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Made in Doom2-format and includes 15 new levels in two styles - City and Hell....Date:05/10/07
Size:4.23 MB

One map - a large map! I devote this wad to KoLoBoK[iddqd], my best friend, who suddenly died in 2007, may 12....Date:08/02/07
Size:4.37 MB
Author:Shadowman KoLoBoK[iddqd] (he made one location in the map - his Flat)

One map in techno-gothic style....Date:12/02/07
Size:906.46 KB

Grid 32
MegaWad is consisting of 6 levels, which were built in "grid 32". This map editor grid was used while making all of these levels. Allvertexes lay onknotsof a grid 32, andthis rule does not extend on things.There is no general style, each map expr...Date:07/25/08
Size:1.23 MB
Author:Guest, Shadowman, Wraith

A techno-style WAD - UAC base on a far planet Yuggot. This WAD was made for First-Demo Contest 5 which was going on August, 9th, 2008, on An essence of that contest was that the unfamiliar map is given to participants and by the command o...Date:09/12/08
Size:568.53 KB

Inflation Bay
Map in city style, and also map about the inflation reasons ))...Date:11/20/08
Size:546.62 KB

Kobal 2
This mapset is provided only for single play. I planned to create a megawad like my early wad "Kobal". But I have made only two maps in that style. "Kobal 2" is challenging enought, but isn't so difficult as first "Kobal". Have fun!...Date:06/14/09
Size:971.63 KB

Map 28 has been replaced by one challenging map. Also, I have placed an uv-max demo, made by Heretic, in the archive. Do you have any time when Hell goes down? Could you fight against Hellspawn?...Date:06/14/09
Size:188.6 KB

Heroes' Tales
The project from the community, basis of which are maps, made in a speed- mapping course, on which only 4 hours were allowed (each speedmapping contest - 4 hours length). The first speedmapping contest ("Nature"), most maps from which are in...Date:09/08/09
Size:4.46 MB

Cheogsh 2
After the release of "Cheogsh", the ideas of what should be included in it have appeared; and the number of those ideas was so big that the thought of making Cheogsh 2 have appeared by itself. But initial concept of the wad, around which this wad w...Date:11/19/09
Size:25.48 MB
Author:Shadowman, Guest

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