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HERIAN2 (revision 0, 24/01/1999)
Herian2 is fully compatible with only ZDoom version 1.17 or later. Herian2 has a simple story line. The setting, time-wise, is prior to the fearsome adventures that were seen in Doom and Doom2 the likes of which has never been see again. Many tales...Date:01/28/00
Size:7.27 MB
Author:Ian Wilson

HERIAN (revision 5, 04/06/1998)
Herian has no story it is simply a 32 level TC made primarily for the single player. The infuence for it came from my favourite games mentioned below. 32 NEW levels, NEW textures, NEW sounds & NEW monsters All levels were made for single play. De...Date:05/19/00
Size:3.31 MB
Author:Ian Wilson

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