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Lego Textures
Lego themed replacement textures, patches and flats...Date:04/08/02
Size:115.05 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

Lego Base
1 single player lego themed level....Date:04/08/02
Size:167.85 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

Null Space
1 single player level. A large wood and stone structure frozen in the void. You've just arrived here to be greeted by a less than friendly reception....Date:12/06/01
Size:709.05 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

3 single player levels....Date:11/04/01
Size:535.11 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

Deleted Scene
This is basically a group of rooms and passages that were built to be part of my level 'Null Space'. The initial room (the courtyard with the blue key switch) and the final rooms (the pentagram teleport entry and exit) are included in Null Space, eve...Date:08/20/01
Size:185.75 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

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