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The Mystic Swamp
There was once a mighty king who ruled his province with fairness. Everyone was happy, but one day a evil mage came by the province looking for a magical ruby. The king refused to lend him the ruby but the mage, angry and miscontent, transformed his ...Date:06/12/18
Size:209.13 KB
Author:Eric Vachon

Lord Oekir's water treatment center. His Royal Army uses Nexeh to convert sludge to drinkable water. There are plans to expand production in the southern cave. The room west of the cave houses a TR209 PowerPlant. -- Be careful in the W...Date:11/15/95
Size:25.94 KB
Author:Nash "LazyComet" Werner

Octagon shaped battle arena with some of everything. Day/Night, Normal/Icy Floor. On Skill level 5 all players are killed every 15 Minutes....Date:04/25/96
Size:31.21 KB
Author:John H. French

You are free! Take to the skies in this Hexen wad designed for intense aerial combat. The lightning crashes around you, briefly illuminating the surrounding landscape. Defend your precipice from intruders, and mercilessly pound your flightless foes...Date:06/12/18
Size:9.2 KB
Author:Scot Seese

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