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MK (1)
Pretty good small level for deathmatch playing with many secrets....Date:01/03/05
Size:17.81 KB
Author:Matej Kurpel

MK (2)
Very detailed Heretic map with many secrets....Date:01/03/05
Size:53.31 KB
Author:Matej Kurpel & Ján Cibík ml.

Mk (3)
Large DeathMatch level for Heretic....Date:01/03/05
Size:43.57 KB
Author:Matej Kurpel

malice.wad (revised version for Heretic of rmh.wad, originally for Doom)
These wads are designed to be primarily for Deathmatch play, but the author intended for them to be still useful and enjoyable for play by individuals (or even cooperative mode). The designs are most conducive towards exciting Deathmatches, and all l...Date:05/16/95
Size:172.73 KB
Author:Ryan Hare

The Chaosian
Size:248.93 KB
Author:Richard Dale Carlson

Maze of Despair
Single/Multiplayer level for HERETIC...Date:05/23/95
Size:32.48 KB
Author:Kevin Haley, Bill Courneya

The Master's Domain - For Heretic
A full replacement, (9) levels for Episode 1....Date:09/10/97
Size:644.77 KB
Author:Jeff Lillie

Size:55.77 KB

Mountain Fortress
Single map for Heretic....Date:12/07/10
Size:100.63 KB
Author:Demmon Break Master

Just a fun wads for everyone!!...Date:02/28/96
Size:38 KB
Author:Will Foster

Monster Fest (Mind Your Ammo)
Just another Heretic WAD file with the single player in mind. Deathmatch starts are included, but they were just thrown in at the same locale. I doubt if a deathmatcher would find this useful. There are lots of monsters, so I would suggest taking i...Date:04/06/95
Size:45.58 KB
Author:Mike Kibler

This is a moderately difficult level for Raven Softwares HERETIC. As the name suggests, there is some lava in this level. There is also a volcano spewing lava near the end....Date:08/09/95
Size:67.85 KB
Author:Joseph Labrecque

Mountain King's Domain
The Mountain King built his fortress in the heart of a grim, snowy peak, thinking it to be unassailable, but his pride was misplaced and his land was overrun by horrible creatures, all the way to his mighty throne. Lost and weary, you have been searc...Date:02/07/15
Size:168.93 KB

MYSTIC KEEP FOR HERETIC v2.0 Great for intense single player, or co-op play, deathmatch too.
This is my second attempt at a map. I released a crappy set of 9-levels last year....Date:09/13/01
Size:762.61 KB
Author:Pritesh Mistry [ICE]

A nice PWAD good for single player, cooperative and DeathMatch. There is some extra stuff in multiplayer mode. In DeathMatch there are some locked ways, so the fighting arena gets smaller, that's nice for DeathMatching (this level is huge, you know)....Date:04/01/97
Size:136.55 KB
Author:Jose Luis Gallardo

Nightmare Isle
You took a deep breath after your victory. Looking back and seeing the disfigured corpses of the mutilataurs made your stomach grimace with disgust. Although, you won. You clench your teeth and plunge through the portal... You awake to see that you a...Date:05/24/97
Size:1.22 MB
Author:Jeremy L. Wagner
Deathmatch is not possible with this wad, designed for one player only. Very small, but very challenging at a high level. Play it as a test. My first design, will be coming out with a superior nuts2.wad in the future. Puhlease review this, eve...Date:05/31/95
Size:1.15 KB

Size:179.74 KB
Author:Steve Spaeth & William Green The music is a figment Green's imagination.

The Challenge
This is my attempt at bring an old Dungeons & Dragons story of mine to life. The setting is the City of Octavia, capital city of a medieval world (what a shock). An underground labrinth is located beneath the palace grounds and functions as a kind of...Date:05/27/96
Size:61.99 KB
Author:Van Sederburg

Octogonal Orgy of Death
Where are we? I thought that teleport would take us home! The only clue you get is the unmistakable voice of a lizard rider, "Welcome to my play house. To live is to be silent and find the blue in the red roof of hot blood. I do hope you live to visi...Date:08/09/95
Size:55.14 KB
Author:Gary Mueller

If you haven't finished the complete version of Heretic yet, then you will probably find this WAD hard; because, I've used a lot of monsters from the last 2 Eposodes. Sorry, no dm (deathmatch) starts. If you can't get into the secret areas of Level...Date:12/04/95
Size:245.94 KB
Author:Sally Magill

Well, this is tough. You've got a lot of stuff to figure out here, and a lot of critters to deal with, too. I don't want to spoil the fun but I will say one thing: "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED"...Date:12/15/96
Size:93.41 KB
Author:Richard Carlson (

D'Sparil was defeated and all his creatures died with their master. So you returned back home and thought it would be like before. But the second Serpent Rider Korax had built a castle to observe the reign of D'Sparil. This fortress was called "th...Date:04/24/00
Size:455.11 KB
Author:Florian H. Tirk

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