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Scorched Hell
See below......Date:11/12/05
Size:103.31 KB
Author:Adam Landefeld

Serpent: Resurrection - RPG System
A standalone version of the RPG system plus weapons, items, armour etc. from Serpent: Resurrection. Compatible with any Hexen wad that has no additional weapons/items etc. (although it wouldn't really work well with less than 3 hubs)...Date:04/17/11
Size:2.3 MB
Author:Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer)

Serpent: Resurrection - Weapons Mod
A standalone mod containing the weapons from Serpent: Resurrection. Compatible with any Hexen wad that has no additional weapons....Date:04/17/11
Size:1.05 MB
Author:Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer)

Serpent: Resurrection
A 21st century Hexen adventure that takes advantage of the latest GZDoom features. A scripted RPG system brings the characters to life and with many new weapons, spells, artifacts and monsters means it will be much tougher than any other Hexen advent...Date:10/01/10
Size:41.64 MB
Author:Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer)

Brona, the evil Warlock Lord, was thought to have been destroyed...Date:11/30/96
Size:466.14 KB
Author:Terry Durham

The Slot Machine of Chaos
Like nothing you've ever played before! Using the "random" function a great deal, I have created a cool (but small) level with a 'one-armed bandit'-style slot machine which, when the lever is pulled, selects 3 pictures from each wheel of 6 pictures -...Date:07/09/96
Size:10.49 KB
Author:Phil Roberts

Starship is a complete SIX LEVEL hub. You are a disgruntled crew member of a massive warlike star cruiser. You set out to sabotage the ship by cutting it off from its power sources on three enslaved worlds; Alluvialis, Palaxistant, and Mazzarri. Warp...Date:04/05/06
Size:592.24 KB
Author:James `SPAM Man' Paige

Stonegate: The Search For Alexander ver 1.0b
After you had defeated the evil Korax, you thought it was over....Date:08/22/96
Size:240.7 KB
Author:Paul A. Thureen, and Charles Reis

Temple2...a 6-level hub for Hexen
These six levels are loaded with tricks,traps and SPECIALEFFECTS such as: 3d-floors transparent doors deep-water sky walls visible floors that actully are not there(you fall thru them) floating corpses and much more.. You must be a true nutcase if ...Date:01/13/97
Size:1.29 MB

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