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Activision and Raven are releasing this code for people to learn from and play with. The code retains its original copyright and can not be used for profit, any work released using this code must contain credit for it....Date:04/28/99
Size:113.63 KB
Author:james monroe
The Raven script compiler and neccesary Scripts...Date:01/18/96
Size:38.27 KB
Author:Raven Software

Hexen BEHAVIOR De-compiler v0.50
Ever wondered how all of those special effects work in Hexen? This program allows you to look at any of the BEHAVIORS in a Hexen .WAD file to see how it all works. This version simply dumps the contents of the BEHAVIOR structure in a for...Date:11/13/95
Size:122.68 KB

DEACC tries to decompile hexen scripts into ACS files. It can read both raw behavior lump files (ACC output) and behavior lumps from a wad file. Some info that was in the original ACS source for the script is not available in the compiled for...Date:12/04/95
Size:27.32 KB
Author:Luc Cluitmans

DEACC.EXE v1.1 and DEACCOS2.EXE v1.1
DEACC11X.ZIP contains DEACC.EXE, my hexen script decompiler. It is the same as DEACC11.ZIP, except that it also contains an OS/2 executable (DEACCOS2.EXE). DEACC tries to decompile hexen scripts into ACS files. It can read both raw behavior l...Date:12/05/95
Size:65.78 KB
Author:Luc Cluitmans, Mark Matthews

DESCRIPT: HEXEN Script Decompiler
DESCRIPT is a fully fledged and user-friendly HEXEN script decompiler, that generates highly readable source code from any compiled script. This may take the form of a self contained object file, or the BEHAVIOR resource in a main or patch WAD fil...Date:03/13/96
Size:28.93 KB

Guide through simple scripts (for Hexen-demo)
After reading some posts where people seems to have problems doing scripts, I decided to release this. I original did it to test out how scripts work. There are not any polyobjects, since I haven't worked on them yet. The scripts for this level are...Date:11/11/95
Size:8.46 KB
Author:Jens Nielsen.

Hexen Scripting Tutorial
Size:71.93 KB
Author:Chris White

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