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Hey out there in computer-land This is a quality (I hope) graphics patch for Doom I or Doom II, it shouldn't jam your machine up, at least it didnt jam mine This is a COMPLETE patch, no cheezy drawings i made with Paint for Windows, I did...Date:04/16/95
Size:59.25 KB
Author:Felix Ware '95

Super Sonic DooM - Playable Demo
This is a playable demo of it, with the first 2 zones (4 maps). I decided to release a demo because a lot of the features are experimental in nature, so I decided that getting feedback would be important, as it could help improve the megamod, and iro...Date:05/27/03
Size:2.31 MB
Author:Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer!)

That's right. Now Sonic makes a journey through hell, armed with all the fire power he needs to toast some serious demon. Graphics, textures, sounds and even music were replaced with indicia from the Sonic games in this wad. (And yes, I painstakin...Date:10/03/96
Size:295.05 KB
Author:Jeff Read

Sonic Doom
Ok, here it is. FINALLY the honest to goodness working version of sonic doom! This one "actually" has ALL the right files, and runs fine. I don't have to you it's a patch that turns troopers into sonic. You probably already know that............Date:11/02/96
Size:180.28 KB

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