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Paths of the Heretic
*************************************************** ** BE SURE TO READ THIS SECTION FOR MAXIMUM FUN ** *************************************************** If you like this wad mail my "Play Tester" Darrel: and tell him ...Date:06/02/15
Size:62.48 KB
Author:Paul Hruby

The Unknown
My third DM wad. This one is for Heretic. Since there are no Bots for Heretic, I cannot say if this wad is great or not....Date:05/25/01
Size:106.2 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

PEEK-A-BOO is a HERETIC deathmatch only level without any monsters except your friend-become-prey. It's stricktly move fast and kick ass from begining to end. The level consists of a few rooms connected to each other so the action will always be cons...Date:06/15/95
Size:11.55 KB
Author:Lou Garcia

The Heretic's Forbidden Pool
This file is a small Heretic Deathmatch level suited for 2 players, but also playable with 4. All weapons are present...Date:02/05/95
Size:9.64 KB
Author:Frank S. Fejes III

PROVING.WAD (Proving Grounds)
Original Deathmatch PWAD for Heretic (Registered)...Date:02/03/95
Size:32.62 KB
Author:Kenneth S. Forte

Purple Death 1 ( PURPDTH1.ZIP )
Original Deathmatch PWAD for Heretic (Registered)...Date:02/19/95
Size:51.1 KB
Author:Chris Villarreal

Purple Death 2 ( PURPDTH2.ZIP )
Original Deathmatch PWAD for Heretic (Registered)...Date:02/19/95
Size:64.1 KB
Author:Chris Villarreal

Purple Death 3 ( PURPDTH3.ZIP )
Original Deathmatch PWAD for Heretic (Registered)...Date:03/02/95
Size:163.72 KB
Author:Chris Villarreal

Purple Death 4 ( PURPDTH4.ZIP )
Original Deathmatch PWAD for Heretic (Registered)...Date:03/09/95
Size:59.35 KB
Author:Chris Villarreal

QUAKE! for Heretic
4 excellent deathmatch levels for Heretic. Me and my friends use nothing else when we run a deathmatch-weekend. There were supposed to be one more level but a major bug was discoverd during playtesting. Perhaps I'll include it in the seq...Date:05/17/95
Size:114.57 KB
Author:Jonas Andersson

A Quickie
HERETIC DM all the way!!!! A series of obstacle-littered rooms. Wings of wrath in strategic places are required to get anywhere. Hop from one pillar to the next, hunting your opponent. Weapons are easy to get BUT are placed so as to make them dangero...Date:02/28/95
Size:9.12 KB
Author:Cory Damon Dodt
This is my new PWAD for Heretic. It took several hours to complete and it I think it is pretty fun. It's for deathmatch or network play....Date:02/07/95
Size:7.35 KB
Author:Steve Ganem

A River Runs Through it ...
A Multi-player deathmatch .WAD, large, with (as always) tasteful décor, interesting scenery, and open plan layout....Date:11/23/95
Size:229.42 KB
Author:Peter Shackleton

This level was designed for a contest I was having with a friend of mine. It is good for deathmatch as well as solo play. This wad is for HERETIC only....Date:08/14/95
Size:50.07 KB
Author:Robbie Flynn

Chicken Little's Big Adventure
This file is a medium Heretic Deathmatch level suited for 2-4 players. All weapons are present. No monsters, designed purely for banging the hell out of each other in a variety of ways....Date:09/12/95
Size:21.09 KB
Author:Vaughan WYnne-Jones

Wad created for Heretic, 4 player deathmatch . Some sniper points and has all the weapons....Date:10/07/15
Size:31.67 KB
Author:Shawn Teal; Robinson Technologies

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