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RIVER for Hexen
You can explore the river canyon; ruins, tunnels and caves. You can swim in the river, if you don't mind the fish. You can play with the lifts, slide down the waterfall, and search for secret rooms. Hundreds of monsters are waiting for you to arrive....Date:07/05/96
Size:61.5 KB
Author:David Meurin

My second WAD attempt. The first is still in the making and is already over 300K. I haven't even finished defining the walls let alone put all the details in. This wad is a simple little skill tester. I think it starts with a clever little trick, but...Date:05/19/97
Size:35.12 KB
Author:Fly (Chris)

Riverwood Village
Still phased after your trek through Korax's homeworld and beyond, rebuilding Cronos has been far from a flawless experience. Much of Korax's minions still wander the world, most unfound by any tasked to slay them. That is, until one day you get a ...Date:07/25/04
Size:274.34 KB
Author:CodenniumRed, and Ichor for custom files, script, submission and other such fixes.

Ressurection of Chaos
Ressurection of Chaos is the sequel to Hordes of Chaos. Just like HOC pushed Heretic's gameplay into new and challenging territory, so will ROC. Be prepared to actually use the items in your inventory instead of letting them sit around the whole game...Date:06/11/05
Size:3.59 MB
Author:Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude) Tim McFarland - Music, Sprites Martin Eyre (Vermil) SlayeR Chris Lu

attack on super pizza world hq
you are super cool dude and your misson is to break into super pizza world hq and kill everyone who works there. this is a heXen wad so dont try running it using a doom IWAD...Date:06/15/13
Size:6.61 KB

party at chesse20's house
one day ur having a party at my house but then all of the sudden you are teleported to a dangerous dungeon full of traps, bad guys, and difficult monsters...Date:06/17/13
Size:19.63 KB

Size:2.75 MB
Author:Matthias (AKA enkeli33)

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