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A great deathmatch wad for up to 4 players. Lots of combat! I wanted a wad that had many opportunities to meet your opponant, plus sound clues to help locate him.... I was also tired of battles that went on forever due to all the health lying around ...Date:02/05/95
Size:15.27 KB
Author:Ray Peckham

Sentai DM: Chicken Little Adventures
death match for heretic done from tsa4posnt!...Date:09/11/08
Size:109.3 KB
Author:The secret alliance for prosperity of sentai and Tokuhatsu (tsa4posnt)

Shrine of Death
This is my third ewad. This is a wide open area with a ledge running around the entire outside with a large shrine in the center. There is a lot of water here so you have to be a good aim with the Firemace or it will splash in the water and disappear...Date:11/20/96
Size:83.27 KB
Author:Robert Eckhardt

My first Heretic WAD. There are some interesting effects in this game to pay attention to, otherwise you may be sorry. A bloody 3 or 4 player deathmatch WAD. Probably my only Heretic WAD now that Duke3D is out!...Date:05/26/96
Size:19.91 KB
Author:Gray Creager (May 1996)

SMK Heretic Deathmatch v1.1
This is a small Heretic DM map modeled after the second battle arena in the SNES game Super Mario Kart. I've included the music from that map, as well as the same layout. The design leads to lots of fast-paced battles as you can always see the other ...Date:01/10/00
Size:65.3 KB
Author:J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

Snipers in the Wheel of Death! V1.00
Deathmatch level ONLY! There is an EXIT (you can exit whenever you want)....Date:01/02/96
Size:49.2 KB
Author:Michel PERIE a.k.a NEMESIS/iMPHOBIA

Heretic DM #1
Small deathmatch WAD with different skill levels for different items. This may not look so detailed first, but in fact it's so detailed that I had to remove some stuff from it, to keep Heretic from crashing with Visplane Overflow error :)...Date:10/29/98
Size:19.04 KB
Author:Sir Robin
Heretic Deathmatch! E1M1 by Unknown Author!...Date:08/09/95
Size:5.88 KB
Author:Unknown Author

StealthELF (redone for HERETIC from AGMax.wad)
It's better than the stuff says below. uhhh..... just play it. you see... I just left this stuff from the original AGMax wad.... and now adapted from stealth.wad too! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Like AG Assault, one guy on platform, other...Date:02/05/95
Size:7.07 KB
Author:Max Smolens - MaCkS on IRC

4 Deathmatch Levels for Heretic-version 1.3...Date:02/02/98
Size:40.49 KB
Author:William Green

Super Duper Stud Deathmatch Level
A very studly first level by me. It has secret rooms and special sniper places and every type of weapon. It has the MIGHTY PIT OF DEATH and some other special things like that. Look for the secret rooms in the sniper spots.For more answers, pla...Date:08/09/95
Size:20.72 KB
Author:Maher 69

A deathmatch only scenario with a watery theme. All weapons included,but ammo available for the crossbow only.Healing,wings,tomes etc. etc. are present...but in short supply.Makes for an intense game,ideal for four player...enjoy...Date:12/10/95
Size:18.55 KB

This WAD has few doors...and fewer places to hide! It is small, so you don't have to spend an hour looking for your buds(?) to frag 'em. Check the map often, because this level is full of teleports, and it is hell if you get lost!...Date:10/07/15
Size:8.96 KB
Author:Fred Garlington

Temple of Killtradan
The Temple of Killtradan (E1M1) came from one of my recent Dungeons & Dragons adventures so the ideas were already supplied. Detail, Imagery, and playability are off the scale First of 3 Levels by me. Others finished will be uploaded soon. Some say I...Date:04/03/95
Size:60.64 KB
Author:John Owens

THEDARK.WAD (Don't be afraid...)
Original Deathmatch PWAD for Registered Heretic...Date:02/03/96
Size:23.69 KB
Author:The Forever Man (aka Jason Still)

THE Heretic Deathmatch WAD
NO plot in this one guys, Heck does anyone know the plot in Heretic anyway? Not quite as famous as the ol' UAC story. Oh well, it's still quite a good game.So here is THE Deathmatch WAD (my first for Heretic). Quite a nice layout. 105 sectors in ther...Date:05/18/95
Size:39.98 KB
Author:--== S ==-- (Lachlan Stewart)

The Hells Pit
E1M1:The Hells Pit Only dethmatch Dont get to close to the pit! The breath of hell may take you down. Yes i am "cirius" (Joke)...Date:06/25/97
Size:119.35 KB
Author:Per Johan H

A Deathmatch WAD for registered Heretic...Date:01/15/18
Size:34.46 KB
Author:Fred E. Simpson
Heretic Deathmatch! E1M1 by Unknown Author!...Date:08/09/95
Size:34.97 KB
Author:Unknown Author

The Hunters'Inn!
Deathmatch level ONLY! There is an EXIT (you can exit whenever you want)....Date:01/02/96
Size:64.31 KB
Author:Michel PERIE a.k.a NEMESIS/iMPHOBIA

Tower v1.0
"Tower" is an add-on level for the -registered- version of Heretic by id software. It was created using Waded v1.81R by Matthew Ayres and HEU v1.0b by Josh Martel & Tom Mustaine. This is my first attempt at a level, and was created as a test, and to ...Date:01/07/18
Size:21.02 KB
Author:Crazy Que

FOR REGISTERED VERSION OF HERETIC ONLY!! Two courtyards separated by a main gate. Verandas overlooking the courtyards, and a dangerous egg room! Designed for Death- match only. Can you find the mace???...Date:02/05/95
Size:21.6 KB
Author:Ray Peckham

If you feel like you are on a roller coaster after playing this WAD, don't be suprised! It was made so you can go up and down WITHOUT having to pay the amusement park ticket prices. Instead, you can go up and down and frag your friends for hours! Eve...Date:01/15/18
Size:11.01 KB
Author:Fred Garlington

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