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Tombstone Deathmatch
Most deathmatch PWADs I've seen are pretty pathetic. They usually consist of a lame arena type of set up with weapons/ammo wall-to-wall. Well, not in Tombstone. I've recreated (sort of) four square blocks of that infamous western town. No, you ar...Date:05/30/05
Size:25.63 KB
Author:Patrick Small

Paul's Deathmatches
A set of 4 Deathmatch levels. This is a set of deathmatches I've been working on for a while. I finally decided to finish them and upload them. I tried to make these WADs a level higher than most of the other Wads I've seen out there. I kept the end ...Date:05/30/05
Size:191.19 KB
Author:Paul Hruby

A DEATHMATCH ONLY level for professional deathmatch players ! It's small and very fast. There are all weapons and an exit. The level is based on shadows2, but there is almost everything changed. We began to modify shadows2.wad for our own purpose onl...Date:05/17/94
Size:19.6 KB
Author:Christian Hellmann Wolfgang Grassl

This is the DEATHMATCH 2.0 release of peace.wad. Please play this wad with -altdeath only. There are all weapons and an exit. Peace.wad was based on shadows2 but it's almost everything changed....Date:07/17/94
Size:26.96 KB
Author:Wolfgang Grassl Christian Hellmann

Another DEATHMATCH level.. really fun discovering the secret rooms, he he he :)...Date:06/20/94
Size:12.05 KB
Author:Quique Borreda

A Deathmatch level. Small enough for a fast paced 2 player dm. Plenty of hidden triggers that you must find. E-mail me for hints....Date:09/20/94
Size:16.28 KB
Author:Scott Starks

This is a big, complex, challenging, and interesting deathmatch wad....Date:07/25/94
Size:69.77 KB
Author:Thomas E. Davis

Phucking Phragged!
My first deathmatch-only pwad which includes a multi-level building with hexagonal rooms and many elevators. Watch out for the trap door!...Date:09/12/94
Size:23.74 KB
Author:Jay Cotton

Outdoors and indoors deathmatch only level....Date:01/25/96
Size:25.08 KB

PEEK-A-BOO is a DOOM I deathmatch only level without any monsters except your friend-become-prey. It's stricktly move fast and kick ass from begining to end. The level consists of a few rooms connected to each other so the action will always be const...Date:06/15/95
Size:11.46 KB
Author:Lou Garcia

mad level I
After kicking many monsters back into hell, you fall into a lake of...Date:02/29/96
Size:11.55 KB
Author:Tivadar J Lucas

Fairly small game. No monsters. Climb a moving pyramid. Long shots....Date:10/19/96
Size:8.17 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

The Pot-O-Boilin' Frags
Large room in the middle, where all the action is. Several raised ledges around the perimeter of this room, where the start points, and the weapons are. Also some connecting passages around the outside. We have literally hundreds of hours on this lev...Date:02/28/95
Size:59.98 KB
Author:Unknown, modified by Ross Carlson

DOOM WAD E1M1 from scratch Deathmatch level with warehouse and some neetoooo looking rooms -------- this is a deathmatch level. there is no way out. kill your friend(s). thats the idea of the level. nothing else....Date:02/20/05
Size:63.42 KB
Author:Phillip Wheeler

This was a "contract WAD" for a well known Deathmatch tournament organizer who ultimately couldn't use it for business reasons. The client's requirements were that it run on 1.2, be pretty fast, have no nukage or other non-combat hazards, and have th...Date:09/03/94
Size:82.82 KB
Author:Tom Neff

Quad (couldn't think of anything better)
One of my many geometric-shaped levels. For deathmatch play only....Date:03/13/95
Size:18.18 KB
Author:Gary Marsh / Genesis (my PWAD group)

4 excellent deathmatch levels for DOOM. Me and my friends use nothing else when we run a deathmatch-weekend. There were supposed to be one more level but a major bug was discoverd during playtesting. Perhaps I'll include it in the sequel...Date:05/17/95
Size:134.85 KB
Author:Jonas Andersson

None. Just a great Deathmatch level...Date:03/24/97
Size:14.63 KB

QUIRUL.WAD is a DEATHMATCH pwad for you low weapon lovers......Date:06/20/94
Size:9.35 KB
Author:Quique Borreda

Radman 3-D Beta Release 1
27 Levels of Deathmatch FUN....Date:03/10/96
Size:827.02 KB
Author:Radman aka Rushrock aka Rushrock2

I created this PWAD long time ago only to try Deathmach in a network. It didn't work and I forgot it. Now I found it again and saw that it was good. So Jesus came down and said to me: "Do some texture-aligning and it will be good." And it was good. A...Date:06/21/97
Size:28.96 KB

This replaces Ralph6.wad which had a defective first level. This is my sixth Deathmatch collection and replaces episode 1....Date:10/11/94
Size:198.69 KB
Author:Ralph Evans

This is my fifth Deathmatch collection and replaces episode 1....Date:10/11/94
Size:209.33 KB
Author:Ralph Evans

This is the house im gonna Build in the future I like playing I Deathmatches If you know all the secrects......Date:11/28/94
Size:21.94 KB
Author:Jeff Young

Small level with hundreds of rocket launchers!...Date:09/29/95
Size:3.31 KB
Author:Ian Cawthray

The Reactor
Scene The site of A fusion reactor. Situation: CRITIAL; An infultration team entered the reactor a day ago to check on reports of missing personel and strange happenings with the equipment. A half-hour ago, all the power went out in the nearby colony...Date:09/28/94
Size:21.3 KB

Rocket Frag
Love to roast your friends at 100 paces? Want to play a friendly game of catch using your favorite rocket? Like to get right behind your opponent before letting loose with the old BFG? Ever want to telefrag your pal while he's at his favorite snipe s...Date:11/18/95
Size:17.63 KB
Author:Steve Johnston

Riana Deathmatch 001
Never let up off the RUN key. At least two exits out of every room makes catching/killing opponents difficult....Date:07/31/94
Size:18.82 KB
Author:David "BC" Cothran

Rest In Pieces: Part III - VIII
Deathmatch designed series...Date:07/18/94
Size:171.98 KB
Author:Jeremy Drye and Nick Tucker

Rest in Pieces II
After playing against some people who can memorize a level after playing it 1 or 2 times I decided and tried to create a board that would be difficult to memorize, and it is. Remember the outside wall is a door where you can restock your health and a...Date:06/13/94
Size:19.5 KB
Author:Jeremy Drye

The River
1 Rocket Launcher, 1 shotgun, 1 chaingun, 1 chainsaw...Date:12/03/95
Size:12.55 KB
Author:Steve Johnston

rmh19.wad (revised demos for Doom 1.9)
These wads are designed to be primarily for Deathmatch play, but the author intended for them to be still useful and enjoyable for play by individuals (or even cooperative mode). The designs are most conducive towards exciting Deathmatches, and all l...Date:02/19/95
Size:175.39 KB
Author:Ryan Hare

No stupid story line. Just a good deathmatch level for four player net play....Date:09/18/94
Size:23.91 KB
Author:Josh Eckels

The Ruin
The archive you got this from should have 4 wads in it, ruindm.wad, ruindm1.wad, ruinx.wad, and ruinx1.wad. All of these levels are designed for deathmatch. The dm files have a cooperative exit in them, the x levels have ...Date:10/09/96
Size:220.52 KB
Author:The Watcher

RUN666.ZIP (run666.wad + run666.txt)
A hunting deathmatch / single player wad, designed (deathmatch) to encourage chasing your opponent, while posing the risk that he/she may turn the tables on you if you aren't careful. Single player requires a little thought, hopefully not to little t...Date:10/17/94
Size:65.77 KB
Author:Eric C. Reuter

My goal was to produce a PWAD that took some thought and/or skill to play rather that pure blast 'em 3rd grade logic. All secrets and doors are marked in some way by change in color, texture or decoration. Pushing on walls to find totally hidden se...Date:05/04/05
Size:46.51 KB
Author:Rick Kehres

RY11ECR.ZIP (ry11ecr.wad + ry11ecr.txt)
A deathmatch level, designed originally for 2 player modem, but suitable for 3-4 player network and single player. This started as my first wad, but went through many hours of reworking to look good. Anyway, the central area of this level is a reason...Date:10/17/94
Size:66.86 KB
Author:Eric C. Reuter

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