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DNC - DOOM Network Copier
DNC is a utility developed to ease the process of installing DOOM onto multiple computers for network play. The program will copy all the necessary DOOM files from a single server to remote computers using the NetBIOS prot...Date:06/01/95
Size:15.98 KB
Author:Mark Thomas

Doom NetBIOS Interface V1.01
Size:15.55 KB

Doomatic v1.12
Doomatic is an old IPX-based DOS Doom netgame program, created by Fab & Boris, better known as the original authors of the Doom Legacy source port. The .zip also includes HIPAFRAG.WAD, a deathmatch level by Denis Fabrice....Date:05/21/14
Size:95.49 KB
Author:Denis Fabrice & Boris Pereira

iFrag Version 2.2
iFrag is a program which allows people to play DOOM, DOOM II, and Heretic against others across the Internet. As distributed by id, DOOM-engine games come with drivers for serial connections (using modems and direct serial cables) as well as netw...Date:12/20/95
Size:117.78 KB
Author:Scott Coleman and Jay Cotton

IPXCOPY Version 2.4
Version 2.4: copy files from one pc to another via LAN (ipx interface). features: subdirectories, crc-32/16, high speed, overwrite check. ...Date:11/20/96
Size:75.31 KB
Author:Oliver Kraus

CTFDoom's IPXSETUP utility
A source modification of id Software's IPXSETUP that allows you to select the name of the game EXE the utility will run as well as what machine will use what player color. The first feature is quite useful for using DeHackEd modified EXEs on multi-pl...Date:07/08/03
Size:16.17 KB
Author:John Cole

IPXFER 4.00 final beta 4
Well, here it is, the long awaited IPXFER upgrade... and what an upgrade it is. This is the final beta release. At this point, all of the command line parameters for Recnet should be functional. In addition, an extra option has been added t...Date:03/07/96
Size:47.62 KB
This is a set of IPX drivers that I have successfully gotten to work with DOOM. This file includes LSL.COM, NE2000.COM, IPXODI.COM and a couple of batch files to make life easier. NOTE: The NE2000.COM MUST be used with an NE2000 compatible ca...Date:01/21/96
Size:41.26 KB
To the avid DOOM hackers out there, this is the source code to the IPX network driver for DOOM. By modifying this, you can get it to run under other network protocols such as TCP/IP. We only have an IPX network at id and would rather someone else g...Date:04/24/94
Size:8.36 KB
Author:id Software

IPX Setup v1.1
This is a small modification of the original IPXSETUP.EXE. This version corrects the problem of "OPEN SOCKET 0xFF" when you try to reload IPXSETUP after aborting....Date:05/29/94
Size:15.81 KB
Author:Joshua Jackson

IPXTrans vr. 1.0
IPXTrans is a program that transfers binary and ascii files over a network running the Novell IPX protocal....Date:12/23/95
Size:50.53 KB

At last here is version 2....Date:11/06/95
Size:24.34 KB
Author:Ron Dunlevy

Kali 1.2f
Kali is a network driver which allows virtually any application software designed for use with the IPX protocol to be used over a TCP/IP network. Designed primarily for use with network games, Kali has been successfully tested with Descent, ...Date:02/02/96
Size:106.42 KB
Author:Jay Cotton

KILLDOOM - Kills NetDoom players
Here is the first release of KillDoom. It's meant to be used by network supervisors who want to definitelly stop NetDoom playing in their networks. One can kill DOS/IPX NetDoom players anywhere in a network connected by IPX routers. Just r...Date:07/28/96
Size:14.54 KB

IPXSETUP (Master/Slave)
In order to make network play of DOOM easier to start, I have modified the IPXSETUP source code. One of the problems often times encountered whilst initiating network play is that one (or more) of the nodes has not been passed the proper command...Date:12/30/95
Size:31.3 KB
Author:Micah Nutt

NetCheat 1.0beta
This program allows you to edit a modified saved network/modem game. Currently, it is restricted to two player games only. You can use it for three or four player games, however you can only modify the settings of player one and two. Further docume...Date:04/17/94
Size:13.53 KB
Author:David Bialac

After a long and anguishing search for drivers to make DOOM work over networks, I finally found them. Doom only works over IPX networks. For people with LANtastic and other programs that run on NETbios, this created problems. I found two method...Date:02/10/95
Size:60.19 KB
Author:Owen Williams
These are some files which may be useful in getting DOOM running over a TCP/IP network. Included are an older version of a 3Com Etherlink III packet driver from 3Com, which I have found to be more reliable than the newer version from the Crynwr col...Date:04/24/94
Size:303.55 KB
Author:Steve Bonds

Solo network driver
This is a "solo" network driver, like ipxsetup or sersetup. However, rather than actually communicating over a network, it's just a dummy program that lets you start a single player netgame. It's functionally equivalent to "ipxsetup -nodes 1", except...Date:04/14/14
Size:23.31 KB
Author:Simon Howard (fraggle)
This is a corrected version of the TCPSRV12 client.exe which identifies itself as the correct version)....Date:10/04/94
Size:28.78 KB

DOOM TCP/IP Network Driver, version 0.95
This version has a few features people have been asking me about, including much better 3-4 player support, simpler command line interface, switches to run other programs (ie. DOOM2 & Heretic), and a bit more helpful error messages. It is NOT com...Date:11/16/95
Size:32.38 KB
Author:Jake Page

The Internet DOOM Client/Server System v0.12
The DOOM* Client/Server System is a front-end to DOOM TCP/IP network drivers. You use the client software to connect to a Frag Server. While connected to the server, you can chat with other players and bystanders and negotiate game parameter...Date:09/30/94
Size:45.35 KB

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