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After anhilating Korax, you wonder what they meant about other, greater players... Suddenly, out of nowhere, your most trusted advisor snatches the chaos orb from your grasp and takes off. You pursue the traitor and manage to knock the orb from his h...Date:03/02/96
Size:28.18 KB
Author:Duke Bean

The Shadows BBS Compilation
Size:811.88 KB
Author:Jay "Lasher" Darji, Alan "Talis" Willard, Kevin "Undertaker" Farley, Donovan "Conqueror" Young.

Swampy deathmatch for Hexen....Date:11/26/95
Size:14.91 KB
Author:David Davidson (a.k.a. DRILLER)

Tomb deathmatch
Tomb, I finally finished it! Can you guess where it's set in? A tomb and a church, and the connecting hallways and staircases. It has lots of special effects (torches lighting, phased lighting, some polyobjects), and is a great DM. ...Date:06/08/96
Size:31.67 KB
Author:Byron Collins

Death by proxy!...Date:05/02/96
Size:13.43 KB
Author:Aaron and Anthony Baker

Undertaker's Venture Map 2
Map02 for Hexen....Date:02/05/96
Size:10.92 KB
Author:Kevin "Undertaker" Farley

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