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This level was designed solely for deathmatch play. It is based around the MadMax style chainsaw battle, with couple of other weapons thrown in. Lots of warps for "The Fly" effect, together with fast-paced play makes this one a must for all deathmatc...Date:10/03/04
Size:7.29 KB
Author:Ryan Feltrin

Fun times in Maniac Central Station(1)
The first in the MCS series, covering various city areas. This one is the start of the sewer and maintenance tunnels....Date:08/20/94
Size:32.64 KB
Author:Jon Boulet(Mirage)

MarkRoom 2 (Deathmatch)
This is another in the arena-like series of my wads. (There are now 3 and more on the way.) This one is much more chaotic than any of the others. The was is again basically a large dark room with weapons scattered around on pedestals. However, this t...Date:06/13/94
Size:21.59 KB
Author:Mark Griswold

MarkRoom 3 (Deathmatch)
This is another in the arena-like series of my wads. (There are now 3 and more on the way.) Markroom3 is becoming my favorite. The wad is one room, but it has many sub-parts. The 2 main parts are the Stair Sections and the Floor Sections. The Stairs ...Date:06/13/94
Size:21.02 KB
Author:Mark Griswold

This patch file is for E1M1. To designed for only deathmatch play. It works best with 4 players but can be played with 2 or 3 players. All weapons are evenly spaced to insure a good deathmatch....Date:12/20/94
Size:21.64 KB
Author:Mark Vaxman

This is the deathmatch version of our level. We will be putting out the single player version out soon!...Date:06/21/95
Size:17.85 KB
Author:Brian Lucier, Paul Thureen

Master Levels
Doom deathmatch WAD [read below for the rules]...Date:01/20/05
Size:50.35 KB
Author:William "the kid" Cochran

These three levels are ideal for multi-player deathmatch games, however, they are pretty boring for single player or co-operative play....Date:06/23/05
Size:48.36 KB
Author:Paul Knapp

Matrix Match
Deathscription: This is a functional Deathmatch wad. It ain't pretty, and I didn't pay a lot of attention to textures. The reason: I wsa sitting at work saying I need a new Deathmatch with lots of windows and dark rooms. Well, I whipped it up in 45 m...Date:05/23/05
Size:10.45 KB
Author:Matrix (Flagg)

MAV2C - A Deathmatch WAD (BETA TEST)
The exit switch is in the Northeast, you press the Satyr switch (SW) on the Roundhouse to get to it. Pardon my cacodemon. :-) There are chainguns, shotguns, rockets, a plasma gun (hidden) and a chainsaw (hidden). The roundhouse has a blur sphere. O...Date:04/13/07
Size:52.28 KB
Author:Tom Neff

This is the first level of what will be a two or three level mini episode based on ideas developed in MAVERICK.WAD, which everyone said was beautiful but too big and ammo-poor for two players. Instead of putting all the neat ideas into one big level...Date:08/05/94
Size:39.47 KB
Author:Tom Neff

MAV2 - A Deathmatch Mini-Episode: MISSION 1 - TARGET CENTER!
This is (part of) a preliminary version of a three- or four- mission mini-episode designed for the ultimate in DOOM DEATHMATCH enjoyment! It should be usable under 1.2 through 1.6, any deathmatch rules, although the flow of play will of course be...Date:08/08/94
Size:16.77 KB
Author:Tom Neff

I recently asked DOOM players what they liked in a Deathmatch level. A lot of people made suggestions. After listening and thinking, I have designed a Deathmatch level that should be challenging and fun!...Date:05/26/94
Size:34.74 KB
Author:Tom Neff

This is a remake of max.wad with lots of added goodies. More high spaces to snipe from. Fast moving 2 to 4 player....Date:01/26/96
Size:15.69 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson

Quite effective Deathmatch level utilizing responsive logistical projection and mobility. (What that means is you'll be running around like a bunch of squirrels on Prozac.)...Date:08/04/94
Size:31.5 KB
Author:Brian Dunham

A deathmatch Wad with a massive centre elevator. Connected to the elevator chamber are rooms that are connected with stairways. The difficulty level determines the weapons available....Date:05/12/06
Size:17.83 KB
Author:Antti Kuosmanen

Mark & Dave's DeathMatch (V 6.3b)
The beginnings of a DeathMatch episode designed for 2 player DeathMatch....Date:08/16/99
Size:316.8 KB
Author:Mainly me (Mark Burlison) but other people have helped.

MCmicrocomputer - Urbino '94
A deathmatch level originally developed as the official arena for the 1st Italian Doom Championship (Urbino, September 11-25, 1994), sponsored by MCmicrocomputer, the leading italian microcomputer magazine. (That explains its name and the presence of...Date:09/26/94
Size:110.17 KB
Author:Corrado Giustozzi with some help from Valter Di Dio

Mastrius DOOM Deathmatch Final
My first attempt at a simple yet fun and well balanced deathmatch map....Date:01/31/11
Size:13.39 KB
Author:Joseph Dugas

MEGADETH Version 2.4a (updated to DooM v. 1.9)
* mega.deh * In mega.deh is the MegaViolence mode. If you use plain vanilla doom, you can load it with dehacked (it's stored at utils/exe_edit/ in the /idgames -archives, see list of mirrors at the end of this file) into your doom.exe. If yo...Date:08/02/05
Size:1.5 MB
Author:Jaswant S. Hayre

MEGADETH Version 2.2
The ultimate deathmatch. This level is specifically designed for DEATHMATCH play. It comprises 4 zones: the ATRIUM (centre); JSH ZONE (East); ARENA (West); and the WARP ZONE (North). There are also two SECRET ROOMS. Each zone has its own theme, s...Date:10/01/94
Size:190.86 KB
Author:Jaswant S. Hayre

Deathmatch, so go and toast someone, don't be shy...Date:10/25/97
Size:10.68 KB
Author:Wild & Woolly

The Mega Maze
really big maze. A few good sniper points, and a pretty good secret area. First level is really just a "signature". You'll see what I mean. I put it first rather than second so people actually see it. Also, be warned that there are exactly 4 d-match ...Date:10/23/94
Size:205.93 KB
Author:Justin "J.T." Ward

Cool PWAD with METALLICA's albums sleeves on the walls. This is intended to be a DeathMatch WAD, but you may also play single-player, I added some cool enemies (and let me tell you is quite hard to finish)....Date:04/01/97
Size:87.13 KB
Author:Jose Luis Gallardo

Serious DEATHMATCH WAD, for serious players!!!...Date:10/06/94
Size:30.19 KB
Author:Matthew Pickford

Stairway's of MOO!!!
Very fast spiral stairway DEATHMATCH wad for itchy fragers. No 7 GUN!!!...Date:10/06/94
Size:19.94 KB
Author:Matthew Pickford

tricky dm play !!!...Date:02/20/00
Size:1.09 MB

This is a completely blueprint accurate WAD of my house. I designed the level so my friends who don't have doom can come over to play Doom via modem would know the level without having to ask me which way to turn all the time. I also added a few unde...Date:03/30/95
Size:51.35 KB
Author:Noah Haskell

Nuclear River
This PWAD is a really great DEATHMATCH field! -- (description from the file README)...Date:07/07/05
Size:13.9 KB

Deathmatch level for Doom 1.666. This level is fast and furious fun for 2-4 combatants. Multiple kill lanes covering each major weapon is a feature of NemoDM. *YES* there is a ship with masts and a cargo hold (thanks DB!) ;) Note: There is one area w...Date:11/07/94
Size:37.09 KB
Author:Bill "Datasquid" Bessette (11/94)

Ben Davis High School Doom
This is a one-level beta version of Ben Davis High School DOOM. There are some monsters but I'm still working on it. There is no end....Date:02/29/96
Size:22.44 KB
Author:Chris Thornberry
Great dark tunnels with dark, dark, rooms to hide in. Deathmatch only....Date:08/21/94
Size:4.04 KB

NJ Castle
Olde level made quite quickly with Deathmatch play in mind but bears little resemblance to modern DM levels. Released purely because of interest in old, cheesy 1994 WADS. The file date may or may not be accurate. This file was originally uploade...Date:04/05/06
Size:94.64 KB
Author:Nigel "Enjay" Rowand

This patch file is for E1M1. To designed for only deathmatch play. It works best with 3 or 4 players but can be played with 2 players. All weapons are evenly spaced to insure a good deathmatch....Date:08/02/94
Size:17.68 KB
Author:Jim Plewa

No Man's Land 1.1
Well, this is it! The best DeathMatch arena that my...Date:08/21/94
Size:9.75 KB
Author:Matt Manint

This is a DEATHMATCH ONLY wad. It must be played under DEATHMATCH 2.0 rules. It is based on a flying arena with a few extra areas and tricks thrown in. If you do not use DEATHMATCH 2.0 rules, you will quickly run out of wings to fly with. There is an...Date:06/01/95
Size:70.68 KB
Author:Atric Pid

A set of 9 deathmatch maps for Doom/ Ultimate Doom. Replaces Episode 3. This is my first set of maps, finished back in 1994. I never uploaded it because it was far from perfect. However, lately I have been getting requests for it. There are a lot o...Date:10/26/00
Size:216.36 KB
Author:Andrew Gate (aka Xenos)

This is a DEATHMATCH-only level, designed for optimal fragging. Although the level is small, the rooms are multiply and redundantly connected so it seems larger than it really is and the action will always be fast and furious. No toxic waste or barre...Date:05/12/94
Size:12.31 KB
Author:Scott Coleman, ASRE

Octagon Pit
I made this wad first as a deathmatch wad and then decided to add some monsters to the mahem. Basically there's a central octagonal room with raised surounding platforms. A couple of side rooms accessed via teleporters with one taking inspiration fro...Date:10/12/94
Size:38.08 KB
Author:Ken Brucker

This is a DEATHMATCH-only level, designed for optimal fragging. Although the level is small, the rooms are multiply and redundantly connected so it seems larger than it really is and the action will always be fast and furious. No toxic waste or barre...Date:10/11/94
Size:115.27 KB
Author:Scott Coleman, ASRE

Deathmatch Deathmatch Deathmatch This WAD was built with deathamtch in in mind. No safe places to hole up and wait. (I hate it when people do that!) Hunt and kill WAD....Date:10/05/94
Size:20.17 KB
Author:Rob (Cisco) Sarsorito

An office building, with a few weapons added...Date:03/31/95
Size:51.3 KB
Author:Gary Marsh / Genesis (my PWAD group)

Size:41.61 KB
Author:Thilo Beuke, Alexander Dost, Jochen Oster

A real funny little map with a lot of excitement....Date:01/05/97
Size:10.39 KB
Author:Mikael G Nielsen

small room with cyber demon ;)...Date:05/26/16
Size:1.2 KB
Author:Jeff Tunink

This is strictly a deathmatch level. As of right now, I have not tried this level in a multi-player match. I really believe it would be good, though. There are no monsters and there is no exit....Date:05/10/96
Size:33.94 KB
Author:Kevin Cornett

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