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My Master Left Me
Your master has left you behind. You must find him! **HEXEN WAD**...Date:12/16/13
Size:18.29 KB

MEGAHEX2.WAD (Fixed bugs in Megahex1.wad)
This is a New Castle of Death for HeXeN!!!! WEAPONS are different, and there is only 1 kind...Date:04/25/11
Size:24.85 KB
Author:Kent The' Hacker...aka: MEGAMAN

Menzobarranzen for HEXEN
Size:68.21 KB
Author:Doug Erickson

My Kingdom
Suddenly you awake. You're in a dark room and you see nothing but a torch in front of you. You light it to find yourself in a tomb where you've sat for centuries. You stagger around finding some artifacts in the tomb with you. Your dark servant and a...Date:02/10/96
Size:182.14 KB
Author:Jason King

The Mountain of Doom v2.1, beta
6 levels for Hexen, featuring Real 3D. See MNTBETA.DOC for more details....Date:04/26/97
Size:589.48 KB
Author:Darren Prescott

The Nadir
The Nadir is a short (~2 hours) Hexen adventure that aims to extend the experience once the vanilla game and expansion end. I found myself wanting to play more Hexen after completing these, so the result wasThe Nadir. This is a project I created as a...Date:09/08/10
Size:4.33 MB
Author:otsego - Jason Hearn

Necros - Realm of the Dead
A five level hub for HEXEN, which is not entirely completed, though it is playable, and has lots of cool scripts and poly's and other cool stuff. I made this just before QTEST came out, and sort of lost interest once QUAKE was released. I did spend a...Date:09/16/96
Size:237.74 KB
Author:J Diamond

An expansion for HeXen which features new weapons, new artifacts and 9 levels of all-new gameplay!...Date:06/26/09
Size:11.79 MB
Author:CodenniumRed / SHADES (one person, multiple aliases)

This PWAD file replaces the existing Level 1 Hub area of HEXEN. (Six levels - Map01 thru Map06)...Date:01/02/97
Size:481.2 KB

Nothing Speacial, but its a cool map i made......Date:08/30/99
Size:18.13 KB

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