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The One Level With All Those Teleporters.
Spent a couple days to do this map for some reason. It has lots of teleports. No, there's no annoying teleport puzzles however, if you were wondering....Date:12/06/01
Size:304.04 KB

Laitos v1.4
This PWAD was made for the DoomCenter episode 1 week contest. Yet another update... this time fixed ZDoom co-op functionality, and while at it did some other little editing....Date:03/13/02
Size:173.62 KB

A base around a brown canyon. Was going to be map03 of my mini episode, but didn't fit the theme. And the new map03 is so much cooler anyway. =) I kept the gray start/exit part for new map tho....Date:05/29/02
Size:393.06 KB

Made this for a little deathmatch fun with a friend. Doom2.exe shows HOM so (unless you enjoy it) it's not recommended to run with it....Date:07/26/02
Size:31.33 KB

Kill the Cybie
This is a quick single player version of narcosis.wad since it was requested by a few people. Get the bfg, then kill the cyberdemon to win the game. This is supposed to be played with ZDoom, as the level won't end with other ports, and some other...Date:02/25/03
Size:826.75 KB

Speed Mapping Ness style
Theme for speedmapping: Create a resident evil style map (dark, broodish), in or around a mansion...Date:09/21/03
Size:49.85 KB
Author:Ness, Espis, Assmaster, Optiks

Teh Pain Emmental
Just play and find out...Date:09/27/03
Size:618.54 KB

Flashback: demo
Here it is; the demo of the Flashback megawad. Designed in the spirit of the original levels, with doom.exe compatibility. Hope you'll enjoy playing the levels as much as we enjoyed making them. There are six maps; one from E1, two from E2 and E3 a...Date:12/10/03
Size:439.07 KB
Author:Torn (team leader), Espi, Erik Alm

Doom Birthday Cake.
Originally a birthday cake for Nanami, I changed it a bit to make a pic of a Doom birthday cake. Then as asked added monsters/exit and gave a download link at the Doomworld forums. And also as wished it's now at 3darchives....Date:12/12/03
Size:285.77 KB

Suspended in Dusk
A set of four levels, which all push the limits of the good ol' vanilla Doom. If your computer refuses to cooperate with doom2.exe, I recommend Chocolate Doom: Has also been tested and found functional on Z...Date:10/08/05
Size:1.84 MB

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