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DEAD (Deathmatch for HEXEN)
A really cool DeathMatch WAD. It is a nice size, and it is very nice looking overall. DeathMatch scholars will surely enjoy opening up a can of Whoop-Ass on their friends. WAD editing buffs will love the level's architecture, rooms, and skylights. Th...Date:03/09/97
Size:58.91 KB
Author:Nick Taylor

The DethTrap is a DeathMatch (HexMatch?) level for HEXEN. It is a bit different from most DeathMatch levels because there are a load of traps to trigger on other players. The only drawback of this is that you may not get the frag counted as one of ...Date:09/19/96
Size:23.57 KB
Author:Phil Roberts

Dozod's Deathmatch for Hexen "FINAL" VERSION
Dozod DeathMatch may be one of the best DeathMatch WAD's available, but of course I am biased. The Graphics, and Function are top of the line. This WAD is destined to become a classic and no Hexen player should be without. Fast pace, intensity, and a...Date:02/21/96
Size:42.7 KB
Author:Eric George Nordstrom A.K.A. Dozod

Draco 7 DeathMatch level for HEXEN
A totaly cool DeathMatch level for Hexen. Your killfest takes place in the Ice Caverns of the snow world Draco 7, a large, heavy gravity planet (5G). By agreement with the Terran Federation, colonization has not expanded beyond this single installati...Date:10/28/95
Size:52.07 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

Well shit, i don't know! (dth.wad)
Baddass Deathmatch level for HEXEN weapons hiding places bloodbath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you may recognize the layout...figure it out!!!!!...Date:11/20/96
Size:8.81 KB
Author:KTULU (eric Pearson)

Hexen Elements
You stagger through the portal which opened in front of you as Korax's foul body crashed to the ground. Immediately, you are engulfed in mystical flames.... When you come to, you are standing in a wooden entryway to a bigger chamber with seven glowin...Date:11/14/95
Size:37.98 KB
Author:Danny Miller

I made this for deathmatch, I have played it alot deathmatch and alota people say its the best deathmatch wad they have played so far, with the exception of the elevators locking them in after a long time of play. I have tried to fix it but i just ca...Date:05/19/96
Size:14.59 KB
Author:Bruce Johnson

The Fallen Citadel
Fortified canyon-like deathmatch level for Hexen. Look around; this is a great professional-looking level....Date:04/05/06
Size:29.77 KB

Intended for deathmatch play. High altitude, volcanic fun....Date:05/02/96
Size:24.57 KB
Author:Aaron and Anthony Baker

Capture the Flag Hexen Style
Guard your fort. Sneak into the opponents fort to capture their flag and return home. First team to five wins! There are a few added twists just to make life interesting....Date:03/26/96
Size:53.05 KB
Author:Kevin Loper (

"Flenzers Castle" is for DEATH MATCH!!! First player with "5" frags & must hit the exit to win. "Back up" off the teleport to reach the...Date:01/11/96
Size:74.05 KB
Author:MMR a.k.a. Steve Stauber [Accept no impostors!!!]

Completely aerial combat; touch the ground and you're toast....Date:05/04/96
Size:19.38 KB
Author:Aaron and Anthony Baker

I got tired of playing deathmatches in in the Hexen wads, so I built my own....Date:12/19/95
Size:14.03 KB
Author:Robert Fesig

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