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Dreadwood Inn
Fight with Dreadwood Inn to live to see the light of anther day.94 Monsters....Date:01/04/19
Size:32.61 KB
Author:Daniel Kallison

The Descent
10 Map hub for Hexen. A serpent-infested complex reveals portals to various hells. The player must find a way to close the portals for good. Aiming for fairly quick time between sections, for a slightly faster pace than original Hexen. I've manag...Date:06/22/15
Size:619.51 KB
Author:The Architect

DTB Battle
Takes place in an old castle. The best part about this wad is that no matter where you start, you have a chance. So after your buddy whoops you you can come right back and whoop him. There are no places to hide and stock up on ammo and stuff so don't...Date:12/20/95
Size:67.04 KB
Author:Brandon Evans (Redwolf)

Deadman Walking for Hexen
This wad was developed with the Doom 1 engine then converted to Doom II and finally Hexen. Next up will probably a conversion to Heretic....Date:02/10/97
Size:72.98 KB
Author:Rick Troppman

Dreadnaught...a complete hub for Hexen
In Dreadnaught you are Kane, an immortal who was doomed to roam the Earth by the god that created you. The punishment levelled at you for killing your own brother and thus brought terrible violence to the Earth. The irony is that the god was a corrup...Date:03/23/11
Size:247.63 KB
Author:Scott McNutt author of SM Levels Darrell Esau (scripter extraordinaire)

Dregmere Dam
Long forgotten barrow-dam now infested with swamp creatures. Still seems to have a glimmer of life, as the torches are still lit and the doors and switches still operate. Who knows what lurks within the old dam complex... My first Hexen level: a la...Date:06/15/15
Size:345.07 KB
Author:The Architect

Deleted Scene (Hexen Edition)
A small single player level for Hexen....Date:03/10/06
Size:210.77 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

Hexen Special Effects
A demonstration of various Hexen special effects....Date:09/02/98
Size:12.18 KB
Author:Douglas E. Rasmusen

Fucking Hexen
Fucking HeXen is a fucking megawad with new six fucking 90s-style maps. The whole hub was made as "Hexen in Hexen format" in Doomb Builder 2. Recommended engines: Zdoom, Zandronum (or Skulltag) or Gzdoom. The others was never tested. Also I'd l...Date:11/10/16
Size:788.65 KB
Author:Matthias (enkeli33)

This is the first-ever Hexen HUB created by 3D Delta Developers. Many pain-staking hours of production have been used to perfect the workmanship in these five handcrafted levels. We kept the same theme that Id Software (c) and Raven Software (c) orig...Date:08/14/00
Size:541.46 KB

- Carnage Galore III: Fury of Vuradi
- This is the last of the Carnage Galore series. This can only be played with JHexen....Date:02/24/04
Size:7.27 MB
Author:- Robert Eckhardt

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