG is tough to get to. Plenty of ammo for a gorefest. If you find backpack by searching, I...Date:02/01/96
Size:23.25 KB
Author:Newell L. Rose

Deathmatch, so get out there and KILL...Date:10/25/97
Size:6.41 KB
Author:Wild & Woolly

Bugger 95
Deathmatch, so get out there and KILL...Date:10/25/97
Size:6.61 KB
Author:Wild & Woolly

This Deathmatch WAD has seen many variations of weapon placement. The heavy weapons and ammo are inside the bungalow to encourage you to enter. If you rebuild this level you may need to up the split level to 12 to cope with the WC! (In my experience ...Date:05/28/96
Size:18.39 KB
Author:Dick Ruck

Bunker Storm
This level is best for a three or four player deathmatch game. One player defends the bunker, the other players have to cooperate in attacking the bunker. All players start in the same room, but the first player into the teleport ends up inside the b...Date:09/18/94
Size:251.18 KB
Author:Colin Dickens

This is a level intended for DEATHMATCH and COOPERATIVE play. One player (player 1) starts in the bunker. The other players start in a Blue area. NOTE FOR PLAYERS 2-4: DON'T SHOOT AT EACH OTHER!!! Players 2-4 are supposed to gather ammo at this point...Date:03/08/96
Size:9.76 KB
Author:Branden Root

Bunker5.wad was designed specifically for DeathMatch play. I tried to take all of the best features from the many different levels that I have played and put them into one level. Many of my ideas came from the people I have played against (there are ...Date:09/30/06
Size:28.32 KB
Author:Hans (My handle on AOL is DMCRYPT)

This PWAD is for E1M1. It was designed primarily for deathmatch, which is apparent in the design....Date:07/17/94
Size:69.52 KB
Author:Brian Hart

Small game; lots of action. You have...Date:10/17/96
Size:6.75 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

Excessive Carnage
High intensity, fast-paced deathmatch level! Don't worry about not finding rocket launchers, ammo, health, and armor. The simple floor plan encourages quick deaths and lots of carnage!...Date:09/18/94
Size:17.85 KB
Author:Edgar Roman

Dark and moody...Date:04/12/95
Size:40.63 KB
Author:Jude Insley

Cavern of Deathmatch
Set in some small industrialized cavern of some sort, you find yourself always kept on your toes and looking out for your rivals. Really fun!...Date:01/18/96
Size:96.92 KB

I designed this level specifically for deathmatch. It is small enough so that won't have trouble finding your opponent, but it is complex enough to provide some variety. There are no easy suicides, and the weapons are spread around so a player can't ...Date:06/22/94
Size:14.84 KB
Author:Alex Siegel

This is a big and somewhat simple deathmatch wad (only a few tricks...Date:07/25/94
Size:52.14 KB
Author:Thomas E. Davis

The Chasm
Primarily a DEATHMATCH - you fight offaround a chasm filled with lava. There are thin bridges to cross in various places, allowing you and you adversary access to the awesome arsenal of automated armaments that DOOM has to offer! (Whew! What allitera...Date:12/19/04
Size:12.09 KB
Author:Steven Doornbos

Small fast moving deathmach game. You will be puzzled for a while by the transporters. You seem to be in the same room but you're not....Date:01/01/97
Size:5.67 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

Chainsaw Eternity v1.1
Chainsaw Eternity is a Deathmatch level with two...Date:08/29/95
Size:5.85 KB

Circle 1b
Bug fix for original Circle.wad, including SKY1.GIF in one PWAD. Walking under rightmost crushing ceiling doesn't cause the entire level to crap up....Date:07/26/94
Size:58.68 KB

A grey city in the night....Date:06/29/05
Size:98.46 KB
Author:Phillip Wheeler

Citywar, downtown street-fighting. Designed for deathmatch....Date:07/27/95
Size:505.28 KB
Author:Tomas Wallin

The name "Clack" has nothing to do with the level, it's just the first thing that came to my mind. Basically, it is a D-Match level based around the idea of keeping the level small, and round, so that you can always run away. It is a risk getting the...Date:10/25/96
Size:8.39 KB
Author:Kyle J. Stewart

All originals made strictly for Deathmatch; computers don't develop vendettas & attitudes (as opposed to your so-called "buddies" who whoop with delight in shooting you in the back, moments after they swear to "work as a team"-it's really funny using...Date:08/18/95
Size:52.38 KB
Author:Karl Romike

Cargo Loading Pad (It's just a name for the level, like every level in DOOM.)_
Your friends want to play Deathmatch, so you hook your computers up and play this WAD. Expect this WAD to be in Houses 1.3 One other thing; EVERYTHING TEXTURE IS ALIGNED!!...Date:04/14/95
Size:42.03 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

Contesa Mortis (Match of Death)
Deathmatch is the central design theme in this PWAD. Detail was paid to the layout and different playing styles encountered during deathmatch play. The winner will be the best player - not the luckiest or the one who can guard key positions. There ar...Date:07/08/95
Size:36.85 KB
Author:John Harris

This is a DEATHMATCH 2.0 pwad. Please play this wad with -altdeath only. You will lack the necessary ammo with origional deathmatch rules. All weapons are accessable and a marked exit is included. Monsters: CYBE! Just to keep you on the move. For BES...Date:09/20/94
Size:174 KB
Author:Dan Anderson Ringdancer, all around guy... DR.I.M.DEMENTED. (Doc!) Thanks guys..

Twisty passageways and sniper nests surroud A large open pentagram shaped chamber. The only weapons you'll find are the shotgun, chaingun, and Rocket Launcher (Great fun in the sniper nests - Be careful though, some of the 'nests' can suddenly become...Date:09/22/94
Size:25.97 KB
Author:Donovan Young

corridor 81
corridor 81. made for 3 or 4 player games. small so level should run quickly. probably best for 2 v.s 2 games...Date:05/30/94
Size:11.9 KB
Author:dan bekker

corr2 is a very small deathmatch level. being smaller makes it run much smoother via modem connections. it still works very well for two player deathmatch...Date:05/30/94
Size:5.57 KB
Author:dan bekker

In this new and exciting deathmatch-Pwad you'll find no cross at all. It's called cross because of the huge cross in the open-air-arena I wanted to design, but with ver <1.9 the whole level HOMs all around, so I left it out. But - guess what - with...Date:06/21/97
Size:84.81 KB

CROSS.WAD - An example of a new level.
[Note by the uploader: This is one of the very first pwads at all, made without all the tools, that came later. Read MAKE-LVL.TXT.] This is a very simple level; square room with four small corridors leading off it. Designed for deathmatch (the more...Date:04/13/07
Size:6.96 KB
Author:Alistair Brown

Castle Doom
Somehow you got transported back in time(with your enemies) to the midevil time. So go kill!...Date:01/22/96
Size:24.75 KB
Author:Jonathan Rennie-McCormack

Cyber Death
Size:54.16 KB
Author:Scott A. Smith

DeathMatch only WAD Small, fast paced, level, leading to High frag counts. There is no exit. (Exit(s) suck in DeathMatch; that's what the escape button on your keyboard's for, or use the timer)....Date:12/23/95
Size:16.55 KB
Author:Daniel Huff

DEATHMACH-Thing Some Circles Fun because there is no corner to hide and save your back. (Try out: THOS_02.wad, STAIRS.wad, LIFT.wad, RALLE.wad, ASYM.wad, CROSS.wad and all the other Pwads I've created...)...Date:06/21/97
Size:11.53 KB

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