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One of my favorite single-player levels is E1M8. But if you've played Doom for a while, you know that it gets pretty easy to finish the level, even when using just the pistol. This is E1M8 with a little twist: it has *8* extra barrons and a few extra...Date:01/26/96
Size:33.83 KB
Author:John Pandis
A daring run through Valentin Albillo's albillo.wad...Date:05/19/98
Size:45.33 KB
Author:Simon Varszeghy
This is a collection of lmps I recorded the last couple of days, did a bit more than an episode every day, of all of the levels in the registered Doom I (not Ultimate Doom) with -fast, finishing with 100% kills and usually 100% secrets too. I did t...Date:09/24/96
Size:145.7 KB
Author:Yonatan Donner

This disk contains 9 pre-recorded "movies" that can be played from within your shareware version or commercial version of DOOM from Id software, version 1.9 (do not confuse this with DOOM II). This demo will play 9 "Movies," showing you how to...Date:02/13/95
Size:35.84 KB
Author:David Goben

Official Ultimate Doom LMPs,
I recorded these on my spare...Date:12/04/97
Size:31.48 KB
A demo of me completing e1m5 on nightmare, with 100% secrets and 129% kills. I really screw up near the end, finishing with 9% health after being caught by surprise in the teleport room and nearly blowing myself to hell with one of the barrels by the...Date:09/06/95
Size:4.17 KB
Author:Ted Chauviere
Size:20.99 KB
Author:Xit A. Vono (Jim Leonard)
E4M3 with fast monsters on Ultra-Violence....Date:09/26/95
Size:17.67 KB
Author:Brian Munson
This level looks real hard at first but once you clear yourself a corner to catch your breath it isn't so hard. This was supposed to have 100/100/100 but only 90% secrets are possible due to a level bug and during recording I overlooked the berserk p...Date:09/22/95
Size:8.7 KB
Author:Ethan Arnold
This level is a real cheese, I can't imagine it's not a starting level. It was probably meant as one at first. Actually, with all the rockets you get in E4M3, levels E4M1 and E4M4 should be switched! Of course, that wouldn't make level 2 any easier t...Date:09/22/95
Size:3.79 KB
Author:Ethan Arnold
Only 93% items, must have forgotten some bottles or something... otherwise 100%/100%. Shows how to get the BFG in the exit room. In this level there are some errors (if you want to call it that) in the design: If you know about the megasphere and jum...Date:09/22/95
Size:6.1 KB
Author:Ethan Arnold
Get through DOOM's first episode without dying a single time! First recorded for a competition with a friend, using only the shotgun or smaller weapons through the episode....Date:09/27/96
Size:39.67 KB
Author:Jeannot Langlois
Get through DOOM's second episode without dying a single time! Second attempt in making a decent demo....Date:09/27/96
Size:52.42 KB
Author:Jeannot Langlois
Get through DOOM's third episode without dying a single time! Recorded at first attempt, this proved to be easier than completing episode two....Date:09/27/96
Size:53.86 KB
Author:Jeannot Langlois
Size:152.4 KB
Size:350.86 KB
In this one i was playing stupid .. taking dumbass risks .. but its full of action. Enjoy! FragM0n...Date:08/30/96
Size:52.63 KB
Size:145.34 KB
Episode 1. I tried for all 100s; each level has at least one 100% in it. Triple 100 on levels 1,2,3,4. Level 9 is included in this demo....Date:05/17/96
Size:31.66 KB
Author:Patrick Kalinauskas
I beat Dis in 1:31 without shooting anything. I ended with 87% health. (Pretty good, eh?)...Date:12/05/98
Size:1.27 KB
Author:Simon Broadhead (

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