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Four Aces in the Arena - Revision V2.0
Single/Deathmatch/Cooperative level There is an EXIT....Date:01/02/96
Size:79.78 KB
Author:Michel PERIE a.k.a NEMESIS/iMPHOBIA

Gestalt666's Town of Heresy
Starting in the town square, you have to fight your way through three areas to find the keys you need, before entering the final, fourth area and taking on the Maulotaur......Date:06/24/97
Size:46.32 KB
Author:John Bye (aka Gestalt666)

The Seventh Sign 2 (Maintenance release intended to 1) Improve ability to save game with less than 1
(Insert long, elaborate story line here)...Date:09/18/95
Size:608.88 KB
Author:Rob Jones (M.D., CAPT, MC, USAF; Harvard '85)

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