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The Garden
Big garden in the middle of castle. Find opponents and quash them....Date:09/05/94
Size:19.94 KB
Author:Vu Q. Le

GD-O-DA#.WAD (GD-O-DA#.ZIP #=1/2)
A garden where the chainsaw is not only for...Date:02/15/96
Size:7.84 KB

Quite small deathmatch level with lots of weapons and no exit. It's designed for 2 players, but can check how it works with 3 or 4 players....Date:08/01/05
Size:18.87 KB
Author:Olli Salonen

Simply two levels of choice deathmatch heaven. Chainsaws and more chainsaws and other goodies....Date:08/18/94
Size:42.11 KB
Author:Ken Hagan

Green Goblin's Deathmatch Levels (legalized version)
The first 8 levels of this wad were created by me with the intention of using them in deathmatch mode with my buddies. I did try to build them so that they can be played in single mode, but I may have missed a few weapon stashes or monster dens that ...Date:09/30/06
Size:232.16 KB
Author:Green Goblin (aka Jim Thompson)

The Gog-Man's Doom Deathmatch WAD and GOG2X.WAD for Doom 1.2r
This WAD if for all the Doomers out there who just LOVE to blow their friends AWAY! I designed this level from the ground up for HEAD TO HEAD play. I'm sorry if it sucks in single player mode.. Try it with a friend or better yet, three friends!!! ...Date:12/05/04
Size:105.79 KB
Author:The Gog-Man

PWAD file for E1M1. This is an ARENA type DEATHMATCH level that was created using the same idea as the ledges series, with a central arena surrounded by smaller rooms. It is designed primarily for deathmatch, BUT can be played alone or co-op, but let...Date:10/23/04
Size:48.63 KB
Author:Nathan Kidney

Grease. Just because.
This is intended FOR DEATHMATCH ONLY. Other people can play it, but I dunno why you'd want to. Don't ask me why I made this - I have no way of actually deathmatching with anyone myself :( I would still appreciate any feedback. I basically came up wit...Date:06/20/94
Size:4.31 KB

The Grid
This is a deathmatch level set in a grid of criss-crossing upper and lower corridors with moving floors at each intersection. The upper corridors run north to south and are connected by windows. The lower corridors run east to west, and are dark. Sho...Date:03/17/95
Size:11.47 KB
Author:Colin Dickens

GS's Arena
This wad is designed for use with the new DEATHMATCH 2.0 rules. The wad consist in an area surrounded by an higher corridor. In the central area is situated a pool with fifteen lifts (good for hunting). The main area also includes miscellanous struct...Date:08/05/95
Size:48.83 KB
Author:Alain Arrault

Halls of Death I (Episode of deathmatch wads)
These levels are designed especially for deathmatch. They're great fun at even two player games, but with a LOT of playtesting we have found out that the more players you have, the more fun :)...Date:09/03/94
Size:381.03 KB
Author:Jan Ignatius, Osku Salerma

Hangar v3.0
Alright, you're all wondering, "why is the first level in DOOM called 'Hangar?' when it really isn't a hangar or anything like one?" Well, now it is. Hangar features new textures, secret areas, a good playing field, and above all, it's a cool place t...Date:03/05/96
Size:47.85 KB
Author:"KAMIKAZI" Chris and Michael Niggel

This WAD is for DEATCHMATCH play !ONLY! I really don't know why anyone would want to play cooperative. DOOM was made for DEATHMATCH....Date:03/29/96
Size:20.22 KB
Author:Lei Hu

This is a deathmatch wad I made and it's not really intended for single player or co-op although you can play it with those methods. For deathmatch it's probably better with no monsters but I included them just the same. There's a few sniper spots on...Date:08/10/94
Size:11.71 KB
Author:Chris Hopkins

Hell Hole
Here's a nice list... 1. A really deep hole with a cliff around it. 2. Stairway 'o Health. 3. Three one-way teleporters. 4. A flaming chase hallway. 5. The two classic deathmatch weapons: Rocket Launcher & Plasma Rifle! (no BFG) 6. And various other ...Date:11/15/95
Size:14.85 KB
Author:Benjamin Anderson

J.C. Herhous: DeathMatch Wad
This is my old house. If you make a mess, clean it up. I love playing house wads the best. There aren't that many i've found so i made my own. I apologize for the on/off light switches that don't work. You'll have to play JCHOUSE.WAD, which is the or...Date:05/08/95
Size:18.97 KB
Author:joey cato

Deathmatch game. Invisible barriers make you wait. Run under the colored towers floating in the air. You will be transported up into them. There you can run through most of the walls. Look for a dark opening. In the dark hall you will drop into a dar...Date:01/01/97
Size:23.6 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

House that I live in. 2 floors, small yard and basement. Quite tight and tough. Uses teleports for changing floors so it's best when sound and flash is removed from teleport. The first deathmatch with 3 people we had almost 300 frags so it's good for...Date:03/12/96
Size:70.98 KB
Author:Niila Rautanen
THis is a nice DEATHMATCH ONLY .WAD file for DOOM It is fast and playable. Takes some getting used to but is quite fun. PLAYABILITY - 2 or more people (3 or more reccomended)...Date:07/19/94
Size:10.17 KB

Fast moving Deathmatch game. Set in a tall, hollow tower. You...Date:11/02/96
Size:7.28 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

Deathmatch for four in a giant honeycomb like 'maze'. Shoot'm or be shot!!...Date:03/14/95
Size:54.94 KB
Author:Maurice van Mil ('The Aceman')

Search and destroy, watch your "six". This is a Deathmatch, Deathmatch+Co-op level only....Date:05/28/94
Size:28.15 KB
Author:Todd Rodowsky

A cirlce of hallways with a room in its middle. Good for fast deathmatch action....Date:11/12/94
Size:7.97 KB
Author:René Franzen

This a huge deathmatch level made by cutting and pasting together parts of e1m1, e1m2, e1m3, e1m4, and e1m5. It's intended for regular deathmatch, and there are no energy weapons. I added a lot more to idmix.wad, and I redid the layout a bit. Idmix.w...Date:02/28/95
Size:87.4 KB
Author:Chris Dale

I made these levels for a deathmatch server I usually hosted at school for my friends. I put it together in a few minutes. Levels 1, 2 4, and 6 are the best ones. The others, well, could have been a lot better....Date:09/09/02
Size:52.24 KB
Author:Kara C. Rader

This is a "ledges" type wad. It was designed entirely for Deathmatch but can be challenging for single player. All the weapons are available plus BERSERK. The basic layout is a figure eight or the "infinity" symbol (thus the name). Weapons and regene...Date:09/09/94
Size:30.54 KB
Author:Lenny Hewitt

IN YO FACE for DOOM I is a deathmatch only level. It's stricktly move fast and kick ass from begining to end. The level consists of a darkened arena in the center with an upper level all around the rectangular perimeter. The players start in one of f...Date:06/15/95
Size:14.76 KB
Author:Lou Garcia

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