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VULD is a launcher for Vanilla mods written for DOS. Ordinarily when mods contain sprites or flats alongside other assets, they must be merged into your IWAD before playing. VULD handles all of this for you. See the file for more informatio...Date:06/23/20
Size:364.37 KB
Author:Jading Tsunami

Doom Debug Menu
This adds an debug menu which give you the ability to change any monster, weapon, item, decoration, dead thing, and key to any others that are similar to it. So you instead of a zombieman, you can choose to have an cyberdemon in that monster's place ...Date:04/18/14
Size:55.23 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000

DeathManager! v1.5 extra configs
This is a set of configuration files for DeathManager! v1.5 (DM.EXE). This version of DM was included with later versions of Heretic, Hexen and Final Doom, but requires a special configuration file (DM.DAT) in order to operate. This is a set of such ...Date:01/30/14
Size:40.56 KB
Author:Simon Howard

Doom Batch file creator/Doom launcher v1.3
Please note: this archive has been updated to include a version of Doombat that features a sort of console, password protection, and the ability to jump to sections of the program from the command line. Unfortunately, it's not very polished, an...Date:07/08/13
Size:2.2 MB
Author:Mark David Bowman

Master Levels Menu Interface
The Master Levels Menu Interface is an ingame menu that serves to replace the old DOS program that would launch the chosen wad of the MASTER LEVELS FOR DOOM II. The Master Levels themselves ARE NOT INCLUDED in this package (they are a commercial rele...Date:08/28/10
Size:2.29 MB
Author:James Lord ( Zippy )

MALESE MAster LEvels SElector
(Set the mood here but put any long story at the end)...Date:04/29/08
Size:408.87 KB

The Ultimate WAD.BAT
This is a batch file I wrote years ago to start Doom. Instead of tediously having to type "doom2 -file foo.wad -warp 1" when testing a file, you can just type "wad foo". The batch file is quite clever, though. You can specify a bunch of WADs on the c...Date:11/16/06
Size:5.95 KB
Author:Simon Howard

A bunch of utilties for the Markmenu aka Doombat...Date:07/25/04
Size:5.15 KB
Author:Z0l0 the WhAle

Zdoom as Markmenu Shell
A program which uses Zdoom as a shell for...Date:06/08/04
Size:78.9 KB
Author:Mark Bowman

Doom/alt markmenu "skin"/shell for the Photo.bat program
An alternative Markmenu shell for the...Date:05/17/04
Size:15.15 KB
Author:Mark Bowman

Doombat and Markmenu
A doom batch file creator and menu program...Date:05/12/04
Size:246.99 KB
Author:Mark Bowman

MAPRUNNER - Visualizator and Invoker of Maps.
Principal Functions The program permits to invoke a WAD file of constructions, open it to visualize and then start a game session, in the one the number of level is correctly invoked....Date:12/14/02
Size:142.94 KB

A Superior Front End
This is the windows 95 version of A Superior Front End. Version 1 was DOS and missing a few components. This has IRQ setting and many other enhancements and fixes. Also there is a place to add custom settings....Date:08/30/02
Size:16.29 KB

The Quick DooM Launcher
The Quick DooM Launcher is made to quickly launch a single-player game without having to type all the options at the command line. If i will ever finish them, this program will be part of both The DooM Launcher and The DooM Hacking Toolkit, both m...Date:11/20/01
Size:39.13 KB
Author:De Zeurkous

PrBoom Frontend 2.2 Friday the 13th Edition - VB6 SOURCECODE
A frontend for my favorite Doom port. Main features: - All you Doom files (file lists) managed in databases (WAD / DEH / BEX / LMP / TXT) - You can chose default database for an IWAD - Creates savegame folders for every WAD list - You can select ...Date:04/18/01
Size:121.59 KB
Author:King Elvis

PrBoom Frontend 2.2 Friday the 13th Edition
A frontend for my favorite Doom port. Main features: - All you Doom files (file lists) managed in databases (WAD / DEH / BEX / LMP / TXT) - You can chose default database for an IWAD - Creates savegame folders for every WAD list - You can select ...Date:04/18/01
Size:1.87 MB
Author:King Elvis

WNETDOOM, is a program that it is good to either play in Cooperative Modality, or in DeathMatch Modality." The objective is to allow the players, to obtain a quick connection and without problems; since using the on-line commands can be tedious...Date:02/21/01
Size:895.92 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya

DOOM Level Manager v3.5
the best DOOM frontend for Windows...Date:01/17/01
Size:1.09 MB
Author:Ante Smolcic

NETDOOM Version 3.1 for DOS
NETDOOM3, is a program that it is good to either play in Cooperative Modality, or in DeathMatch Modality." The objective is to allow the players, to obtain a quick connection and without problems; since using the on-line commands can be tedi...Date:12/15/00
Size:927.36 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya

csDOOM Wizard
This Server Launcher List Servers csDOOM servers and you can connect and ping them....Date:06/13/00
Size:306.21 KB

KING DOOM Frontend 1.06
- loads automatically deh or bex files included with the WAD by name or any. - shows WAD Info file (txt) - loads "wadname.warp" files (a simple txt file, which includes the warp position) - handels two different WADs (i.e. resource.wad a...Date:05/29/00
Size:267.31 KB

A Superior Front End
Works with Doom, Doom2, Heretic, and Hexen Allows use of almost every option, including: -unlimited PWADS! -unlimited DeHackEd/HereticHackEd patches! -devparm (screen shots with F1) -extensive modem/serial/network options -all possi...Date:05/15/00
Size:103.12 KB

Heretic Launcher
A Windows 95+ compatible front-end for the game "Heretic." It allows you to easily play add-on maps, warp to specific levels, play and record demos, and set several other options. It will work with the original DOS-based game as well as wHeretic. ...Date:04/16/00
Size:158.12 KB
Author:Ken Phipps

RC Doom Launcher
Size:896.63 KB

DEMON v1.0
DEMON is a third-party add-on for id Software's Doom-style series of games. It organizes all your .LMPs in different categories, thus enhancing your overview over your collection. It also lets you play and record demos. DEMON supports Ultimate a...Date:01/07/00
Size:42.77 KB
Author:Oliver Brakmann

Doom Batch file creator/Doom launcher v1.3
Doom.bat is the easy way to create batch files to run doom wads with. Once it's setup, all you have to do is type Makebat and answer the prompts. After your batch file is created, just type in the name you gave the batch file to run the wad you ...Date:04/29/99
Size:7.75 KB
Author:Mark David Bowman

Makes starting both DOOMs, Heretic and Hexen in Multiplayer as well as in Single-player-Mode easier. This program comes with a GUI-Engine-driven graphical user-interface a la Win'95. No more commandline switches needed for playing DMI/DMII/Here...Date:03/21/99
Size:233.39 KB
Author:TITAN Software / Slarti Software

R_U_GOOD 4 Doom ][
Try to aquire a CCtitle by slaughtering everybody in 3 different randomly chosen levels in Doom 2 ...Date:03/18/99
Size:23.46 KB
I made this soft for the SLIGE last version The Difficuty is for the more easy of Doom 1 & 2 EX : Easy,Normal,medium,hard in Factory will be launched in "Too young to die" in Doom 1....Date:03/18/99
Size:299.72 KB
Author:Delcroix Dorian

This is essentially Dosdoom .61, with Slige and BSP built right in. It allows you to play endless randomly-generated Doom2 levels. It will continually increase the levels' size(Slige -room factor 5 * level #) until you reach level 9, where you wi...Date:09/28/98
Size:745.36 KB

DeathManager 98 for DOOM 2
The DeathManager 98 for DOOM 2 works the same way like the DM for DOS. The DM 98 supports network play and single play....Date:09/28/98
Size:1.66 MB
Author:Matthias Staribacher

Game Guru 4.0 Source Code
This was written in Visual Basic 5.0 Service Pack 3, I do not know if it will work in any other version....Date:08/26/98
Size:28.52 KB

Game Guru 4.0 Upgrade Install from 3.9
To install just unzip right over the old files. Game Guru is a 32-bit Front End for Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen, Duke3d, Blood and Shadow Warrior. This is the last version of Game Guru....Date:08/26/98
Size:48.96 KB
Author:Steve Noonan (fUnKyMoNk)

Game Guru 4.0 Full Install
Game Guru is a 32-bit Front End for Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen, Duke3d, Blood and Shadow Warrior. This is the last version of Game Guru....Date:08/26/98
Size:1.86 MB
Author:Steve Noonan (fUnKyMoNk)

A batch file that automatically sets the options for recording a demo with doom 2. It makes recording, or playing, a demo as easy as 1,2,3. And it's only a 2K zip...Date:08/16/98
Size:2 KB
Author:(\/)&(\/) |\/|/\|\| Software

OnsLaunch v1.1
Onslaunch is a really cool way of starting Doom II single- and multi-player games(primarily multi-player games). It is basically, a replica of the Doom II "ESC" menu that lets you start single player games using the normal "New game", "Load game" ...Date:02/13/98
Size:157.34 KB
Author:Simon Howard

the best deathmatch launcher around! Features Client/Server model like in Quake, copy files through IPX, Wads groups, support exe patches, & more!...Date:02/12/98
Size:87.48 KB

Let me guess - You love 3D Action shooters, especially those by ID Soft and 3D Realms and you have already thought about committing suicide when again your startup shell crashes and all settings are lost while your friends are licking their blo...Date:01/24/98
Size:178.73 KB
Author:Matthias Heinrichs

CCL Doom 2 Launcher
Launch Doom 2, play the CC levels,patches and warp etc,etc....Date:12/26/97
Size:45.39 KB

Unzip DMENU.EXE and put it in the DOOM II subdirectory along with all ".WAD" files you have. DMENU will find all the WADs and list them. Pressing ENTER on a highlighted WAD will load DOO...Date:11/27/97
Size:6.75 KB
Author:Chris Burgbacher

LMPMast v3
A nice utility for you all D/D2/HTIC players who like to record demos....Date:11/15/97
Size:28.32 KB

KaMiKaZe v1.2
Size:39.45 KB
Author:Lars Heimann and Markus Ansmann

A front end utility for DOOM, DOOM2, Heretic, Hexen, and Hexen DeathKings. Launches Multiplayer games and includes sound. DO EVERYTHING! Full graphical menus (so your not stuck in plain ol' text) and mouse support. And simple point and click int...Date:09/13/97
Size:279.26 KB
Author:Sean "WereWolf" White

A complete DOOM2DOS LOADING system that automatically logs PWAD file name, date and time played into a DOC file so that you everytime can remember. Can be easy connected to Norton Commander. Even adds your response file (often used parame ter...Date:07/13/97
Size:28.63 KB
Author:Marcus Malden

DoomStart contains a file_id.diz and readme.rtf giving details about how to install and use DoomStart. In short, it is a DOOM 1 front end for use with Windows95. It requires the Visual Basic 4.0 32-bit runtime which is not included to save on fi...Date:04/18/97
Size:72.37 KB

Super Front End for Doom2 v4.3 Beta
Ok, so got all the other front ends out there and most can do what they do pretty well. This progam will do that just as well and most likey easier. But the biggest improvement over the others is that you play more than one level at a time. What...Date:04/05/97
Size:19.43 KB
Author:Steve Noonan

WadPlay v2.10
WadPlay is a Freeware 32bit DOOM or Ultimate DOOM, DOOMII, Heretic, and HEXEN frontend. This is just a bug fix release. There was a bug in the modem setup dialog that initialized the modem on a com port 1 lower than what was chosen. T...Date:09/12/96
Size:214.8 KB
Author:Chris Gaffney, Insane Industry

Doom Organizer V1.1
Doom Organizer is used to launch the games: Doom, Doom II, Heretic and Hexen. Nearly all command line parameters can be set from within Doom Organizer. You can load any number of add-on wad files, you can use any form of the games. (Single play...Date:08/31/96
Size:1.82 MB
Author:Tim Herrick

DooM 2 ExtendeR
Try playing a game with Low Gravity, Gunfinity, Safe mode, Arnold mode, Permanent Blood, and Mines (just check all the corresponding boxes). Low gravity seems to be the funniest option for deathmatch and coop, and gunfinity and safe mode will hel...Date:08/27/96
Size:179.64 KB

DAC is a small and handy shell for all the fans of iD-SOFTWAREs powergames. So DAC now supports DooM, DooM2, Ultimate DooM, DooM-Gold, Heretic and Hexen....Date:08/18/96
Size:45.01 KB
Author:Hans-Michael Pieper

Kwik Start
The new way to setup your DooM ][ modem games... Not only the fastest but Kwik Start is also the smallest setup from DooM only 16k!!!...Date:05/27/96
Size:8.64 KB
Author:Kevin Driscoll

FragIt Version 1.01
1. All files should be put into your Doom2 directory. 2. Run the FragIt.exe and customize your game. 3. Launch Doom2! 4. FragIt will create a file called Fragged.bat which will actually run Doom2 with the added paramete...Date:05/27/96
Size:1.05 MB
Author:Dave Jackson

MultiPlayer StarterTool
With MPST (short form for MultiPlayer StarterTool) you can easily start multi- player games of Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen. This can you already do with the programs SETUP.EXE and DM.EXE but we don't like these programs much. Either the...Date:05/25/96
Size:51.08 KB
Author:Sven "Palpatine" Lueke

SuperD version 6.3
This program extends DWANGO v2.03 to support: DOS Shell Demo recording Turbo Timer Loading of multi-player saved games Monster respawning Debug mode (complete startup info, and F1 screen shots enabled) ...Date:05/19/96
Size:10.13 KB
Author:Jordan Russell

DoomStart95 Ver1.5
DoomStart95 is for use on systems running Windows95 only ! DoomStart95 is a Front end for multiplayer games. Suport for: Normal,Modem, Null Modem and Network Play...Date:05/13/96
Size:1.97 MB
Author:Karl Gardner

DOOMERIE 5.04 is a front-end for DOOM, The Ultimate DOOM, DOOM ][, HERETIC and HEXEN. You can: - select easily up to 8 PWADs - run the DOOM 1 PWADs with DOOM ][ (need DOOM1-2.WAD, not included) - know the missions defined in a PWAD ...Date:05/05/96
Size:212.77 KB
Author:Xavier GERBIER

ULTRALaunch v2.05
ULTIMATE Shell DOOM(II), HERETIC & HEXEN! - Menu-Driven Access To All Game Options! - Fully Supports Multi-Player Games! - Handles Over 8000 External WAD Files Per Game! - WADs Are Compressed Wi...Date:04/19/96
Size:178.04 KB
Author:Conquest Software & Keith Cohen

NOT JUST A DOOM SHELL! DOOMIT is a professionally designed application to facilitate creating maps for DOOM, DOOM II, HERETIC etc, and playing these maps in their associated game. Full mouse support and a full featured interface make this THE ch...Date:04/09/96
Size:348.48 KB
Author:John Bayley

SuperSer 2.0
Ultimate Serial/Modem driver for DOOM, DOOM2, HERETIC and HEXEN. Revolutionalize your NetPlay by using 3 or more computers connected together using only serial ports. Transfer files, chat, use the notebook and run dos-shell. View WADs and ...Date:04/08/96
Size:57.77 KB
Author:Michael J Stokes

Features of current release: * Support for DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic, and Hexen!! * Keeps track of PWADs * Built-in phonebook * Displays maps included in PWADs * All other expected features...Date:03/26/96
Size:78.69 KB
Author:Dewey Software Design

Start your ID-Games with this easy to use menu-shell. No need to know the startup-parameters any more. The shell handles single-, net- and modemplay. Lots of functions like telephonebook, usertext for each played PWAD, ability to sort th...Date:03/21/96
Size:165.81 KB

Hell's Front End
HellFE is a front end for Doom, Doom2, Heretic, and Hexen -games by ID Software and Raven Software...Date:03/03/96
Size:17.59 KB
Author:Scott Leis

Wadfile Runner and Developer V2
This program was designed to make it easy and quick to use HEXEN to its full potential in terms of external wadfiles. Its many feature is that it acts like a librarian which looks after your wad files. It allows you to catagorise your wadfi...Date:03/02/96
Size:5.75 KB

DLA is a program that makes your life easier when you want to launch a multiplayer game of DOOM, DOOM 2, HERETIC or HEXEN. DLA is a program that is very similar to DM (written by ID Software). It enables you to easiliy launch serial cable, ...Date:02/25/96
Size:66.29 KB
Author:David Notario

DooM Assistant is Freeware DOS DooM-Engine game Shell which allows you: * To store you WAD files in ZIP compressed format and unarchive them for you automatically when you wish to play them. * Also with a few keystrokes you can change al...Date:02/18/96
Size:94.3 KB
Author:Scott Hall, David Greene

Hexen Launch Version 2.0
Hexen Launch is a program utility used to launch multi-player games for Hexen. It will also FULLY support DOOM ][ if the option is selected under the DEBUG options. On exit, the program automatically saves all settings and reloads them the next...Date:12/30/95
Size:28.23 KB
Author:Dan Krempel
Small shell for Heretic. Like DM but cheaper, and freeware....Date:12/08/95
Size:14.54 KB

This is the ultimate setup program for DOOM, DOOM II, HERETIC, and HEXEN. Version 7.1 now has support for the HEXEN retail release, a WAD description box, access to the fourth episode of DOOM, and much more. DOOM-IT's other features include the...Date:11/12/95
Size:94.02 KB
Author:Chris Badger

This program will upgrade the registered version of DOOM-IT to version 8.0. Version 8.0 adds support for HEXEN and fixes a few bugs. If you are not a registered user of DOOM-IT download the shareware version which is available as DOOMIT7...Date:11/12/95
Size:130.42 KB
Author:Chris Badger

The Valet Version 1.6
User-Friendliness is the name of our game...! We decided, as full-fledged Combat Programmers, to try and take this Utility thing to another level. ...Date:10/27/95
Size:592.16 KB
Author:Norman Fisher, Kurt Snyder

D! 2.0 beta (build 06) upgrade patch
This patch will upgrade D! version 1.5 to the new D! 2.0 public beta (build 06). If you do not have D! 1.5, this will install a public beta of the D! 2.0 DEMO version (some slight crippling of the features). D! - The ultimate front-end fo...Date:09/22/95
Size:829.89 KB

EasyWAD v1.21
This program was made for all those DOOMers with loadsa WAD files. It produces a nice WAD selection interface, which should put an end to losing track of all these files. (At least I get more frustrated from finding that particular WAD file and t...Date:09/19/95
Size:80.81 KB
Author:M. van der Heide of ThunderWare Research Center

Runner is a customizable program that allows users to execute your PWAD without having to type in arcane commands from the command line. It was developed by Paul Pollack of DragonHawk Productions, and may be freely distributed with your PWAD provi...Date:09/18/95
Size:108.34 KB
Author:Paul Pollack

DoomShell v4.3
The DoomShell that will knock off any competitors from the shell-market! Be it addict or beginner, this shell will help you to easily use all the nice features that Doom offers....Date:09/04/95
Size:145.09 KB
Author:Ruud van Gaal

DoomGate! v3.3
An easy-to-use DOOM/DOOM ][/Heretic frontend that removes the hassle of typing long commandlines. Freeware - no payment needed....Date:08/25/95
Size:21.15 KB
Author:Jani Halme

Doom Manager
DMan is a utility which allows you to edit/select/deselect Doom II command line parameters. It also allows you to load WAD files from another directory (not the one which your Doom II resides in) and run Doom. This saves you the trouble of lo...Date:08/25/95
Size:41.65 KB

DOOM Control Center v3.3
DOOM Control Center is a utility program that greatly simplifies running serial/modem/network games. DCC replaces and enhances all of the functionality of DOOM's SETUP.EXE with the exception of the hardware configuration portion....Date:07/08/95
Size:149.77 KB
Author:Nold Software Engineering

It is a front-end program that allows the user to easily launch his/her patch files for DOOM, DOOM 2 & HERETIC. The patch files are the enormous amount of files whith a ".WAD" extension that you can find on many BBSs, on specialized ftp sites (IN...Date:06/28/95
Size:362.59 KB

WOD is a program designed to speed up the loading of DOOM deathmatch levels by automatically transferring wadfiles and command line information from the person starting the game to the other players. I don't know about anyone else, but we used to ...Date:05/26/95
Size:13.44 KB
Author:Tim Potter

D! Upgrade to version 1.5
OOPS.. I screwed up the 1.4 upgrade patch in a major way, so this should fix it.. I'm sorry to all of you who downloaded 1.4. This patch fixes the problem when converting DOOM pwads to run under DOOM 2 (DOH I included a corrupt conversion sc...Date:04/12/95
Size:136.26 KB
Author:Joe Wilcox

This program will upgrade the registered version of DOOM-IT to version 6.7. Version 6.7 can load several thousand WAD files from disk or CD-ROM. There are also a few other features for better WAD management. If you are not a registered u...Date:04/01/95
Size:125.96 KB
Author:Chris Badger

WadManager v1.11a
Hello DOOMers, here is a small utility I have created that allows you to easily choose and load all those extra levels that have been uploaded to the DOOM sites. WadManager works with DOOM 1.2 only....Date:03/31/95
Size:182.57 KB
Author:Tristan Tarrant

Doom Network Menu System
DooMenu will allow IPX network, modem, and null-modem play, or stand alone play quickly and easily thru a menu which is far better than the one packaged with Doom and Doom ][ and Heretic. DooMenu allows you to choose coorperative, or deathmatch w...Date:03/12/95
Size:76.31 KB
Author:Jason Sandlin

Here it is the ultimate Doom ][ shell for deathmatch games! and at this time the only one!! That I now of!! Well, one day I was sitting down with waded the most powerful Doom ][ level editior, and was makeing a map for Doom ][ and I finished...Date:02/27/95
Size:61.62 KB
Author:Greg Engle

WADGOD is a front end for id Software's DOOM/DOOM II. It allows you to launch WAD files automatically, specifying loaded games, warping, demos and other features. ...Date:02/08/95
Size:173.85 KB
Author:Chuck Agne

DFE v3.10 DOOM Front End
Allows for MANY configurations of game play. Supports ALL game types....Date:02/06/95
Size:258.07 KB
Author:Josh Jackson

This program is a loader, to use easyer your user-build WAD files in the DOOM II. This helps you to choose, which WAD would you want to play with. In the second menu you can choose the skill too....Date:02/01/95
Size:13.31 KB
Author:Krisztian Pocza

D! Demo
Doom and Doom II shell. Formerly Doom/Master v2.10. This demo of D! is fully functional except for saving players in the player database, it only allows you to save two....Date:01/30/95
Size:127.57 KB
Author:Joe Wilcox

DOOMLoad v4.0 Beta 02 for DOOM I
My users have called this the most "intuitive" DOOM Shell they have ever used. I've "shopped" around to see what some of the other shells feature, and I still think DOOMLoad is the easiest shell to use. There is NO ZIP SUPPORT! I got burned u...Date:10/21/94
Size:190.2 KB
Author:Christian Antkow

DOOM LoadeR 3.0
This frontend program for DOOM 1.666 will replace SETUP.EXE with a more powerful, faster, smaller launcher for serial and solo games. DLR takes only 80 bytes away from your DOOM sessions and is completely 1.666 ready. DLR now uses response files...Date:10/20/94
Size:22.87 KB

Wadsort will lighten efford made when applying Pwad files to DOOM. It supports up to 1024 Pwad entries, up to 27 tag entries and serial/network drivers. Further, Wadsort was planned to work with some of those extra parameters of DOOM 1.4, 1...Date:08/20/94
Size:55.94 KB is designed to make loading external .WAD files easier....Date:08/17/94
Size:9.35 KB

DoomRun v2.1 Shareware
DoomRun is a utility for Doom v1.6+ that will automatically add all the necessary command line parameters to Doom after you answer a few questions. DoomRun Supports External Wad Files, Warping, Respawn, Nomonsters, Deathmatch Mode On or Off, Mod...Date:08/11/94
Size:3.25 KB
Author:Panther Productions

Doom/Master (DM) is the most complete shell for loading and configuring DOOM from id Software. DM has been designed and coded by an avid DOOM player, with input coming from many other DOOM players as to functionality and features. ...Date:07/15/94
Size:185.48 KB
Author:Simply Silly Software

DFE 3.11 Patch
This is a patch for DFE 3.1 I accidentally compiled the DFE loader (DFE.EXE) with the Force Far Calls switch on. This causes the SWAP unit to crash when loading DOOM. This patch is simply a DFE.EXE replacement so that you can launch DOOM. ...Date:07/10/94
Size:7.81 KB
Author:Josh Jackson

WadManager v1.50
Hello DOOMers, here is a small utility I have created that allows you to easily choose and load all those extra levels that have been uploaded to the DOOM sites. WadManager works with DOOM 1.2 only....Date:06/22/94
Size:35.82 KB
Author:Tristan Tarrant

DOOM WAD Manager v1.30c
DOOM WAD Manager is a manager that allows you to organize and work with all these PWAD DOOM Levels tons of people are developing. DWM lets you do the following: - Catalog your PWADs and give them descriptions (subdirs supported) - Change ...Date:05/13/94
Size:28.35 KB
Author:The Blind Preacher (Nick Sabinske)

OS/2 Doom launcher 1.1
If there's a command line/setup option supported by Doom, this program does it. Serial, modem, saved games, network saved games, respawning, no monsters, alternate WAD files, whatever. Documentation included in .INF format. Obviously, you n...Date:05/12/94
Size:408.76 KB
Author:Kevin Royalty

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