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Slime base style map, fairly short but plenty of monsters per sqare metre....Date:01/21/06
Size:31.46 KB

Mission X
Your typical episode one-styled WAD. The first level PWAD I have ever released....Date:01/21/06
Size:38.09 KB

Carved Stone
For Torn's Doom Advent Calendar....Date:01/21/06
Size:55.08 KB

Doom Advent Calendar - SporkMap
My submission for the Doom Advent Calendar project. It's your basic UAC base type map....Date:01/21/06
Size:159.49 KB
Author:Agent Spork

Flashback E1M8
The original E1M8 for Doom: Flashback, the megawad started by Torn and Espi in 2003....Date:01/21/06
Size:20.3 KB

Radial Ascension
Fairly simple map set in a cave/cavern themed place. Oh, and it's set inside the 1024 radius area. (heh)...Date:01/21/06
Size:97.64 KB

Flashback E2M9
The original E2M9 for Doom: Flashback, the megawad started by Torn and Espi in 2003....Date:01/21/06
Size:20.49 KB

A map created for my Talosian Incident II project, and released as a demo for Torn's 2005 Doom Advent Calendar....Date:01/21/06
Size:397.62 KB
Author:Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd

My contribution to Doom Advent Calendar...Date:01/21/06
Size:36.32 KB

Courtyards from hell
It is a level with several courtyards based on woodmet.wad It is harder and it is recomended that you find the secrets. Coop was not tested......Date:01/21/06
Size:85.55 KB

Speed Villa
map02 was made in 100 minutes. map01 has, uh, something I wanted to put in but didn't have time, so I said "I hereby change the rules, we're having two hours" and added it. Later I made some demos and decided to wrap it up for a thread on Doomworld's...Date:01/21/06
Size:34.43 KB

Map submitted for Doom Calendar project...Date:01/21/06
Size:107.73 KB
Author:Brandon "POTGIESSER" Potgiesser
Size:174.4 KB
Size:196.68 KB
Size:152.61 KB
Size:197.38 KB

Yule Time Doom
A smallish arctic tech base created for Torn's Doom Advent Calendar project....Date:01/21/06
Size:178.59 KB
Author:Ian Cunnings

Temple of Lust
This is a map I designed for Torn's Advent Calendar 2005...Date:01/21/06
Size:184.8 KB

Chaos Shine
Map I did for Torn's Advent Calender project. Inspired theme wise by Vrack and Av Map02....Date:01/21/06
Size:377.27 KB
Author:Michael "Bloodskull" Cole

Twisted Shadows
Find your way out of a gruesome villa by solving puzzles and surviving any threat that comes your way. Please do not cheat, it will ruin the game....Date:01/21/06
Size:2.36 MB

Demon Bunker
Small techbunker WAD. My first finished map...Date:01/21/06
Size:35.59 KB

A big split techbase for the Advent 2005 map pack. Please use this version instead of the one under DAC7, as this fixes the Keen bug....Date:01/21/06
Size:610.73 KB
Author:Dr. Zin

The power supply [Remake]
This map is a worked remake of great eye del cul's Power Supply released in 2002. I detailed the map to create more ambient, and better look. The map is short, but with great gameplay....Date:01/21/06
Size:370.22 KB

Level with nazis. You need to shoot the power core thingy in the blue key card area....Date:01/21/06
Size:1.55 MB

Doom Advent Calendar 2005 Texture WAD
The texture WAD required for use with these DAC 2005 maps: themes/DAC/dac2005/ themes/DAC/dac2005/ themes/DAC/dac2005/ Updated to include the missing CROSS3 patch. It will now run with PrBoom, PrBoom-Plus, and Eternity....Date:02/26/10
Size:173.94 KB
Author:Shitbag, aka Ray

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