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Great Deathmatch Game. Each player starts off in an identical wing of the main maze. The race is to be the first one to find the way out and to get the good stuff (rockets, weapons). Each corner warp will warp back to a different wing. The center war...Date:02/20/05
Size:24.75 KB
Author:Stew Oswald

Great Deathmatch Game. Each player starts off in a cylinder. There are is a switch off of each cylinder that opens one of the doors in the center section, that leads to the exit. There is also a warp off of each cylinder that warps into a different c...Date:02/20/05
Size:30.59 KB
Author:Stew Oswald

The Pits and the Pedestal
Designed for Deathmatch. Each player starts off in the center section. Each platform in the center section opens a door. There is one warp that takes you to the tall pedestal in the center section. Deathmatch is much better WITHOUT monsters, so I did...Date:02/20/05
Size:12.72 KB
Author:Stew Oswald

A River Runs Through It
Designed for Deathmatch. This is like a fight out in the woods. There are two land sections with a river running between them. There is a bridge over the river to connect the sections. If you fall in the river, there are ways out. There is an island ...Date:02/20/05
Size:14.77 KB
Author:Stew Oswald

Satan's Spawn
Satan has invited you to a small get-together with you and up to three of your friends. You must try do destroy your pals in all nine challenge's of the evil master's devising....Date:11/28/95
Size:47.71 KB
Author:Luke Reeves

One of the best patch of levels ever written for DOOM. Detailed and realistic construction on each of the levels. Great gameplay and realistic effects (light sourcing, smart placing of barrels, etc...) And wait 'till you see Multiplayer mode... Belie...Date:07/17/95
Size:220.73 KB
Author:Joao Tavora
This file is a pwad containing a new E1M1 level and a patch for the sound. It is a cool level to play in deathmatch mode....Date:10/24/94
Size:199.46 KB
Author:Kaiowas of FHC

Just another day at school...
A map of Holy Trinity Regional High in Torbay, Newfoundland. Deathmatch-only....Date:03/13/95
Size:38.89 KB
Author:Gary Marsh / Genesis PWADs

Super DeathMatch (SDMATCH.WAD)
Wicked DeathMatch level with tons-o-guns-ammo EMAIL me for two ULTRA tips!!! They will benifit you greatly :-)....Date:07/27/94
Size:4.47 KB
Author:Graeme Howland / Brian Tsang

SERPENT.WAD , legalized version
Designed specifically for a DEATHMATCH, because it's the only way I like to play DOOM....Date:06/23/05
Size:40.7 KB
Author:Matt Hutaff

Good for deathmatch. Indoors/outdoors. Secret door in blue walls outside, near double doors. Also look for slightly displaced wall texture in large room with imps on platforms. Door to gun....Date:10/17/96
Size:20.73 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

My third deathmatch .wad. Fairly simple, and not too hard. Here is a list of what this .wad contains..... 1. A Sewer 'o Health. 2. 2 Buildings with various cool items. 3. Two windows you can jump out of because you're that cool. 4. A small dark area ...Date:11/15/95
Size:14.35 KB
Author:Shawn Walker

A professional DEATHMATCH level for professional DEATHMATCH players....Date:05/14/94
Size:12.04 KB
Author:Sergey Ishchenko and Ivan Samarin

Shaft and Shaft22
Shaft.wad: They say this WAD is one bad mother... You go down a deep mine shaft to a network of dark underground tunnels with a bunch of other guys with guns. Get to work. A deathmatch WAD for E2M1, 3 or 4 players suggested Shaft22.wad: They say th...Date:05/04/05
Size:108.57 KB
Author:Chuck Jordan

Well, this is my first attempt at making a scratch level for Doom. Let me begin by saying all flames to /dev/null. My goal was simply to familiarize myself with the basic features that DEU 5.0 afforded. And to this end, I have designed a simple...Date:05/17/94
Size:6.22 KB
Author:Bob Lange

: Basically, a circular design with connecting hallways through the middle, and a few side hallways. All the weapons are here, and unlike some deathmatch wads, there are many areas where fighting is common. Lots of ways to back door your targets!...Date:03/09/95
Size:14.21 KB
Author:Dan Lefebvre

Shotgun wad
made for deathmatch and deathmatch only....Date:08/21/94
Size:2.5 KB
Author:dan bekker

Dark & Demonic Deathmatch
In this .wad there is an... 1. Arena of Death. 2. 2 large hallways around the Arena. 3. An Altar of Sacrifice. 4. A couple other rooms with items. 5. A Hallway o' Health. 6. A very cool chase tunnel....Date:11/15/95
Size:43.01 KB
Author:Shawn Walker
This is a Deathmatch level! P.S. it is more fun playing in teams!! as well as for people with slower networks like us! P.P.S. Respawn is fun!!...Date:07/17/94
Size:13.93 KB
Author:Kendall Craig

*** DEATHMATCH *** This my first Pwad designed for Deathmatch that is small enough to provide maximum fun for two players. The good thing about this one: It is not only fun to play, it is also p e r f e c t l y d e s i g n e d and so nice to look...Date:07/30/98
Size:230.98 KB

An experts' DEATHMATCH WAD. For those who demand the best fraggin they can get. Oh, it's pretty to look at, as well. I designed this for my friends and me who, are becoming quite good at killing each other. I don't recommend this WAD for groups who...Date:02/23/95
Size:17.12 KB
Author:John Wakelin

This is my second WAD, the sequel to SPANKME. The name has nothing to do with the design, but I bet it made you look at this file....Date:09/13/94
Size:21.29 KB
Author:Andrew J. Hulme

Simple Frag 2
A symetrical structure that gives advantage to no one, it is a very fair level because there are lots of weapons and ammo around....Date:07/11/95
Size:18.74 KB
Author:Colin Caird

Little Deathmatch wad with corridors Hiding places. Only effect of the difficulty settings is that the BFG only appears on medium level....Date:05/12/06
Size:14.09 KB
Author:Antti Kuosmanen

SPACLAB2.WAD (SPACELAB.WAD update for Doom 1.666)
This is a DEATHMATCH 2.0 pwad. Please play this wad with -altdeath only. You will lack the necessary ammo with origional deathmatch rules. All weapons are accessable and a COOPERATIVE exit is included. Monsters: CYBE! Just to keep you on the move. Pl...Date:09/20/94
Size:123 KB
Author:Dan Anderson Ringdancer, all around guy... DR.I.M.DEMENTED. (Doc!) Thanks guys..

Spaz! (Custom Deathmatch wad)
2 large rooms, platforms, perches.... :Deathmatch!...Date:06/27/94
Size:22.36 KB
Author:Motop, Armitage

Haunted Space Ship
You have just found a derelict space ship orbiting a planet. The crew is missing or has been transformed; there are just zombies roaming all parts of the ship--the bridge, the holosuite, the transporter room, the engine rooms, and the empty shuttle b...Date:12/15/94
Size:86.36 KB
Author:Robert Fenske, Jr.
This is a small (3K) deathmatch level that allows no player to have and advantage. The arena idea came from the game paintball that has an arena game called speedball that is based on the same idea. If you like small deathmatch levels that le...Date:05/31/94
Size:4.69 KB
Author:Thomas Blackman

Spooky Deathmatch
This is the deathmatch level of the Spooky series. It will probably be the secret level to my Spooky episode. I can't really "set a mood" - this level is designed for pure deathmatch (2.0 recommended). It's a medium size, but due to clever circular d...Date:04/13/95
Size:10.4 KB
Author:Adam Williamson

SPOON! (Deathmatch)
You ain't seen nothing like it! It's big, it's blue, it's FRAGGIN time!...Date:09/23/94
Size:28.67 KB
Author:Vernon Baas

Designed specifically for deathmatches, with lots of hiding places and a few good sniper positions...Date:05/04/05
Size:32.23 KB
Author:Chuck Jordan

The continuation of the completely underwhelming STALKER.WAD A deathmatch level for E1M1, best played with 3 or 4 players...Date:05/04/05
Size:28.09 KB
Author:Chuck Jordan

This is a nice deathmatch level. It is relatively small. There are 8 transporters. The switch to end the level is hidden. There are only 3 extra weapons. There will be many frags. No STARTAN3. Lots of tricks and hiding places. Texture alignment....Date:05/17/94
Size:18.77 KB
Author:Jason Esser
Awww, forget the formal page. This level is based on stolen.wad. We took a good thing and tweeked it. We being Me and Andre. This wad is an absolute blast! WARNING you have to be very good at doom to enjoy this. The keen will frag the mos...Date:06/14/95
Size:32.75 KB
Author:Gene Fulmer, Andre Bjorkheim

Strawberry Fool
This is a pure DeathMatch skill WAD. It starts off with Shotguns only. There are no heavy weapons (to start with), just a simple area to blow your friends away! However, as the game develops the playing area grows, and a few guests appear to join in ...Date:05/28/96
Size:8.07 KB
Author:Dick Ruck

Designed to be a deathmatch only level. There no monsters in here (add some if you want) so single player might get dull real quick :-) This is not a very big level, well actually it's quite small but should be fun and fast paced. Just run around and...Date:06/22/94
Size:12.58 KB
Author:Scott Schuricht

Two "SUPER" Deathmatch levels SUPER22.WAD - Great for 2 players, untested with > 2 You can really rack up the frags and have a good time doing it! When we quit one particular session, I had 80 Frags and my opponent had about 40. Go look at the CYBERD...Date:04/23/05
Size:33.7 KB
Author:Rich Shetina

This level consists of four rooms connected with some dark hallways. The lighted areas tend to be quite bright, and the dark areas are pitch black. This was done to facillitate ambushes. When you begin, and ...Date:06/22/94
Size:26.91 KB
Author:Scott Swigart

A level designed for deathmatch play. Get's it's name 'cause it's almost exactly symmetrical. This means that both players (it's for 2 but you can add more starting points) have equal chance, with no more 'it was because you had an unfair advantage!!...Date:01/12/96
Size:21.32 KB
Author:Richard Nichols (Tiberius)

T3.WAD (T for Temp, and it's the 3rd version :-)
Ridiciously small Deatmatch-level. TTL (Time to Live) is no more more than 10 seconds. OK with 2 players, mayhem with 3, total chaos with 4. Players respawn in isolated compartments, and drop down through chutes into ...Date:06/24/94
Size:3.53 KB
Author:Řyvind & Rune

Well, it's looks like the UAC has had all it's prisions filled: so the only way to get rid of inmates is to throw then into a series of arenas with a few other 'mates, and let them try and outdo each other, and kill each other. Jeez, that's sounds li...Date:12/09/95
Size:376.31 KB
Author:Paul Thureen, (and many others)

It all takes place in a building which was once part of a very...Date:11/02/96
Size:51.21 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

Tele - Doom
Well, this DEATHMATCH level is made up of six...Date:09/26/95
Size:23.13 KB
Author:David Fleischman

Teleporter War!! (telewar.wad)
This is a wad made from scratch. I put in the Mortal Kombat theme so you can listen to a good tune while playing your friends. New titlepic too. Oh yeah, to make matters more fun, you only have your handgun and a chainsaw. For the music, it sounds be...Date:01/17/97
Size:30.83 KB
Author:Captain Snow (John Cangany)

Thalia's Competition Level I
Semi-symmetrical level, a few hidden passages, some nice crawl-through corridors....Date:11/21/95
Size:29.54 KB
Author:Hein Ragas, Miek Gieben & Pieter van Engelen

Enter a whole new atmosphere of complete black and white, find the infiltrators and trap them, destroy them, release the the hell above and below! Try the level on UV and Respawn! There is no EXIT!...Date:08/08/94
Size:53.36 KB
Author:Vance Andrew Blevins - Tulsa, OK

Kick ass WAD for deathmatch, smaller area than all my other WAD's but hey it's better for two players to actually see each other once in a while!!! Based in a relatively small city/town surrounded by an acid moat. Each building can be entered to pi...Date:08/17/95
Size:47.19 KB
Author:Daniel Griffiths

The Moat
A great Deathmatch level made for Doom I and converted for Heretic....Date:11/12/95
Size:46.43 KB
Author:Charles C. Josephs (AKA Mystical Beast)

Time To Die
Deathmatch, so get out there and KILL...Date:10/25/97
Size:7.63 KB
Author:Wild & Woolly

This is a deathmatch only level for DOOM I designed with the altdeath mode in mind. It is a smallish level without the chainsaw, plasma rifle, or BFG. What it does feature is good solid deathmatch action (what else?). It has been extensively playtest...Date:03/14/95
Size:18.78 KB
Author:Bill Ainsworth

The Last Resort for Doom 1.666
Nine entirely new DM specific levels, each representing a unique theme. Every level has its own strategy, size and "frag-rate":...Date:12/09/94
Size:1.08 MB
Author:Michael Houston

The last resort [for DooM v. 1.9] The Ultimate Deathmatch Experience
The Last Resort (TLR) is a Deathmatch only episode. It contains the following: - Nine new levels from scratch, which replace Episode 2. - Over 700k of new graphics. - More than 200k of new sprites. - Some new sounds for the ending. - A new soundtrack...Date:06/01/05
Size:1013.03 KB
Author:Michael Houston, Greg Houston, Andrew Warrington & David Sears (updated to v. 1.9 by FunDuke)

Tom's Deathmatch wad #1
This is a tight little wad with lots of narrow cooridors and a couple secrets. All of the weapons are available, although the rocket launcher and the BFG are a bit of a *pain* to get. There's a couple little goodies thrown in, like the micro-maze roo...Date:11/16/94
Size:16.19 KB
Author:Tom Chamberlain (no suprise)

Here's another one, based on a friend's suggestion. You want simple and devilish, you get simple and devilish. :-) This one is designed for hours of pointless fragging. If you ever wanted to be REALLY HIGH UP in Doom, here is your chance! (If you...Date:05/12/94
Size:11.41 KB

Tower of Mutilation
A Small Deathmatch-Level for Doom. I made it for Doom's 10th birthday!...Date:12/09/03
Size:31.35 KB
Author:Deathmatcher (Ingmar Derks)

Tour De France (Watched it while creating)
Designed this puppy to be a very intense deathmatch level. Wanted a fast flowing level playable by most machines....Date:08/05/94
Size:69.78 KB
Author:Paul Engel (Sandman for years)

This file was created especially for the VGC's (Virtual Gaming Center) tournament. It has sniper points, open areas and most weapons in interesting places....Date:07/02/94
Size:28.96 KB
Author:Mark K. Gresbach Jr.

This file was created especially for a VGC (Virtual Gaming Center) tournament (see TOURNEY5.VGC and RESULT.T5 files included within this ZIP). It has sniper points, 4 main rooms, jousting halls, and most weapons placed in interesting places. As wit...Date:12/10/94
Size:81.15 KB
Author:James Dicke (auth of TOURNEY2 and DMCATH24)

These WAD files were used for the first DOOM tournament in the ARK-LA-TEX erea held on 27th of Aug 1994 in Bossier city La. This pack consists of six WAD files, the files named PHOBOS 1-5 were used for game play and TIE.WAD was used for any ties. All...Date:02/24/05
Size:113.58 KB

A deathmatch only level. It is relatively small, but that makes it better for deathmatch play. It's full of traps to set for your opponent (hence the title), but I'll leave you to find them all. (after all, it's no fun to play if you know that you th...Date:08/02/95
Size:20.86 KB
Author:Richard Platt

A deathmatch designed with fun and balance in mind. The feeling of this level is fairly open, just a few largish rooms and some interconnecting passageways. It's not intended to be a frag-fest, but more of a fair competition. (Average life span is gr...Date:10/14/94
Size:92.04 KB
Author:Greg Lewis (Tree)

Triangle Death
Deathmatch wad that is meant to use the -altdeath parameter. An lmp is included to "walk" you through....Date:09/28/94
Size:30.43 KB
Author:Scott Thompson

DEATHMATCH ONLY!!! 4 guns, 3 rooms, 2 great places to hide. Some fast action, some sniper spots, some hiding places, nuff said. Includes an exit....Date:07/25/94
Size:17.8 KB
Author:John Martin

DEATHMATCH-wad, with still lots of attention for the scenery though. Haunt, kill, slaughter your friends in this PWAD. Cause total mayhem and destruction!!!!! Show no mercy!! Let your opponents suffer enormously! *ahem* Generally, just have fun >...Date:08/09/94
Size:34.23 KB
Author:Richard Smol

Small game. No monsters. Lots of trip lines....Date:10/19/96
Size:10.68 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

Simple little level with no where to hide! One center chamber with three exits that all connect at one point or another! A teleport in the center of the room moves you to the exit. I've also included some barrels (he he) and two Lava pits where you c...Date:07/18/94
Size:6.02 KB
Author:Joey Ruskin

(Set the mood here.) Mood!? What mood? This is DEATHMATCH, plain and simple! You warp...Date:03/08/95
Size:26.76 KB
Author:Chris "The Great Cornholio" Moore

Hockey Arena
Well...I saw a few Hockey levels, this is my attempt. Simple but fun. So have fun. Use DEHACKED ver 2.3up to patch your DOOM.EXE or you wont get the puck, and use -ALTDEATH or ammo will be vapour.......Date:06/22/97
Size:6.93 KB
Author:Travers Dunne & Alister Dunne

uac meat packing
this is my first wad! i made it for my little bro for his birthday to practise deathmatching on! then he wanted to make doom levels and then he done some mapping for for the map and it looked really cool and then it become really awesom! But then we ...Date:06/30/05
Size:59.24 KB
Author:terualn and torvul

Ultimate DOOM Deathmatch
You played Ultimate DOOM... You got your kick out of Thy Flesh Consumed... Now you'll have your fun on Ultimate DOOM Deathmatch. A really well constructed one map .wad with nice architecture, incredible weapon layout, fantastic spawn locations, and n...Date:06/07/98
Size:184.94 KB
Author:Robert Moss

I created this level with the intention of it being an extremely fun Deathmatch level. There are many sniper towers, teleports, weapons, and places to explore. I have play tested this with some friends and found it to be great. I hope you think the s...Date:05/14/05
Size:22.43 KB
Author:Emil Eisenhardt

Unholy Cross. An E1M1 deathmatch level designed for 2-3 players. This PWAD is designed around a tall central room containing a massive fiery alter. There are all the weapons except the BFG (it ruins DM) and several concealed sniper points. You also c...Date:10/28/94
Size:22.15 KB
Author:Alexander & Raymond Cohen

USQ IRC goes Deathmatch Hogwild
This WAD is a representation of the Uni of Southern Queensland L and T block buildings. Excellent deathmatch WAD. Weapons are fairly low level (Shottie, pistol, chaisaw. This ensures maximum fairness and some cool shoot outs and fisticuffs. Loads 'o ...Date:09/29/94
Size:19.52 KB
Author:Chris Willacy

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