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One of the deatchmatch competitors has to enter a bunker-like stronghold by using the teleporter in the north of the starting-room. Once used this teleporter is sealed. The other ones are his victims, and THERE ARE ways to kill the bunker dude. Insid...Date:11/12/94
Size:25.44 KB
Author:Rene Franzen

Take on the hellish creatures of doom on their own turf! First, you will face flying skulls on a precarious path in their dark and fiery home (with teleporters should you accidently slip "ooops"). Then it's off to the playground of the cacos a place ...Date:03/19/95
Size:70.95 KB
Author:Jason Franklin

arzone the Epsiode
These WAD's have been first published on the Camelot BBS. The levels were first publihed in separate WADS /zips and then compiled togeter into the episode WARZONE0.WAD. Most of the levels have been modified before inserting them in the episode. They ...Date:06/09/05
Size:651.31 KB
Author:David M. Lewis

A wasteland deathmatch only. Use the -nomonsters command or deal with the hordes of Revenants all over the level....Date:06/28/96
Size:64.53 KB
Author:the Antisaedist

Take a Leap of Faith!
This is a pure deathmatch level. This is my first level so don't expect much. I tried to cover most of the good aspects of DOOM as best I could. All I can say is there is always a way out of every corner, so don't give up. There aren't many mosters s...Date:07/30/95
Size:47.07 KB
Author:White-Beard (Chad M. Berg)

Wanna Boogy?
Wanna Boogy? is a DOOM I deathmatch only level without any monsters except your friend-become-prey. It's stricktly move fast and kick ass from begining to end. The level consists of another arena (12 sided) surrounded by hallways. Four Teleporters in...Date:06/15/95
Size:25.06 KB
Author:Lou Garcia & Gil Morales

Wet n' Wild
Deathmatch! Simple level design, yet great strategy in killing your opponent. Easy to catch on, even beginners will have a chance against the DOOMERS. Played it for many hours straight....Date:02/23/96
Size:228.74 KB
Author:Robby Weis & Jory Robison

Wexman WAD version 4.0d
Wexman Wad, 27 levels of pure Deathmatch excitement. Once you have played this Wad, all other Deathmatchs will seem like walks in the Park, and half as enjoyable. This is the only complete 27 level Pwad that is designed for deathmatch that I know of....Date:09/02/95
Size:1.09 MB
Author:David Wexler

OK Deathmatch lovers. Here it is !!! I've played alot of deathmatches so I knew what I wanted. It's not so big ya spend all day looking for each other. It's in an arena format where 2-4 people can chase each other around for hours and never get bored...Date:03/03/06
Size:17.68 KB

Deathmatch in an Art Gallery
AND CREDITS...Date:09/12/94
Size:183.88 KB
Author:Thomas Spaulding

This wad is meant to be used primarly for multiplayer games such as deathmatch. By learning the secrets of this wad you will be able to give yourself the upper hand over your fellow players by being able to lock yourself in a transparent control room...Date:09/07/96
Size:27.13 KB
Author:Walter Sanz

1) This .WAD file is for deathmatch only, it is pointless to play it by yourself because there is no EXIT! 2) Weapons: Well, all of them. 3) This .WAD was designed using DE_260B2.ZIP. This is an excellent DOOM utility. 4) Shareware this is not, it is...Date:02/24/05
Size:32.18 KB
Author:Tony Engle (The Dictator for life)

T3.wad spinoff, sort of. Great Deathmatch!!!!!!...Date:08/21/94
Size:1.58 KB
Author:NDS (Look for NDS.wad in the future for the best deathmatch ever!)

Deathmatch game. Most the action takes place in one large room. Look for secret doors in the halls with blue armor. If you find yourself in a little room with a window high up in the big room, try clicking on the different wall textures and look out ...Date:01/01/97
Size:24.84 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

Contains some unusual transporters. Look for arrows on floor. Some or most of the...Date:10/17/96
Size:16.27 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

Designed specifically for DM 2.0 with respawning monsters....Date:10/23/05
Size:26.09 KB
Author:Grover a.k.a. Rod Ho

Zone 13
Zone13 was designed mainly for net doom play, though it is large enough to be a good single play level (I included a hidden exit.) The level has all the weapons in multi-player mode and a good variety of items, in single player form there's plenty o'...Date:05/21/05
Size:31.21 KB
Author:Wayne Conner (Zen Psychosis)

ZOOP .6 beta. Full release will include a Doom2 WAD. Should happen this week.
Burnt out crater, with surrounding hallway. Deathmatch only, no monsters, but suitable weapons. Doom Early teleporter testing sight. Heretic Cool crater, no plot. Doom2 This ones coming, sit tight....Date:01/09/95
Size:25.81 KB
Author:Insanitor, DethHedd

Constant action DEATHMATCH 2.0 levels....Date:02/16/95
Size:119.24 KB
Author:Ron Olsen

ZRAT [pronounced "Zee Rat"]
Designed especially for DEATHMATCH. Also good for single-player and cooperative play. Includes new graphics, made from scratch by the author, including animated "worm" walls and floors....Date:08/03/94
Size:120.23 KB
Author:Dan Gannon, a.k.a. Maynard "the Main Nerd"

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